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  1. I'm catching up on posts...wanted to say thank you for posting this? is it possible to post all pics (if not already done) I am absolutely SHOCKED that a TCC who did not any ANY support from the Group Leaders is on this team. If Kelli is so concerned about having a team without a toxic element, then Lisa should have been out, dance skill be damned. The lack of support speaks volumes, and there is clearly an issue with Lisa that has nothing to do with her dance skills. I know first hand the ripples of toxicity that can happen when you get someone who is ill intentioned on a well balanced team. and I read the lack of support for Meredith/Madeline as GL seeing the dance risk, not locker room risk. Very unfortunate that Group Leaders only have impact when they are aligned with "upper management"
  2. Nurts..dropped the lap top and sent before finishing.... Was going to add this season only has a handful of stars, I thought last years group was a lot stronger!! Why take such a dance risk? It is quite possible that Meredith or Katt will make a huge blunder that will be seen by all on the field. When I saw a small clip on twitter, I could actually see where Meredith barely performed a move, and it really stood out! I usually notice those things either. I am waiting for the video of Meredith screwing up during their intro dance, ending up in the middle of the circle and ending up having to improvise, then running off the field, So, EVAN FOR POINT!!!! several girls were robbed, and Maddie over Amy. (WHY WHY AMY??) Thanks for putting up with my long post (s). It's my only therapy after learning of Kelli's insane decisions.
  3. I finally allowed myself to come to the spoilers page, thinking I knew the outcome, no more real surprises. How wrong I was! Julia and Shaina (hope I got her name right) REPLACED by Meredith and Katt??!!!??? ICAM with posters who are making comparison with the many mistakes, in particular those of Meredith and Melana from last year. (again, hope I got the name right) But I am sure you all get it. Kelly has put the Brand at stake with her inconsistency and favoritism. I don't know why she bothers to have the choreographers rate the cheerleaders, as she turns her frown back to a cunning smile when she goes rogue and chooses high risk dancers. Julia in particular was uniform ready at the start of training camp. Shaina had a lot of promise, and she at blended in. So how in the world did this happen? To start, there were many great kickers in the semi-finals rounds that we never saw again. Alexandra was not one of them. If you went back and watched them during the field practice for semi's...it is clear that many girls are not given the chance they deserve, and there is "stuff" going on behind the scenes. Kelly and friends backed themselves into quite a corner with their arrogance thinking with such a small number of slots, that they could pull in the pretties who did not show as well in semis and finals.
  4. but did you read the comments? She just sucks.
  5. yet still manages to separate herself, by choosing not to lean in like everyone else. So she "pops" UGH
  6. lovingly, I just wanted to say, sounds like depression. I know from personal experience, and yes, our places do tend to be extensions of our mental state. And then some of us are just not great organizers. But...things can get better. So much fun to have a new start, and new house. Rooting for her! PS. I would NEVER NEVER have put that pic up of the car. I would not let my "stuff' impact my little ones, so nothing less that keeping their area safe, and CLEAN would suffice for me. I am completely repulsed by the show of neglect in that back seat, front too I am sure. (I am also a hand washer for dishes...LOL, have to get it done right) Side note: I am more than over having to see everyone stuffing their faces all of the time. Even in the church revival/rock climbing pic, kid is sitting with a plate of food. Does Jill know what else to do besides give food to her 2 1/2 boys? Does she bring little snacks into bed as foreplay for loser boy Derrick? or does she give the little boys boxes of Krispy Kreme to distract them while she gussies up for sexy times? I imagine it's 4 hours of "prep" time and 30 seconds of flailing by boy wonder. Sorry for visuals.
  7. Does anyone know when they changed the length of the shorts? I did not realize they are actually longer now! (or cut is changed at least....adds to more "bunching" now, but your cash and prizes have a tad more coverage.)
  8. Malena gave K and J a big clue regarding her coping skills when she broke down as she let them know she was the first Jet to never take the field. I still don't understand the leap she took in her head thinking she would be able to take on DCC choreography after being sidelined by the Jets, and then saying that experience somehow prepared her for DCC? WHAT??? Such a red flag, followed by the HUGE red flags with her mediocre dancing skills at the start of TCC (and throughout TCC.) Kelly did her no favors by pretending?? she and Judy did not have any idea that the Jet's sidelined her.. EVERY serious candidate comes to auditions with a full dance resume and references from previous dance teachers and the directors of teams they danced for. I assume the dance world I not that big. Someone knew what happened with Jets, and used this for a storyline. A painful and costly one at that. Boo all around. Good! I hope she dances for two more years.
  9. isn't Lauren recently engaged as well? Lauren has a chance to rise...she may make it to point (IMHO)
  10. while late to the party, I did manage my withdrawal by watching the last show again tonight. I agree, and NO ONE should EVER be cut the first time they are in the office unless something egregious happens, insubordination/drinking a beer in the stands (cough), not being able to perform any dances. I really felt for Lilly and it's like they were just looking for anything on her, having made up their minds. I am glad Brennan made it, and I know the magic of TV/cutting room, but Brennan did have some weaker moments than Lilly. They should have cut Melana twice or Yuko once...pppfffftttt...I like Taylor, Lilly was a bit stronger I believe, kicks and all.
  11. It's like they are inflatable...like those life vests on airlines... OR they are uniform tops from Clown School.
  12. Judy, Judy, Judy!! Cary Grant reference for the non younger members of forum, ahem. what happened...
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