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  1. I dislike Cassie with a passion. She was babying her knee one season and another cherrleader got hurt and Cassie was asked to fill in and she literally rolled her eyes on camera and had a holier than though mini melt...it will be forever captured and stored in the MTT vault. She is a horrible human. I have no sympathy for those types of people. I cant like Judy because Judy helped turn her daughter into a horrible adult, therefore Judy isnt that great of a person either.
  2. Shoot, maybe it wasnt Kashara? Or maybe the pic im referring to i saw somewhere else...ill have to go back and look. Crap, yeah, it wasnt in that set of pictures. Now I wish I could remember where I saw it.
  3. Man, you can tell Kashara enjoyed her final year and is ready to lovingly give the finger and head off into the sunset. She looks like a brick wall and is about to bust all the seems on that uniform
  4. The amount of grooming the ladies have to maintain...i couldnt do it...brazillian wax, prob at least once a week??? Ugh, that is torture!
  5. Omg, Dayton is so beautiful! I hope she enjoys this adventure! How exciting to young 20s and to feel you can conquer the world!
  6. I like Maddie a lot. I think shes pretty, a very good dancer, and I do think she is a darn good ambassador. She has gotten thicker around the middle as she gets older...lord knows when i go for my physical next week the doctor will tell me my cholesterol is too high and im fat. Ive been watching DCC MTT since the first season...it has been interesting to watch how "the DCC Look" has evolved. Maddie doesnt fit the older look, but she does just fine as the face of the new DCC.
  7. I really just dont like when they turn sideways and frantically hump the air...im not sure who made up that dance move, but they should be shot...ugh!!!!
  8. Dayton looks amazing!!! Id bet money she will make the team next year if she is still interested. She is going to have quite the adventure! I hope it is a wonderful experience for her! I look forward to following along with her insta...i hope we get to see pics of everyone in costume!
  9. I just watched Victorias Insta post of her latest Lyrical...she looks good...if im gonna give her shit for gaining weight, then i sure can give her props for working hard to get healthier. I do think she is a good dancer. If she tries out next year, she will probably make the team. I dont know anything about her personality. Changing your weight and updating dance techniques are quicker and easier to fix than personality...
  10. Kalyssa is a Maxim "model" which is why she doesnt wear much in her pictures.
  11. Cheeze and crackers, Dayton just posted a smoking hot picture on IG. Totally makeup free...girl i love those freckles!!!!! So happy she seems to be enjoying this part of her life!
  12. I wouldnt categorize any of the DCC as ugly. Just that some look like grown women with just the right amount of sex appeal. Others are very pretty, very good dancers, but look like they are 16 instead of grown women.
  13. I remember when Jenna was in TC. She kept getting a lot of good comments on her dance, but the overwhelming theme of her appearance that yes she is a pretty, but she looks like a young teen rather than a grown woman...and i think there are some DCC this year that i think they are pretty, but look more like Tweens than young women. Hannah and Maddie are pretty, and are great dancers, but look more like teens than young women with a hint of sex appeal
  14. Wait, i missed something. Where's Brianna?
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