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  1. Janie430

    SEAL Team

    I agree that Emma is being bratty, but on the other hand, Jason is being a tool as well. He chose to go back out as Bravo 1 - he had an on-base job, he was the one who chose to go back to combat. Plus, he really put all of the financial decisions on her, and when she does the research he told her to do, he doesn't look at the emails. He gets on the phone with her, and immediately starts trying to avoid the issue. Preparing for college is the priority in her life for a second semester senior, she has deadlines to meet, and he just doesn't want to talk about it. I would totally have backed him if he said - you get to go to a state school, because I can't swing Tufts - but he didn't. And I wouldn't be surprised if at some level, he's avoiding it because once Emma goes, Mikey can't be on his own for months or weeks in the house, and he's going to have to find alternative child care. Maybe Nayima will be cool with taking him whenever they're on missions, but maybe not. Which may explain part of why he's so annoyed at Ray - if he and Nayima don't make it, there goes his extended family and safety net.
  2. Janie430

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I disagree that Iris didn't really screw up with the chip. The analogy that comes to mind for me is blindness. Let's say that Iris had had a device implanted in Nora that made her blind, because being blind was a better option than having vision because the government was after people with vision. So you have kid whose not mature enough to realize that their vision endangers them, you put the chip in. If putting in the chip was the right thing to do for a child, fine. But then at some point, you have to explain to the child what you did. You explain to the kid why you did it. You make them understand the issue. You don't leave the chip in after they turn an adult. Plus, she never told Iris about Barry being the Flash. That's a huge part of his identity. Worse, she told him he was a non-meta killed by a meta. How do you talk about Barry as a complex man, who screwed up at times, without the Flash. And even worse - everyone in her life, her family, the people she's supposed to trust when things get bad - also lied. Every day, they chose to lie to her. After a while, they probably didn't think of it as a day to day thing. It became easier. Treating her as a person, an individual who had feelings and rights of their own, became . . . non-important. That's some hard stuff. The thing that gets me is that Joe did it - the guy who missed out on raising his son from a similar lie - didn't call Iris on it?
  3. Janie430

    For The People

    Law and Order did it better, when they had an episode about the lawyer of a serial killer who went to where the guy had buried all the bodies, and the lawyer wouldn't tell them where they were because of attorney client privilege. He went to jail so as not to do it. I respected him. Sandra, not so much.
  4. Janie430

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    The thing is, one of the early things we learned about Jo was that she had gotten physical with people. It was kind of lost when they started talking about her abusive ex-husband, but when her boyfriend Jason grabbed her arm, she beat him up (probably because she thought he was like her ex husband). And I think there were a couple of discussions with Stephanie before that about hitting people. So it wouldn't surprise me if she ended up getting physical with someone. It would in fact be an awesome story if she did, because it would really talk about the cycle of violence.
  5. Janie430

    For The People

    Would Sandra have felt any different if the cop had died while she was dithering around? Sandra is seriously psychologically damaged. The speech at the end was horrible. "I'm the one who's always loyal". Well what if you shouldn't be? What if one of your friends is the Unabomber? What if you have to make the call his brother did? Sandra should be asking herself why she's trying to martyr herself. Is she trying to make herself the perfect lawyer so that she doesn't have to be a person who has to balance life and work and fail like the rest of us, so she almost doesn't have to be human? Or is she trying to be the most loyal, perfect friend/lawyer ever so no one ever leaves her again? I could see either, but she seriously is lacking in perspective on anything.
  6. Janie430

    SEAL Team

    I'm tired of Jason acting like he's making all these big sacrifices. I get it, DB is the star, so no way he was staying home after Alana's death, but let's be real. Jason sacrifices for things he wants to do - be a SEAL, and serve with his brothers. He doesn't sacrifice for others. His comment about thinking his daughter would stay home to take care of her brother was one of those things. He wants her to sacrifice for his dreams and ambitions. He's not wrong about Tisch and the loans (kids really don't understand what $80,000 of loans or $100,000 of loans will do to you), but his approach is about him not wanting to sacrifice his choices for his family. Someone should call him on it.
  7. Janie430

    For The People

    Did they forget the sixth amendment right to a speedy trial as well?
  8. Janie430

    S02.E16: Believe

    Han is wrong about primary versus secondary characteristics of the job. The primary job of a surgeon is to cut, cut well, with minimal complications, and keep the patient alive and functioning. Doing grand rounds, however, and teaching other surgeons, is a secondary characteristic of the job. They're part of what we've defined as the function of a surgeon at a teaching hospital, but aren't necessary to the primary job. Shaun is good at the primary job with minimal accommodation. He manages his autism well in the OR, he is good at working through the procedure and dealing with unexpected problems related to surgery and has even performed a cesearean section in chaotic conditions. Han may be right, Sean may not be good at doing grand rounds some day, but they can help him work around that, and he brings enough value to the primary function of the job that it is worth it to train him to do it. Sean may never be a medical school professor, or attending at a teaching hospital. Doesn't mean he can't be a good general surgeon. It doesn't mean he can't arrange something with a hospital to be a non-teaching surgeon, or have privileges to operate at a hospital without being an employee (rarer and rarer these days, though). Han's got an idea in his head of what it means to be a surgeon, and is not willing to see that there are other ways to do the job.
  9. Janie430

    Windy City Rehab

    Why is there no porch to protect that historic surround? It will warp and get damaged in no time in the Chicago weather. And you always take $1.4 million in the bank, especially when you've been shown to have carrying costs on other shows. I realize the offer probably came after the framing was done (clearly they're faking some of the days stuff is actually getting done for timeline purposes), but if that had been the case, the smart thing to do would have been to hold off on framing until they met with the client so they could accommodate wall changes.
  10. Janie430

    S09.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    I think Erin's arc this season has really been about separating herself from the family in some ways, but not in others. More than the others, she's been shown trying to keep Nikki in the fold by asking her to come to the dinners every week, and talked about how important it is to stay close. In some ways, it's always been a little harder for her because she's not a cop, but a lawyer, and she's had a job that's often opposed to theirs. The higher she goes up the food chain, the less their interests will be identical. They have consistently shown that her family was antagonistic to Jack, possibly before they were even married, and they've always shown her as having to meet the others in the middle (which is often no where near the middle, but way on their side of the table). I think they're showing she's becoming done with it. Done with the debates and arguments and having no separation between family and career. I don't know where they're going with it, but it feels real to me. What you put up with at 30, isn't funny at 45.
  11. Janie430

    Show Wishlist: What We'd Like To See

    So as a swan song episode for Benson. A serial rapist/murderer is caught and imprisoned for a rape in a non-NY state, but the M.O. is similar to an NYC case. Evidence links the rapist to the NYC case, but it is all tainted by the NYC crime lab, or by the FBI crime lab - lab experts stating soil samples and fiber matches are more certain than they are, DNA being improperly stored or collected. The forensics are thrown out, and SVU is basically SOL. They decide to call the victim from the other state to the stand, but she refuses. He's already been imprisoned for her case, and she strongly opposes her testimony being used to say "he's a bad guy - we can't convict him on the basis of what he did to our NYC girl, but convict him based on what he's done to this victim). Benson loses it, keeps coming back after this woman to try and convince her to testify, to the point that the non-NY victim files a complaint for harassment. Stone subpoenas the woman, which she moves to quash. In the testimony, the victim makes a strong statement that she has to continue to believe in the system even when it doesn't work, because of cases like Emmett Till and the Scottsboro boys. She also says that if every aspect of her life were about rape, if every ethical decision was about rape, then she'd never be anything but a victim, and that she'd lose all perspective. You get a closing shot where Fin and Carisi and Stone look at Benson, and realize that there isn't anything in her life that wasn't about sexual assault somehow and that Benson has lost touch with the world outside sexual assault to a point where it's unhealthy. Cue them talking to her and or One PP about her needing to transfer to a different squad or take a leave.
  12. Janie430

    S06.E14: Kalamazoo and a Bad Wedge of Brie

    That would be fun, especially if his name was Aloysius (which is the name of the original snuffleupagus)
  13. Janie430

    S06.E03: The Tattler

    So I think that my problem with Gina is that in the vulnerable moments, Peretti's voice doesn't change enough, and the monotone she normally has just doesn't work. She's lied to Jake for 20 years, and let him have a horrible senior year because she was scared he was turning into a bad guy, and he's a friend and she was scared of losing him. But her voice didn't reflect that - it was too flat. And if she'd put some Matthew Perry style grasping at straws into her flailing around grasping for a reason why Jake shouldn't have been angry at her, it would have worked. You would have bought that she knew what she had done was wrong, but needed to be forgiven. Instead, it just comes off like another one of her "I'm sooo fabulous" moments. And that's why I don't like the character. She never comes off as feeling anything deeply.
  14. Janie430

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    I agree with this, and I would also say that Randall's anxiety about being perfect made him inadvertently self-centered when he was a teenager. Yes, Kevin was also self-absorbed and cruel in not accepting Randall immediately. But we saw Randall choose to keep Kevin up in the middle of the night because he had to be perfect and overachieve at his homework (and Rebecca enable that). We saw Randall burst in on Kevin, Rebecca and Jack when they were discussing him being sexually active with Sophie because he was having a panic attack right then about not being perfect. I have an anxiety disorder, and so I am sympathetic about that freakout and the need for immediate reassurance. But anxiety disorders (where you feel like you're the most awful person ever!) are a self-centered experience. It's why you do CBT or drug therapy to remind you you're not the center of the universe. I think Randall just got used to being the focus of his parent's attention and the positive or negative attention of others around him. He's always been the star of the family academically and career-wise and having his act together. And he's always been the one who was visually different and exposed to racism. If he's having a midlife crisis, or reacting to William and Jack's deaths, then it seems he's reverting back to that place where he has to be an overachiever and the one driving all the action and he has to do it right or no one will love him anymore (seriously, that's how anxiety disorders feel. You fear you'll drive everyone away with your crazy.)
  15. Janie430

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    Does anyone think that William was lying about all that stuff he said he did for civil rights and activism? For example, one episode has him saying he was taught piano by his father, but it was just him and his mom - his dad died before he was born. Maybe William was just fluffing the resume.