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  1. I liked the guest choreos and we saw more dance this ep. A guest choreo is only going to judge the dancing of the day. I don't think they can do a real DCC assessment because they don't care about facial beauty or interviews. The guest choreo is not a friend of the take-home-girl. I guess if it is used cumulatively as an overall impression of a dancer. I find it interesting for me as the viewer, but not certain of the effectiveness of the feedback as an evaluation tool. Only what, a third of these girls are showgroup?
  2. IDK, I think the ARE veneers?! I think her teeth look similar to Cassie's, and I would not be suprised if they went to the same dentist. They are an unnatural horseshoe shape not fitted to the individual mouth to look natural IMO. It has always bothered me.
  3. I don't think there is anything wrong with having aspirations to cheer for DCC, marry, and be a stay-at-home mom. I am a stay-at-home mom and find it very rewarding and my husband works hard for me to have the privledge to raise our children. That said, I equally don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to cheer for DCC for a time and have higher aspirations, dance/performance goals. Kelli was playing an unfair game here. It is approximately 3 years of their life.
  4. I am sure people have tried over the years. I can't believe anyone is talking about these ladies quitting! Judy, yes maybe she has said less and less these days and seasons and perhaps wants to enjoy her grandchildren. But Kelli? Kelli makes me think of a librarian, where they die at their desks!
  5. Unless the ENTIRE DCC team got free facials for the product placement promo, if the girls got REAL perks because of it I can deal. But doubtful....and could you please choose any other rookie than VK the annointed one?
  6. I'm starting to wonder if Kelli doesn't want Madeline S because she may finally find the power and outshine VK by the end of season. Because she does know the choreo, she just lacks the punch and I think that will come. She is pretty and very well spoken. And like you say, until then she can be a blender. Let's face it, Kelli just wants Meredith because of her look. I was arguing for Meredith at the beginning because of facial beauty but she is overwhelmed by the choreo and needs to go. I have no words.
  7. Look, I know Christina was the lowest vet on the board, but there was also a long haired brunette down there too and no one has mentioned her. I know many think Christina should be gone based on her dancing, and I don't know if I can judge but I don't like how Kelli makes a big deal about the stickers with one dancer and then Christina has quite a few and then that doesn't count somehow?
  8. I knew Kelli did not care for Madeleine the minute she said she should be a lawyer on a previous episode. She said she was trying to say things in the nicest way possible, but instead she was spitting bullets! Look I think Madeline is soft and like a previous guest choreo said, probably needs another year to be great, but wow. Makes me wonder if her mom was a fantastic dancer and didn't give Kelli the time of day?
  9. I hope Kelli can discard her pet projects and make room for Madeline S on the team. She just lacks power but seems to have everything else.
  10. Well then they didn't show them so we coukdn't compare to varuca 😞
  11. I know they have always had a couple tumblers... thinking Ashely Pro. But do they actually use tumbling sequences in showgroup? IDK. I wondered if Jayln had done something that featured her dance skills if there would have been more judge support for her. They did not show deliberations. 1 person said "I like her" Kelli then said she didn't write anything, mention she was in showgroup and we did not see the discussion.
  12. Thanks for noticing Julia! She doesn't get much play on the show. It used to mean you were likely going to make it, so fingers crossed!
  13. Alexandra just made TCC by the skin of her teeth. She seems like a nice girl dedicated to the dream, but this season there were very few spots with so many returning vets and Kelli had too many "pet project" strugglers already. I think she handled the cut with grace.
  14. If Jalyn was outdanced they would have shown it. Very sketchy and I don't appreciate Kelli trying to label Jalyn "toxic". Basically Kelli picks who she wants and then tries to justify it later.
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