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  1. Claire just didn't tell Jamie enough. Though I guess she too thought Roger had gone back through the stones. But it was possible that he didn't. Big assumption on their part too. I was thinking when Roger escaped - oh you just know it's not going to hold and he'll be caught again. I think Lizzie's conclusions made perfect sense; how was she to know? Brianna didn't tell her a thing about Roger. I thought as soon as you slept together you were married; that was a big issue in Fergus' case. Claire went back because Brianna was an adult now. Frank's dea
  2. It seems we only find out how much Claire told Brianna about her 18th century previous adventures when it suits the plot. It is odd that she would have related the happenings at Wentworth. If she did that, she must have told just about everything. Her assault by the French King, the guy she killed, killing Dougal, the witch trial. And while at the Ridge during those weeks would she have told all about Jamaica and the hurricane. And does Brianna know about Faith? And Lord John and William? Geillis' fate? Frank is 20th century too, so the comparison isn't exactly apt. You can g
  3. 1970 was 50 years ago. The "level" thing about relationships didn't exist yet. It was vey early in the sexual revolution. Not everyone let go of the old constraints at once. The pill was just recently invented and still controversial. Immigrants' children always sound American. They are living in the U.S. and spend a lot of time with their peers. They might know some of their parents' language. But they will take on the American accent. They are surrounded by it, their ear is still not hardened (the reason older people keep their accent or have a harder time learning a new la
  4. IMO the author wanted to make Jamie not look like a jerk. It is easier to accept Jamie leaving his wife if the wife is a total jerk, the marriage is unhappy and they are separated, the children aren't his, and it's Leery, who we already hate. We are on board for his leaving her due to that. Reminds me of Poldark, where Drake was going to marry Rosina, he was up front with her that he'd always love Morwenna, and when Morwenna's husband suddenly died right before Drake and Rosina's wedding, Rosina was all for his going to her and gave up on him right there. Thus the author propped Drake
  5. It's clear that Claire loves Jamie more than plumbing, modern medicine, etc. She grew up living rough with her uncle. She was already able to adapt to anything 18th century. Without licensing boards or threat of malpractice, she could indulge her passion for herbs and healing. Above all, she absolutely loves helping. She is always ready to help. She was shown even getting Uncle Lamb's pipe ready for him by taking the first smoke! He had her helping him all along and that is how she is conditioned. Her first instinct is always to help. She can help the 18th century people more.
  6. Kim0820

    S04.E05: Savages

    TPTB know we want to see Jamie meet his daughter; they are dragging it out most shamelessly. If not for the Murtaugh reveal, they would deserve to be be flogged. I can buy the Grand Coincidence that of all the gin bars - Murtagh is right there. But at least a big point was made of Scots tending to settle there. Claire is going to be alone in the cabin. Of course she will be in danger. Of course she will be attacked. At least it turned out that Mueller did not attack her physically. Could Mueller have been the one to bring measles to his family when he was immune? He'd alrea
  7. When Claire went to the stones just before the Battle of Culloden, she asked him to go with her. He said he didn't belong there. I think he could not run from Culloden like that, in his mind. Then there is the idea he is one who cannot travel, since he didn't hear the buzzing and touched the stone without effect, so as to have it so that Claire has to go back and stay back to be with him. The author doesn't want a quiet life for them, obviously loving to write all the wild adventures that are more believable/possible in the 18th century. Then even so, she could change it later if sh
  8. I expected the transition for Ian from going back to Scotland versus staying in America to be a lot harder and involve attacks and kidnapping. Glad it was that simple. How utterly convenient to wash up after a hurricane relatively near to where you have a relative living. And how convenient that the 1970 festival was in NC right where Jamie and Claire were. At the very beginning of the season, it is clear there is a Native American Craig na Dune conveniently located, I will guess, in NC near Fraser's ridge. I liked the tug-of-war going on at the festival. That is very 1970
  9. I looked it up about freeing a slave and it seems it was anachronistic in that the restrictions did not come about until the 19th century. At this time, owners could free slaves at will. Reminiscent of the musical, 1776, where Jefferson said he was going to free his slaves, and Rutledge said that would ruin Jefferson's personal economy. The area may have been very loyalist, since most of them seem very pro-British and not still angry about the Stamp Act that just passed, but that might have been true for the South - it was harder to get them on board for the Revolution. I did th
  10. So do you think she should have gone back and not stayed with him in 1766 over the fact he married Leery? Even though he still loved her and didn't want to stay with Leery?
  11. Kim0820

    Book 3: Voyager

    I hope DG lets him at some point - Claire asked him to go with her at the end of book 2 and making it that he couldn't made that consistent, but it would be easy to change. He couldn't leave his friends, walk away from Culloden like that. His 18th century sense of honor could not allow that. A plot where he had to deal with being in the 20th century for a while just could be interesting. Geillis had some control - she had studied it. She knew when she wanted to go back to. Claire just accidentally went and coincidentally went back to a similar time period - maybe that time
  12. I thought it had several points at which they teased you it would end with separation; Claire not being on the deck, Claire not doing anything on the log, the shot going up the hurricane, and the shot of Jamie alone on the beach. At least they were alive and well at the end. You'd think they could have skipped the storm for the start of another season. No way to end happy; another disaster must occur right away! It was good to intersperse the druids. Amazing there is another time travel portal. And it looked like Craig na dun on top of it - maybe that's a wormhole on earth w
  13. It was amazing the extent to which they did not even think about Capt. Leonard. They went all over town without mentioning him or any fear of capture and went to the ball totally focused on what they could find out about Ian, and not the least bit concerned - not even trying to find out if the Porpoise was still there - in fact Jamie opined it must still be there as it could not have done all the things needed to do before sailing again. Capt. Leonard was out of sight and out of mind until they actually saw him!
  14. 20th Century items! Makes me think of Muggle artifacts. I guess Claire could claim to have invented it all and steal credit from someone else in history. I don't think Fergus would have a French accent still after over 20 years in Scotland and having been there from a young age. When his last name came up and there was silence I knew the next thing to be heard would be Jamie saying "Fraser." Perfect. It is a lot livelier and brighter - Jamie is yet again under cloud of warrants and hanging but it seems less intense and he has warning now. The last British authorities ne
  15. Upset, but not to go back through the stones. I guess I was more focused on, Leery or anyone else, she lucked out that he was "available" to her. He could have been involved with someone else. And in the end, she made peace with it and didn't appear to want to go back again, except for a short doubt on the cliffs, which didn't seem to involve Leery. It's been 23 years since the ill wish too and we aren't sure how much Jamie knows about her involvement in the trial. Jamie's life has so many traumas that the trial may not register much by 1766, at least as to details. He just bl
  16. Funny to watch this during the COVID19 crisis. We need Claire. Jamie's plan was ridiculous. They were going to meet in Jamaica. The 300 men were mostly sick or busy following her orders. The cook was a jerk, but Claire handled him. It was quite amazing how they listened to her. She was telling them to do things they had no experience of and no other ship surgeon would ever have done. Lucky for them that they listened. I cried a small bit when Elias died and Claire told him she was his other. And was his final friend to stitch him through the nose. Only 14 and a short, t
  17. As soon as Claire came on the boat, it was practically TV law that she would be stuck on it. I was relieved that there was no impressment though. I've had enough of the British military being jerks. I was glad they needed help instead. But they are still jerks for taking her off. "Realism" seems to be considered so necessary these days. And talk about bodily functions/bathroom humor. The people on the ship were mesmerized. He really distracted them. And a good thing, since of the man had been thrown overboard, the wind coincidentally coming up would have made it look
  18. She'd be justified in going back to the 20th century if he had a wife and kids he loved and the 20 years had been enough for him to get over her (which would have been the most realistic, but this is romantic fantasy). Or even if he'd been conflicted and couldn't just leave a wife with young kids even if he didn't get over Claire. So having no kids of his own, but stepchildre,n and not really liking Leery, and clearly preferring Claire is a lot luckier for her having made the trip across 200 years to see if she could be back with him.
  19. Claire should have told Brianna a location to get them before she left to go back. Brianna would have to ask Roger to pick them up. I thought of Jamie having an injury that would say result in a permanent disability where Claire knew it could be easily solved with 20th century medicine and sending him to the future for that. Or a kid with a club foot that in 1700s would just be and they would be lame. But 20th century surgery could have him walk normally.
  20. They are good at finding doppelgängers. The one for BJR's brother Alex and the one for Geneva who looked just like Claire. Led me to believe he could sleep with her without criticism as she looked so much like Claire. They didn't need the narrative that she sexually assaulted him. Someone said that of Mary McNabb also - so they have to at least look like Claire. These are the first times Claire ever has a complaint with the 18th century. The comments on the board about how they would never stay in the 18th century due to inferior science - maybe, but Claire had no problem with i
  21. Cute, like in the beginning he would not go anywhere without her. Well he said the brothel was temporary 🙂 Claire need not have used such a photo. Why does she think he could even begin to understand that? I noticed that right off too. That whole thing was his idea. Which was pretty lame. I mean at least make sure he dies at Culloden first. Then go explain to the family that you think you are better off in America and a danger to them as a traitor's wife. But plot points. They had her advice to plant potatoes. I think she even told Jenny there would be
  22. Yes: she said when he was suicidal that she couldn't make any sense of why she time traveled except that it must have been meant for them - that they would meet and fall in love, otherwise it made no sense to her. So she would die right there with him. That was a powerful scene. Yes, Culloden pending the whole time. As the story goes on, it is known that they will be slaughtered there. At least Jamie gets to kill BJR there. It was a gut punch at the beginning. Claire crying when she learned for sure she was back (well, the car was enough, but the guy confirmed t
  23. LOL, Leg Haire. He did declare he never fell in love again, which Claire should believe. But of all women to have married, from Claire's view, it would have been better to have been someone she didn't already know and despise. But in this kind of book/show, you have to amp up the drama, so it's a perfect choice from that view. The photos would be overwhelming - they are a thing of the future. They also raised the issue of the change in women's fashions, which would be pretty drastic for him. He says "Christ" when he sees the bikini. Maybe not the best idea, Claire. But they cou
  24. I had thought that being burned at the stake, Geillus could at least know that she would be born in the future. Then the conclusion that time passes in the past and the future at the same rate was questioned, since Geillus traveled back before Claire from a much later year. So the 60s were continuing during Geillus' 1740s sojourn. Geillus existed in the 1960s so when she died in 1744, it could not be that she would never be born. So maybe it is parallel universes, which could be infinite in number and you have infinite sets of bones for dying every different year you died. The
  25. It was lucky for Claire and Joe to have each other. Many of the early firsts would have been the only one in the class and subject to that same kind of disapproval. Makes the redcoats look really incompetent. Jamie is hiding on his own estate and they can't find him? And he's so notorious? The British are not very thorough when they search an estate. Murtagh wanted to do that in the first place, in Paris. He was anxious to get back to Scotland. France smelled bad. Nope.
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