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  1. yup, all I could see was five o'clock shadow. Would LOVE to know what JerJer thought when he saw pics. Like his inner voice critique. (concerns about wife needing to shave for example)
  2. They really are. the book would be called "Becoming Jinger" if Jeremy could stand to be upstaged. He would have to be by her side during her book tour, less he be tempted by jezebels in low cut "blouses" 9
  3. It's really true. They have both morphed themselves as much as they can in terms of externals...Jinger even doing the blond gig. Then Jeremy opens his mouth, and he does not have the ability to hold an audience besides Jinger, their daughter, and a few stuffed animals. It's kinda painful too. But he is given a mic because of his wife's connections, fact she is changing and becoming more chic, people like that. There there are his looks and he is a "get" former soccer goalie (Pro/semi pro? who knows) IT wont take much to have someone with similar qualities, but charismatic, and he will be left in the dust. or they will have to put some drama in their lives for them to be challenged to and to preach about their salvation.
  4. Wondering same. (and I am prob alone, but I think Georgia and Paget would be a great couple, and I might be delusional) Anyhoo….I did think it might have been due to fact Ciara and Paget would be watching the show after filming, and better fess up now. But on her Birthday, last day and having a party with just the crew? Nope...timing was not respectful to Ciera and could have blown up.
  5. I'm not digging the assessment of kids today are softer etc... so basically in the past, it was open season to bully, harass, haze, play favorites, isolate and target green crewmembers. Then you produce the ugly that is Jenna and Adam (oh my God he is creepy on may levels...) Not something to high five over. I did not see anything with the younger stews that showed any lack of hard work or willingness to work. Just Super Bad Leadership and Guidance.
  6. I watched a re-run the other day, where the ladies go to help Robin find her wedding dress. I bet she and Kody had already discussed going together OR she had it in her mind that she wanted Kody to fawn over her and choose the gown together. She had no intention of getting the dress with her soon to be sister wives. And then she was defensive about it. And HOO BOY, I had forgotten how ugly she got about feeling she should have equal time with Kody prior to the marriage, and she was very rude and entitled to all of the Sisterwives when they all felt that should be for when she was married. back then I thought it was really rude that no one offered to help her with her children, or getting ready for the wedding on her special day. I was fooled by Robin at first, Now I see it as genius.
  7. can you recall what it was about? Maddie used to "work for" Meri's ugly clothing shill line. (fugly fugly) so would love to hear what went down
  8. She has that bobble head thing going...like too thin with some monthly bloating who knows...poor nutrition (not eating enough protein, or not eating enough and it is backfiring.) I don't like to see that emaciated bobble head look, if I was mom, I would be concerned.
  9. I have been watching since season one, and it's still one of my favs. I would be seriously bummed if they did not have it. There is still a lot of entertainment value beyond the annoyance of VK IMO
  10. I am totally with you...I see the real Robyn, and she is awful.. manipulative, entitled, self righteous, damning...I was hoping their real estate agent could be # 5, and go right to the top
  11. Sobyn is such an entitled princess. Her kids....and now she is ramping up the wives against Kody. She is so freaking manipulative. at the end of the day, she is lucky to have this amount of security for herself and her "kids." Meri should be in a nice two bedroom, one room for her fabulous women's pajama wear. Christine can hold the family gatherings, since she bought. Robyn does NOT need 7 bedrooms. WTF. and PS...kids sharing rooms is actually not child abuse.
  12. Mariah had said she told her mother time and time again that she was being catfished. I can imagine that it was hard for her to see what essentially was her mother having an affair behind Kody's back. If her catfisher had been a man, Meri would have been down for anything IMO. I had the misfortune of seeing the banana pic Meri thought she was sending to her man. Yikes X 10. I imagine the calls got steamy. I think there is mountains of resentment still there, and Meri just kept having to demonstrate/justify her behavior by bringing other woman (women?) that were catfished as well. (sorry I cannot remember the exact details of the lunch from hell) bottom line, Meri waded in the infidelity pool, and it bit her in the ass. Mariah had to watch, saw the betrayal, and lost even more respect for her mother because Meri cannot own her motives. Another reason why she and Kody are not couple of the year...he does not call it what it was either. at least not with the cameras rolling. and I am not a huge Mariah fan...I just can imagine the huge amount of damage those lies and continued mis representation of motives have caused. How many of the Brown's are involved in that horrible clothing line? yikes!!
  13. yes, I am in the minority as well but the bike teaching was pretty much status for how my friends and I learned how to ride, skate, sled, swim. I was pretty shy kiddo , and Dad gave me some extra pushes, but I am glad for it. Otherwise I would still be on the sidelines watching the other kids.
  14. I used to like Robyn, and clearly I have missed some obvious signs of a hidden agenda. If you watch the earlier episodes (whilst social distancing, Comcast Oon Demand) it is shocking how she has changed in the way she talks about Kody and her entitlement. She is just downright angry/seething in her biggie house. Was Robyn always like this and hid it well? (and I don't blame Kody for all of her wack) Meri had a small redemption for me, cause Meri has is most def been my least fav. Her comment about God and housing thumbs up. I still don't understand why Meri needs to have a huge sprawling house? Can she only live in a home that is 4 + bedrooms and a wetbar? Is Meri a super princess that would not ever consider anyone else's plights but her own? The money that is thrown down on renting, moving, buying and upgrading is amazing. Amazing because no one EVER seems satisfied except maybe Janelle. Janelle gets the life gig it seems.
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