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  1. Their feet are touching the ground; they are holding themselves up.
  2. They could've been told to stop just before it and some were already committed...
  3. Some girls do the jump split and some girls just mark it...
  4. It's not Brennan's fault... There are several factors happening at the same time contributing to that cluster! I looked at each second of video... Lisa loses her balance on the bow & rocks back onto her heel which makes Brennan's lifted leg pull backwards. It also makes Maddie lose her balance and hop backwards, which pulls Lisa's leg back at an awkward angle, which causes Brennan to not have a "shelf" to keep her leg on. (with me so far? lol) Also, Savannah is too far back in the line and it makes an awkward angle for Julia's leg lift and it slips off of Savvy's "shelf."
  5. I saw a preview for next week where Julia was crying and looked terrified. She was saying that she was so scared and it looked like Kelli was going in to hug her. Do you (or any other insiders) know what that was about?
  6. https://procheerleadingpodcast.transistor.fm/episodes/shes-got-legs-interview-with-jacie-scott-former-dallas-cowboys-cheerleader-radio-city-rockettes-dancer
  7. lol Judy just said on Pluto "the girls want to impress Kelli and I."
  8. I'm not going to say "never," but IIRC, DCC social media hasn't highlighted "Sideline Sweetheart" before... They will post who the Game Day Girl is, but we usually find out who the SLS is from the girl's personal social media. I find it interesting that this is the first one that they've posted. eta: I just went back and looked through IG, fb and twitter and I didn't see anything about SLS prior to Molly. On Ashlee's IG, she posted a video (when she was SLS) from a friend/fan that was at the game. Also, Savannah posted a IG Story (no longer visible) about her being the SLS at a game.
  9. Season 6 (2011-2012) Christina Marie. Same rookie group with Emma, Holly H, Amelia, Mackenzie and Angela...
  10. I finally got a good look at the back of Kat's picture (around the 2 min mark). the top one had "CMT" on it (because she's being featured) and the bottom one is one of Jennifer Colvin's stickers (but she already had one on the front, so I don't know why there's one on the back as well.)
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