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  1. I'm sensing a little sarcasm there! lol But you have to admit, they aren't low on the talent list...
  2. Now, I thought that Kelli was a total bitch towards Madeline! And the look on Judy's face was priceless... (I'm visiting my parents and I'm not able to add any screenshots, or you know I would! lol) Y'all, I freeze-framed every sticker shot... There are 40 girls so each guest choreographer had 4 no's. Tyce's were: Lily, Madeline S, Meredith and Christina. Evan's no's were: Chandi, Molly, Lexie and Bridget!!!!
  3. From Evan's perspective, the group that VK is in shows the rookies from (his) left to right: Kat, VK, Kelcey, Amanda. (Amy is in the front row, centered between VK & Kelcey.) When he points to (supposedly) VK and says "Wow! You're super fun!" he's actually pointing towards his right--which is Amanda, but VK is hightlighted instead...and she's on Evan's left... hmm...interesting edit!
  4. They are alternates during training camp. Once the team is announced, they are no longer alternates.
  5. After someone 1st posted that picture of the paper, I tried to find it. I watched the Show Group part 3 times and couldn't find it, so I went ahead and watched the rest of the show. The "paper" was in the scene from the next day's practice...
  6. Vonceil holds the record with 8 years... and VK is only 19, so... it's not looking very good!😭
  7. Judy is hiding behind that gorgeous hair of hers (lol) but I LOVE this color on her!
  8. This picture of the Christmas uniform may help to clear things up....
  9. One thing that stuck out to me was when Kelli said this--and I quote: "Thank you guys for your time and expertise. We really appreciate your professional lenses. We'll go back and work through some of the strengths that we know some of these ladies bring to the table and announce this tomorrow." IIRC, any other time the Show Group deliberations were shown, they seemed to imply that they knew who the final group was that night... they didn't always announce it that night, but they knew who it was and didn't have to "go back and work" it out!
  10. Apologies in advance: "chart" to follow! I think the numbers have more to do with the order that they auditioned... If you look at the groups: Victoria, Carol, Amy, Kelcey, Daphne & Amanda are together; Ashlee's next to Maddie; Gina's next to Heather; Cici's next to Bridget; and Jalyn (who is scratched out with a possible "Vic..." written over it) is next to Rachel W. Also, I zoomed in to one of the pages and the order on it is: Victoria, Carol, Kelcey, Amy, Daphne and Amanda. It's interesting that they started this list with Caroline, not Victoria, so that tells me that she was an afterthought---not initially picked.
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