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  1. She also was very knowledgable about football and an excellent speaker (when her nerves didn't get the best of her). I really liked her, and found her to be BEAUTIFUL and fit. People bring different things to the table and I think Kelli was hoping they could get her past that hurdle and to the finish line. I do wonder if she had seen a doctor about her anxiety and taken a mild something (my cousin who does a number of symposiums in her field of science takes one before speeches) if she would have done better. I think her exit being cut prevented her from any real consideration in the future. I thought Katy had a legit chance this year, she was the one return person I was hoping for!
  2. Very sad about Bridget, she was my point of the star vote!
  3. I think Lilly is vanilla and she also lacks enthusiasm when she is interviewed. Reports are she is well liked and Im glad she was able to be on the team when she came so close the year before. It will be interested to see if they choose to cut some weaker vets and take a chance on some new TCC or not.
  4. She should have made it last year considering who did. She's legacy and gorgeous :(
  5. I thought same thing! Less technique than I expected.
  6. Well, say what you will about Jenna's choices near end of her DCC career, but the girl could dance. I don't think anyone was surprised when Jenna made SG based on talent. Can't say the same for VK!
  7. This plays to the "take home" girls and one's who may have had finances as a barrier to trying out. The girls that cannot take on choreo quickly or who fell out of turns and reshot their videos a number of times to show it correctly, however are not weeded out before TC. So this will be interesting and a bit of a gamble that the percentages fall to TPTB favor. Luckily not too many slots open this year so if this doesn't work well they can just accept the minimum and move on. I am hopeful it will bring a new bunch of talent! fingers crossed!
  8. I used to love Dorinda for her sharp one-liners and normally the voice of reason. She is just mean and a mess this year I have no idea why the dark brown hair girl (Elyse?) is there. She is boring and I didn't even know she had a name until someone posted earlier about her. I like Leah and she fits in. I wish Tinsley the best and hope Scott is her forever after. Dorinda was too harsh on her, but I gather Dorinda took issue with she did not live in NY. She had a hotel room in NY for times of shooting and I think Dorinda hated that she wasn't really living there anymore. Just a guess. I'm sorry, I definitely question watching this season because Bethany was my favorite. I think they should have a much younger batch of NYers doing interesting things, maybe late 20s early 30s because there just wasn't anything to see this season.
  9. But instead of the Jaylyn treatment for helping a rookie, gets triangle. UGH!
  10. I know we would like vindication of a mass exodus, but it is not going to happen. Even if a few retire because of the nepotism and toxicity... they are not going to say that. Just like you may say stuff about your boss after work to friends... in the end the smart people say "Quit for better opportunities" and don't burn bridges. The DFW community is small and if people want to capitiliize on their DCC alum status and teach dance, husband hunt or whatever they smile, quietly quit, and say "Yes, ma'm" Okay, I am laughing because I thought you meant like a "red wedding" moment and instead you meant a REAL banquet event. Haha. typed to long to not post.... lol
  11. This is what happens when even Judy can't correct her like a regular rookie. It should have been corrected in TC!
  12. I think this was intentional so VK gets more camera time. Think about it, Gina is strong but not HD friendly, Hannah can be pretty but has a harsh look, Taylor is strong dancer but not the best face...so Kat and Meredith have great looks appeal but are weakest in dancing so VK will stand out. I think it is SO lopsided compared to other groups this is why. You don't want VK next to too many string vets where you realize she is the rookie she is! Ha!
  13. Mardo2044

    S14.E13: Game Day

    There is nothing Lisa has done or said, but I just don't like her. She seems rehearsed.
  14. Mardo2044

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I loved that the team picture and meet the team were a little shorter segments than previous seasons. It just allowed the viewer to be excited for them with a sucession of scenes. I'm happy for Lily, I loved seeing Taylor's grandpa, I thought Alanna's niece was very cute in her baby DCC outfit!
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