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    Re: Alexandria I've never heard Jenna was the cause of her leaving. I forgot everything bad that happened was, is, and will be due to Jenna. On a more serious note, maybe they need more "mean girls". No group in the last several years has looked better than her group from Season 11. Whatever, she was doing she got great performances out of her dancers, even the weaker ones.
  2. THIS EXACTLY!!!! I only comment on dance ability (and not much, because I have no training). Mainly because it's 2019 and I understand how reality television works. They edit to follow a storyline. I don't know who is nice, humble, a good teammate, a mean girl, etc. And NEVER will. And actually don't care. Quiet as kept, I don't really know about dance ability based on the show either. That's part of the editing process. They do so many slow-mo's and quick edits. I base my comments (about dancing) on the videos of the squad posted on social media.
  3. So are YOU moving there full-time? Will you still work in Dallas with the DCC? If not, what are planning on doing? (Not meaning to pry) Sorry, if this has been previously addressed
  4. I thought Lisa was cut already, and they were at 36?
  5. IMHO Keyra looked great. I've noticed that any girl that does a lot of the talking heads, gets viewed as attention seeking, arrogant, or having an attitude. Keyra, VK, now Kat.
  6. Looks like Meredith is our new Savannah. She was behind the whole time and it was very distracting.
  7. Point is not a leadership position. It's a placement in a dance formation. They are often 2GL or GL, but that is just coincidence.
  8. I'm with you. Amanda was weak IMO too.
  9. I didn't say BEST dancer, I said most experienced. Meaning that, as I recall, Group 1 leader always has the most years in DCC leadership. Maddie and Amy are both 2nd year GL, but Amy spent a year as a 2nd GL, where Maddie did not. I believe (I could be wrong) that Cassie was in her 2nd year as group leader, while Whitney was in her first year as group leader. Also, it's well established that Cassie was promoted to positions well beyond her actual aptitude, so that probably isn't a great example.
  10. For fucks sake, Savannah messed up at least 6 times in 90 seconds (pardon my French). She's a 3rd year. Meaning these dances are not new to her. There are literally no words. She's not just the worst vet, she might be the worst DCC ever.
  11. This all started because two seasons ago group one (Jenna's) was a super strong group. And group four (Kashara's) was very weak. It was very noticeable. Group 4 was hardly ever shown on social media, whereas something like 75% of the dancing videos were of group one. Meaning TPTB were aware of the discrepancy between groups. Because Jenna can't be a good teacher (she's evil incarnate) or Kashara a bad teacher (she's sunshine and rainbows), the only logical explanation for many was just that Jenna was lucky to get all the best dancers. That somehow morphed into the strongest dancers go to group one. The group one leader is ALWAYS the leader with the most experience. It should consistently be the best.
  12. How is Savannah still on the team? I've never seen a video where she doesn't mess up.
  13. If that is the standard (and I'm not saying that it should not be), then I think everyone they cut from TC, including VK and Malena, would meet that, That's a pretty low bar.
  14. Is VK really that bad? I know she is a goofy, gangly, outgoing, slightly awkward teenager. But I actually love her extrovert personality. I think we are expecting a lot from a teenager. Her dancing is not perfect, but DCC is littered with meh dancers. Is she worse than all those girls who never, ever move up in the formation or make show group, even after years on the squad? I'm looking at Jessika, Yuko, Savannah, etc., just to name a few. People seem to hate how much she was featured on the show. However, she is reality television gold. She always appears natural in her talking heads (which I believe are highly directed, if not fully scripted). Also, her storyline makes sense and doesn't lose much in the editing process. One of the most powerful scenes was the office scene of her and Jinelle. Jinelle was pissed and VK was embarassed. It was true emotion on both their parts. That is what I'd rather see, than those highly edited scenes with Vivian and Gina, designed to put drama where none really exists.