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  1. Lord, don't give Kelli any ideas. Next thing you know, she'll be charging girls while she cuts them via Zoom. "Tonight is your last night....that'll be a $300 Zoom fee for my time, payable to my Venmo." I can't believe people would fork over money for that crap. Seriously, is there ANYONE out there who would rather have a 30-second "Happy Birthday" video from Kelli than the actual $300 to go do something fun?
  2. Yes! Brittany D’Alesandro! I remember feeling that Brittany did have a cavalier attitude about that particular scene, and Kelli was SO nasty to her. My biggest takeaway from it - if you are a normal person trying to juggle a normal life and all its messiness, you aren't going to make it in DCC land.
  3. This is a really good point (and makes me so thankful that I grew up with hippie parents in rural Missouri). I think the DCC have officially put to bed this idea of wanting the “girl next door.” I’m sure things are different in Dallas, but I’ve lived a lot of places in my life and have yet to see someone living next door that reminds me of this new crop of DCC. 🤷‍♀️
  4. I agree with this. Watching her dance lyrical solos is a bit painful because she looks like she’s falling out of every dance move.
  5. I have never been able to stomach this about Cassie's kids. No problem with them (after all, they are just kids), but since they are CASSIE'S kids, they are special and get to be around the DCC as much as Cassie desires. I don't find it cute at all - if I were a dancer trying to practice with a kid running around me, I'd be pissed. I'd bet that at least a few of the DCC feel the same way.
  6. True. Probably more appropriate to say that she found a way to interject TK into a discussion where it wasn't needed. I think she could have just said, "Jasmine, you're clunky" and gotten the point across.
  7. Kelli has been singing the praises of TK since season 7 where she compared Jasmine to TK. No doubt that being Kelli's BFF has helped TK's crotch-fruit launch to the top of DCC world. I wonder if Kelli or Judy was close with Meredith Oden's mom (Kim?), or if she was invited to give her speech before the first game in Season 2 purely for the storyline.
  8. The Jones family has made it pretty damn clear where they stand on these issues, starting with Jerry Jones' stance on players kneeling.
  9. Let me just say that I'm SO happy that Kristin is speaking out. I have loved her ever since she made the comment about not being a picky eater because she has seen people without anything to eat...all while they were teaching the DCC how to push food around their plate to give the appearance of eating. Thank you, Kristin. Your voice is needed.
  10. Exactly why I’m not watching this year. It’s truly sad what they are willing to do for ratings these days.
  11. Catching the beginning of Season 2 on Pluto - remember the candidate Sophia Swan? I just love seeing her during the auditions and want her to be my BFF. She's a lovely, happy soul.
  12. THIS is what bothers me about Kat, put into better words than I could find. Beauty only goes so far with me - I have to be able to tolerate a beautiful person once that mouth opens, and I just can't with her. I'm not watching the show this season, but I'm not at all surprised that she made a comment like that. She may think it's a joke, but it's more off-putting than it is funny.
  13. I haven’t been a fan of Kat since she first came on my screen last year. Yes, she’s beautiful and has a charismatic personality. It’s also very evident that she has used those traits to her advantage since she’s definitely not a strong dancer (even Kelli admitted that last year with the “Kat should be a salesman” line) yet remains on the team while others are cut for the same damn issue. I understand why they keep her, but I’m still not a fan. She can’t go away fast enough, especially because I’m not drawn to big personalities like hers. I find it obnoxious.
  14. And she made a glaring mistake about halfway through the video.
  15. I don’t think Pluto skips seasons, but the newer seasons have longer episodes than seasons 1-5 (which makes it seem like they are always on the newer seasons since the first ones just fly by).
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