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  1. Yeah, I moreso get very “all lives matter” vibes from Cassie and I know who raised her lol
  2. Honestly I get lowkey racist vibes from Judy. Just a hunch.
  3. Anthony did not need to be at squad photo. DEAR CMT, NO MORE ANTHONY PLEASE.
  4. I kind of wish they’d showed what the rookies were doing while everyone else was in Canton.
  5. lol @ Shelly saying point isn’t a big deal... apparently it’s a big deal to Jenna!
  6. Same here... I honestly think people are making sweeping assumptions about Holly and her family that are unwarranted. It's rude and below the belt. Give the girl a break. She can't do anything right apparently.
  7. I'm so sick of guests at rehearsal. Give me snarky Kelly and Judy and quit with all these fillers. Every week!!
  8. Let me guess, they're the only ones who get to enjoy the cake because of those unforgiving uniform? How unfair!
  9. Eh, I don't know about that. Holly is a very talented dancer and I think she has a promising career ahead of her. She could move to LA and do pretty well for herself as long as she keeps up with her training.
  10. I'm so glad Madeline is gone. So sick of seeing her crying. I really like Brennan and I hope she makes it! Also loving Kalyssa and I can only DREAM of being that sexy Ugh, Briana... no matter how many times you say "empty your bucket" you're not making this team honey.
  11. Agree. This is the price of fame. People want answers. We aren't necessarily entitled to those answers, but we still want them. I'm confident that if this isn't addressed on TV, the truth will come out somehow. That being said it does really bother me that the DCC are so committed to upholding a false image of the women on their team. Like... none of these people are perfect. It would be refreshing, as a viewer, to have the organization acknowledge that.
  12. Seriously why is Briana still there
  13. Random question: I know that at prelims Kelly said that there were two legacies auditioning. One was obviously Dayton, but who was the second? I haven't heard her mentioned at all.
  14. Ughhhh DAYTON. DAYTON DAYTON DAYTON. She should have just lied and said she voted
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