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  1. Still can't stand her accent. I know she's loved by many (including K&J), but I just can't with her. I was hoping she'd fade into oblivion once she retired.
  2. While there's nothing wrong with her looks, this picture is likely Photoshopped. Amy looks fine, but she needs to lay off the open-mouthed poses on the field. What ever happened to Kelli calling out the "show me your molars" gals while telling them a pretty smile goes a long way?
  3. Nothing about Victoria's continued spastic dancing is pleasant to watch. I don't understand all the gushing over her "improvements." Honestly, it seems like all she did since last year's training camp was take more dance classes where she was treated as the second coming.
  4. I suspect that being a DCC back in its infancy wasn't touted as the "Ivy League of cheerleading." As such, the cheerleaders didn't pass on the cult mentality to their daughters who spent their whole lives dreaming of nothing but being a DCC. But yes, I predict a future where at least half of the squad is composed of legacies.
  5. I've been completely impressed with iTunes this year in their speed of dropping the latest episodes. Save the first episode, every week has the latest episode by the time I wake up Saturday morning. So while I miss my nightly cocktail while watching DCC on Friday nights, I just substitute a mimosa and put my comments on here a bit late. It hasn't been as painful as I was expecting, thank goodness! I didn't mind the talking heads with the gals moving into their new apartments. Totally staged, but it does insert a bit of reality into the show more than the awful sob stories (using the term "reality" loosely, of course). Rookie candidates: Boy, I certainly wish I would've had life figured out as well as Victoria when I was 19. <eyeroll> While I agree that she's improved from last year, I still don't enjoy watching her spastic movements in dance. I hate Kat as a candidate and I'm hoping that she will be the first cut after seeing next week's teaser at the end of this episode. Lisa reminds me of former DCC Allie in looks, dance and stature. Madeline drives me crazy with her annoying voice. LOVE Amanda. The rest of the rookies are ho-hum to me. The vets looked great and I'm so happy to see them giving some former DCCs a chance to show off their up-and-coming choreography. Jennifer was fantastic. See everyone next week!
  6. The open mouth doesn't bother me as much as her perpetual squinty eyes. With eyes that small (which no amount of makeup will help to open up), the open mouth pose is the last thing she needs to do.
  7. Ooooo...that would be SUCH a great question! I think squads like the DCC will end up being the outliers. The Seahawks did away with their all-female Sea Gals this year in favor of a coed squad called the Seahawks Dancers. Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/seahawks-say-goodbye-to-the-sea-gals-adding-males-to-their-dance-team-and-renaming-them-the-seahawks-dancers/
  8. I prefer the focused side stories of the candidates rather than the sob stories. A good example is how they focused on Ashton Torres in season 4 or the Trevino sisters in season 3 when Crystal tried out. It was more focused on the girls and how they got to tryouts, which made them much more likable and easy to root for. It's hard to get excited about a candidate that has nothing except "I was bullied by mean girls in the dance studio!" Unfortunately, the current state of DCC auditions, the show, and the girls it attracts makes for a very privileged group. So those endearing side stories of earlier seasons are gone forever, which is a shame.
  9. Definitely a boring episode, with overall boring candidates. I'm going to repeat the same observation (because it happens EVERY. FRIGGIN. YEAR.)...PLEASE stop with the sob stories, CMT. This is a pretty privileged bunch - just own it. Seems like Yoshiko has quite the business of sending DCC plenty of candidates from Japan. Being an animal lover, Yuko's comment about her cat was disheartening more than it was funny. Unpopular opinion - I cringed through the entire veteran segment. It felt like it was just another way for TPTB to showcase KaShara, even if they went through all the retiring ladies.
  10. Welcome back to everyone! It's the show that I hate to love, and I'm SUPER late to the party because I had no idea it premiered already! No DVR this year to automatically record, and since I ditched cable I'm stuck with the sloooooow-loading iTunes. Luckily, cmt.com helped a girl out! I'm with everyone - the new intro is terrible. The instrumentals are fine, but as soon as the gal opens her mouth to sing, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. The mystery of the numbers continues. I noticed lots of chunks of 25 missing and was thinking that maybe those are the candidates they bring in for the sole purpose of showing how terrible they are? Total speculation, but it does strike me as strange to have that exact number missing more often than not. I doubt that it's completely coincidental. And now it's the "Dream Board?" Ugh. I'm not a fan of any of the returning TCCs from last year. Maybe Kristin (a little), but I didn't really see a lot of improvement in her. It's a snoozer with no one to root for. Malena is the worst of them all. LOVE Charm!!!! What a fresh addition to a very stale panel!
  11. YES!!!! I got raked over the coals for calling her accent contrived on this board. Contrived or not, I find nothing cute or endearing about her accent. TBH, I’d rather listen to Victoria whine about being called into the office FIIIIVE TIMES than listen to KaShara say anything. I won’t miss her when she retires.
  12. I honestly don’t care what women decide to wear regardless of age and circumstance. However, Charlotte looks TERRIBLE. I don’t understand why women feel the need to do this crap to their bodies to fit a societal ideal. In the battle of the aging process, age always win. Save your money.
  13. I had the same exact thought. I’m almost (but not quite!) surprised that they edited the show that way. Definitely puts perspective on that “private, exclusive, members-only” Cowboys Club. Many thanks to Kristen for the dose of humility. And let me just say that I’m SO disappointed that Colleen didn’t bring her whistle.
  14. I wonder if there were more injured ladies those years, especially if All-Stars weren’t available to fill in. I’m pretty sure Cassie performed as little as possible during Season 7.
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