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  1. I was just looking at that exact picture on the Cowboys website and immediately came here to see if anyone had posted it. My jaw actually dropped when I saw it. That picture of Megan is just bad. And like others have said, it seems like the majority of the pictures of Megan are just as bad, meaning it's not a one-off. It's interesting that Amy is right next to her - Amy's stomach is clearly flatter and more toned. Megan literally has belly fat hanging over her uniform belt. I do think Megan is absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic dancer. I just don't see how you can argue that her body is in DCC shape. Why is she getting such a pass when we've seen this since auditions? (Hello stomach-hiding costume) She reminds me of Meredith Oden, but I don't think Meredith ever looked that bad for this long. She needs to hit the gym with Holly. -signed someone who would obviously love to be as "fat" as Megan
  2. Do you guys think people ever say these things to Jana? Like at a book signing or something, a person could just blurt out to Jana how bad they feel for her and how unfair it is she had to spend her life raising her mother's children. I've always wanted to do this but have never been able to attend any of their events. Not that it would change anything, I'm sure. But one could hope, right? ;)
  3. Ugh - Jill stop saying "we" for everything! It's bad enough people say, "We're pregnant!" You most definitely can not say "We've been in labor..." Derick was not, and will never be, in labor and does not deserve credit for it. Jill Duggar - so brainwashed to believe that she is nothing but an extension of her husband that she can't even own her own labor. It's really just sad.
  4. I just wanted to applaud a woman who is so concerned about her own modesty that she had her knee caps blurred out while water skiing on national tv. Yet, she's so unconcerned about her children's modesty that she allows the airing of a blurred out Josie seizing in her underwear, and unconscious and naked from the waist up. *slow claps* Well done my lady, well done.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I felt a visceral hatred for MEchelle in that scene that surprised me in its intensity. I personally don't believe MEchelle and The Boob have any business spending even one night away from their children. Not when they have that many. It never ceases to amaze me how often these two go gallivanting off by themselves on date nights, political rallies, speaking engagements, missions, etc. They spend more time alone than couples with 2 children! When they couldn't logistically have enough time to spend with each child as it is! It's astonishing. I also noticed that she said, "one of Josie's little glitcheS." Plural. I wonder how many other "glitches" the poor thing has and if they're better or worse than freaking seizures.
  6. That is not true in my experience. In every school district in NY state I've worked in you only needed a Bachelor's degree. If substitutes had to be fully qualified teachers there would never be enough of them.
  7. My own personal opinion is that Jana was blanket-trained and switched into the person she is today. I recall Mechelle talking about Jana being a handful when she was a child. It made more sense to me when I realized that everyone always, always talks about what a "perfect" child Jill was. They always talk about how quiet she was and how she was perfectly obedient. I think the unspoken ends of those sentences would be, "compared to Jana." I think they reference Jill's "perfection" because Jana was not like that. That is, until they literally beat her into submission. I bet she heard sermon after sermon about her willfulness and how she had to be broken so she could be perfect like little tattle-tale Jill. I think that Jana did have a personality at one point, but because it wasn't perfect obedience like Jill, it had to be squashed. I honestly think Jana was at least mentally, and probably physically, beaten and molded into the person she is today. And rather then be ashamed of themselves for it like they should be, her selfish parents are proud of it.
  8. Good for John for trying to set some boundaries. I hope they stick to them. The girls need to stop being selfish and recognize their desire to see their niece does not trump the desire of the new parents to bond quietly with their child. I couldn't help but notice Kelli at the animal sanctuary, with baby Bradley nestled up against her chest like it was totally natural. Because Kelli, unlike Mechelle, actually carries grandbabies around and for her, it actually was natural. I would fall over dead of we ever saw such a scene from little miss "missing back muscle." I keep having to remind myself about their archaic beliefs because the family is just so darn personable. I genuinely enjoy watching the children interact with each other and actually look forward to this show. Honestly, as long as the subject of religion wasn't brought up (probably impossible, but still), I wouldn't mind hanging out with them.
  9. Since I am an actual, real-live teacher in the NYC school district, I am going to share my thoughts. (And jump on the bandwagon of, "please don't judge me by my internet grammar!") It's fantastic. And while everyone here is certainly entitled to their opinion, unless your child is a student in our district I really don't care how you think we should run it. GEML is 100% right when she says this is simply a common-sense move in response to the number of absences that occur on those days. Every single one of my Muslim students is absent. City-wide, the absentee rate is over 30%. Those pointing out that this has nothing to do with making people observe a holiday they do not celebrate are also 100% correct. We don't make anyone attend a Seder during Passover and we certainly won't make students start praying to Mecca on Eid. It's like what Chris Rock said in response to states who refused to celebrate MLK day. "It's not like you have to do something black on that day. It's not like you have to watch soul train. All you have to do is NOT WORK." I'm also extremely sensitive to this issue because I teach social studies. I can guarantee that the curriculum includes teaching the religious beliefs of all of the major, many non-major and even extinct religions. I literally do it myself. I also see the discrimination faced by my Muslim students and their families and it angers me. This is America, where you are FREE to worship HOWEVER you want. You have freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion. America was not founded as a "Christian nation," as any true scholar of history can attest. You don't want to celebrate Eid? Don't. Nobody cares. If people really knew anything about history, they wouldn't be so up in arms about Islam anyway. They're following virtually the same path as Christianity; they're just 600 years behind. Those who are so offended by the extremists (as well they should be) might want to check out a little thing called the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition (just to name 2!) and climb down off of those horses. I'm sorry for this rambling post but people's misplaced "outrage" makes me really angry. And again, if your child isn't a student in this district, mind your business. Because those of use who actually work here and have the experience, know that this is the right move for our students (which is our only concern as educators). The reaction to the policy here and elsewhere just proves how far we really have to go as a country.
  10. I couldn't agree more with you guys. The "BF" thinks it's great that Michelle "finds time" to workout everyday with 19 children? I find that appalling. It just proves what we all already know; Michelle Duggar does not raise her own children. There's NO WAY she should have time to be working out daily. (Unless it was a part of a family workout time, Maxwell-style. That would make sense.) Perspective is such an interesting thing. The "BF" thinks Michelle should be commended for exercising while most of us just see it as more proof of her screwed up priorities and lack of interest in raising her children.
  11. If it turns out that DerickDillard didn't, in fact, visit his mother while she was receiving treatment then yes, I will judge him because I think it is truly awful. And I simply do not believe they didn't have time or that Jill's morning sickness was so bad she couldn't travel. She obviously had no problem driving to and from Derick's work 3 times a day. And they have time to be filming their TV show, trying to mow down cats on sleds, etc., but they don't have a weekend to drive a few hours to visit Derick's mother while she's battling cancer? Again, we don't know that they didn't go. However, their body language and reaction to her question was very telling (and gross, IMO). If they didn't go visit his mother during her treatment then I think they are just selfish jerks.
  12. Michelle going to her high school reunion is hypocrisy at its finest. Which is it, Michelle? Was high school a time when you were a god-less, defrauding hussy who needed to be saved by Jim Boob, and save your kids from such sin? Or was high school a time you look back on fondly, with good memories? Oh, it was a good time you look at fondly? Then why would you deny your children the same opportunities? Michelle Duggar makes me sick. The only thing worse than that hypocrite are those who aspire to be like her.
  13. Well, at least we now know what Josie's biggest problem is - it's Mechelle: Josie: "They're too dry." Mechelle: "That's because you used too much white stuff." Howler:"flour" "White stuff?!" Really, Mechelle?! The child is 5 years old and you can't refer to flour as flour to her? Talk about infantalizing a child and treating her like an idiot. Josie may be delayed but she's not stupid. Rather than use a perfect teachable moment to explain a bit about baking, Mechelle puts on a baby-voice and calls flour white stuff. Actually, there was an idiot in that exchange but it sure wasn't Josie. It's too bad that the way Mechelle treats Josie will actually hold her back. Wait, what am I saying? She's held all her kids back.
  14. I used to enjoy Jessa's snark and attitude. I've now officially changed my mind and find her completely insufferable. And, if free speech allows Jessa to post her ridiculous rants (which I fully believe it does), then it also allows me to say that I think what she believes is crap. And if this is where it ended, I wouldn't care. However, these peoples' agenda is to infiltrate the government to the point that they can legislate their beliefs onto the rest of us, and that it my biggest problem of all. I may think your beliefs are stupid, but I fully believe it's your right to have them. Too bad the Duggars don't give others the same courtesy.
  15. Mechelle Duggar had better get some psychological help before she snaps completely. The way she speaks with her eye bulging out of her head, in this high-pitched tone as if she was speaking to an infant is simply not normal. The woman is literally incapable of having a conversation in which she sounds like a normal, functioning 40-something year-old woman. She definitely was not like this in the first special. The difference between her and Guinn was stark, and the look Guinn gave her as she prattled on about "grandbabies" was classic. And that's not even getting into her inability to show appropriate emotion. She stands there grinning like a damned fool while being informed that her future in-law might not make her daughter's wedding because she has cancer. Laughing like a jackal as her baby's head is caught in a banister. Video-taping her son as he bleeds from his broken jaw. She sits like a rock at the dress shopping and then has nothing to say about it, while Guinn is there showing real emotion and speaking like a human-being. I think it is glaringly obvious that Mechelle Duggar is NOT OK and needs some serious help.
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