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  1. Yeah, not a good look for Maddie to be calling out the opponent’s head coach, especially since he was just fined for not wearing a mask properly. Who exactly does she think she is?
  2. Andrea Richards was #16 in Season 1 finals. In the clip on YouTube, you can see Lynlee wearing #1 while sitting next to Brooke. On closer look, it may have been Elizabeth Davis that finished solos that year.
  3. I'm right there with you. Today, I went back through the seasons and figured out who started and finished finals during the show's run. I blame COVID boredom. 🙂 For anyone interested: Season 1: #1 - Lynlee Allen; Elizabeth Davis Season 2: #1 - Megan Fox; #85 - Nicole Hamilton Season 3: #1 - Nicole Hamilton; #89 - Kandi Harris Season 4: #1 - Justine Phillips; #74 - Nicole Hamilton Season 5: #1 - Trisha Trevino; #73 - Brooke Sorenson Season 6: #1 - Ally Traylor; #69 - Sunni Cranfill Season 7: #1 - Whitney Isleib; #79 - Jackie Bob Season 8: #1 - Jackie Bob; #86 - Mia Greenhouse Season 9: #1 - Jenn A; #85 - Jacie Season 10: #1 - Jacie; #82 - Melissa Season 11: #1 - Erica; #71 - Holly (she actually DID end solos one year - I was wrong!) Season 12: #1 - Jenna; Cersten Season 13: #1 - Lacey; Maddie Season 14: #1 - Amy; #80 - Maddie Edited to add info for seasons 1, 12, and 13. 😊
  4. I absolutely HATED that segment with the vets bowling that was so obviously staged and cringe-worthy (including the military members that came up for autographs), but I did like Jackie Bob's group theme and saying they were going to win using angles and equations.
  5. Yep. She's in yellow and shown a few times (standing near Jordan while they're learning the routine). She's only a tad heavier - not really pronounced like Melissa.
  6. I was just watching the semi-finals from Season 7 - saw Melissa (rockstar rookie - noticeably heavier), Morgan (also a bit heavier), Hannah (in the same outfit she wore at auditions in Season 8), Tessa, Auto Amy, and Nina (no personality girl that was cut in Season 6 training camp). But I didn't see Jenn A anywhere. Am I missing it? I also can't believe that Chelsea was able to pull all that fake BS on K&J. I remember watching that season for the first time and getting strong fake vibes every time she opened her mouth.
  7. It would be interesting to see a list of the first and last candidates at final auditions over the life of the show.
  8. I don't think you're wrong, which is why I think that Holly would have been point if it wasn't for her behavior. Holly is super talented, but I agree that she was in it for herself and not the team. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but why not just go the professional dancer route rather than going with a TEAM? I believe it was for the exposure DCC brings more than anything. Very interesting point that Holly didn't start or finish solos, which is a bit of a head scratcher. Again, probably due to her individualistic approach. But I would have rather had Holly end solos than Cersten (I was never a fan of Cersten's dancing or attitude).
  9. Potentially. Not considering Holly's behavior (because that's how KaShara got point to begin with - by Jenna and Holly's screw-up), I'm convinced Holly would have been point for as long as she remained on the team once Jenna exited.
  10. Big fan of Katy (rookie in Season 6 that was called out by Kitty for being too tan). She was not featured very much and I don't think she was ever on Show Group, but she was a great dancer with a great look.
  11. Good lord - it looks as if they are sucking their abdomens into their spines.
  12. I really liked Courtney from Season 9 (the former Tampa Bay cheerleader). She was attention-grabbing for me from her first scenes at prelims. She also seemed very real in her journey to become a DCC, including all the struggles.
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