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  1. This is soap opera Canada, which on GH has always been a lawless place. There's no extradition treaty with the US and no attempt to stop US criminals from entering. Soap Canada would never be so bureaucratic as to require a card and wouldn't have passport security for its documents!
  2. I laugh at how in GH's planet, all you have to do to escape prosecution is get over the border to Canada. Is there a WTD with Michael possible?
  3. IMO it was mainly that Jordan knew Cam personally. In reality no cop is going to lower their gun with the other person still pointing it at them. I wondered if they meant to show that is what cops are supposed to do - get the other person to calm down rather than shoot, which is not very reasonable in reality where things happen in a split second. Yes, Sonny didn't have to take so many calls! I guess She-Beast has a learning curve. Yes, they took so long to reveal who it would be - I was getting sure it was heading into Michael/Willow. It was nice it was Dante an
  4. I haven't felt like they are relegated to the sidelines. Jordan and Curtis, Taggert , Portia, Trina. Black characters on soaps are treated equally in that they are usually professionals and the interracial relationships aren't shown with issues that have anything to do with it. It's as if it is an ideal land where there is no racism. One is a doctor and the other a police commissioner. And Trina's problems come from the fact her father is a cop. As shown on GH, the police commissioner is a black woman and Taggart is a cop/detective, so the characters here would be more attuned t
  5. Jason left and had a motorcycle shop when Michael was a baby. I liked that era, but then Guza came back and of course Jason had to go back to the mob.
  6. That soap trope about how women should get away with lawbreaking, because it would be a hardship for their kids if they paid any price for it. Olivia lecturing him about that was obnoxious. Agree, I thought it was a nice escape to have a land where there was no Covid, which was how GH was playing up to that. It is annoying to have it be so horrible for Cam to think Jason killed Franco. Just to have been wrong about that is not THAT bad - it's like you are supposed to just know when the holy hitman is really guilty or not, and if you can't tell, you're a bad person? Dumb. Y
  7. Back then the deadline for spinsterhood would have been much earlier. Even in the 80s, the media was telling us our chances of being chosen for wifedom started going down at 25! (It was because men prefer a younger woman, even though the population was roughly 50.50 - so we were still being told it was only their choices that mattered). In the 60s, it might even have been younger, so maybe it's not a surprise that the aunt thinks Trixie is getting too old to land a husband (yuk).
  8. More propping of their own plot. Nina was going to tell Carly but the SheBeast lit into Nina, justifying Nina not telling her. Now we have the further idea that PC is peaceful justifying it. Maybe that's why it sounds forced. We know Nina will go under the bus for keeping Sonny from his grandchild - though "Mike" would not know him. Soaps always have someone mouthing lines like that as if the amnesia doesn't matter.
  9. Very true, though they might ignore chemistry as they often do for the idea that Sonny regains his memory and has to return to such a state of affairs. When someone loses their memory, their SO often ends up with someone else so they can have a triangle. Maybe Jax will get roped in again. At least for once the baby switch will be known to the parent (Maxie). And the parent conniving in it. Thanks show for at least making a variation on the usual plot.
  10. I did too. Midol and aspirin did nothing. My mother and her family had a weird idea it was a character defect. She finally did take me to a doctor when I was close to going away to college - I did not want to have those cramps and only have a dorm room. The doctor put me on the pill, (suggesting also that "having a boyfriend" would solve the problem - I don't know why sex would help with cramps?) which solved the problem entirely. My father sent articles on the dangers of the pill (back then it had risks, but mostly for women over 35 and smokers). He may have been afraid I would ta
  11. I noticed that too! A very 21st century thing to say. I wonder if they do that on purpose or without thinking. Maybe they want 21st century viewers to understand something by using their language from a time where they would not have used it. I've seen it in period dramas before. In 18th century Poldark, one character said another was "not a fan" of them and another used the "two words - boarding school" the "number of words" 21st century expression. Agree totally, I disliked her for that. It went over the line when one is supposed to have sympathy for her. I've thought
  12. I just had the horrid thought that Carly is a widow and Jason is separated; are they both single now? Ugh they could go there.
  13. The soap opera record is 5 years (Bold and Beautiful, Jack and his mother).
  14. The placebo pills were there so you would take one every day and stay in the habit. Seems she did not follow instructions.
  15. I have an in-law who had an unlucky break - iatrogenic stroke - she got a settlement. She turned from the sweetest person to a picky martinet who was would scold me for doing or not doing something totally irrelevant to me but apparently to her, impermissible in civilized society. And you do get this feeling of oh she gets to be such a jerk, but you can't say anything about it, since she always has the excuse of what she suffered. It's one of those things you have to deal with, but can't help feeling hurt at times, though you have no "right" to.
  16. I agree; TPTB must think present day audiences will get bored if there is not a lot of plot - they don't seem to do the friends talking any more. I remember watching AMC in the 70s and noticing that something would happen and those involved would talk about it with their friends and relatives. Sometimes that could be overdone, with it seeming like nothing much happened. There's a happy medium there. I too thought she might be retiring and going off onto recurring like Monica or Leslie. So I'm glad to read here that it was an anniversary. I suppose Alexis will get out of jail someho
  17. I thought the same thing about their excitement about getting into PCU. GH characters of college age are always so smart they get into Harvard or the Sorbonne, but end up at PCU for personal life reasons. 🤣 Joss being like Carly means she only cares when her family is hurt. Other people don't matter and in fact, if they have occasion to complain, they get a sanctimonious rant for they or their loved one daring to oppose Sonny and Jason. Carly so often calls out people for things she has done herself. The show was really going there with her being Carly's daughter, acting jus
  18. LOL, she's in Law School and Cam is in High school!
  19. I was pleasantly surprised to see Zander after all these years. The grave said Zander died in 2004 and Cameron is 17! Wow, Cameron is actually 17, you'd think on a soap he'd be 28 by now. Also interesting Zander having some gray hair. Zander died at 24, per the tombstone, yet he aged in soap heaven to 41 - I guess that is in case you come back from the dead! Exactly, "propping" Nina for not telling for awhile was the reason they had Carly be that much of a jerk to Nina on that phone call.
  20. A lot of people who watch soaps aren't that smart, so I don't like when they imply it is possible to cut the father out. In the real courts, the first factor in the child's best interest is which parent is more likely to be good with the child's relationship with the other parent. Yet you can get clients who think they can make a deal of I won't ask for child support if you back out completely. While that can happen, it can't if there is a parent in court interested enough in the child to be there.
  21. The law favors the parents; if the parents don't want it, there is a heavy presumption against it. Then again, the judge will lecture the parents, saying that it is not a good thing to keep the children away from the grandparents.
  22. That is a bad idea anyway. She is punishing the kids, not Alexis. The kids will worry about Alexis, want to know where she is and that she is OK. The kids should be able to see her, though it should be supervised. Using kids to control someone else is not as cool an idea as it seems. Of course Sam can lean on the protecting my children concept, but she could still let them see Alexis with her there, because that is what is in the kids' interests. I was wondering why they can get an annulment. Real courts are very strict about it and the grounds have to exist, or they will go wit
  23. I've seen this one before - even on GH, I see it was done with Claudia/Johnny. But it is different where they grew up together thinking the parent was their sibling. It sounds like Finn was already grown up and Chase did not see a lot of him during Chase's childhood - in fact they were cold at first, their original story, since Chase hadn't grown up with Finn as an older brother. It was done a lot better on an Aussie soap where the mother was 14 and actually lived in the house with her "little sister" who didn't find out until she was grown! So the mother/older sister knew it all alo
  24. Ava's been a character on this show for 6 years! Wow. Sonny being gone would have been nice, but they spent the whole time talking about him.
  25. The casting was color blind and you weren't supposed to see color. I did not assign any different standard to Marina due to race or even compare her with any character presented as white. Marina had slept with someone and gotten pregnant; no white girl could do that without societal problems either; that was the point of the diverse casting; to make it the same thing for black as white people. I would not think it right of any woman regardless of color to marry a man under false pretences. Your accusations are unfair. I knew he would wind up accepting the child and was impatient
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