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  1. I don't see how Kevin could be at all liable as he didn't plan the crimes with Ryan. It's not enough to the a cause of another's person's location. Chase was pretty smart for a soap opera cop. He figured it all out right there.
  2. Jim Jones got people to sign blank sheets of people so he could type in confessions to awful things on the paper later. There has to be a specific crime. As usual the law in PC is strange. Carly Tenney Snyder!
  3. Hey nozycat! I've had trouble finding a location to watch these, after whoever was putting them on dailymotion.com quit. I did find the last three episodes on youtube. It looks like the characters haven't changed a lot and I so I knew most of them. It seems Elly has made a mess of things. And that Sonya has passed away or gone away? Is Therese with Paul or Gary or neither? And David and Aaron are together? I remember Finn was a bad guy, so now he has amnesia and only remembers his life before he went wrong. Susan is only his fellow teacher but making it her business to be big in
  4. This is like Jason threatening Sam's life. Show just wants you to forget that. And for the most part, JF Franco. My decision is that Carly is not independent because everything she does or has comes from Sonny and his gang money. She spends most her time arguing with people about things that are not even her business and blaming people for doing things she herself did in the past. She might be a good soap villainess. But show wants us to think she is the heroine.
  5. But Carly is the last one to stand for female independence.
  6. I could see paying closer attention to the complicated equipment and less to the food, but that's clever. Citizens of Port Charles should generally understand that dead people can return. I remember laughing when sometime in the late 90s Stefan said to Laura, "We have to consider the possibility that Stavros is alive" and she reacted as if that was a thing that was perfectly reasonable to expect.
  7. In soap opera world there is no such thing as permanent blindness. All blindness is eventually cured (I remember Evangeline's on OLTL and Chloe on GH and surely there are many others) but especially the medically fascinating twin blindness is sure to be curable in the end. In Port Charles World there appears to be no such thing as health insurance. Whenever someone has a big bill, Sonny generously pays it. LOL so true about falling down stairs!
  8. I thought I remembered that. Soaps usually play up the mother angle, too, so you'd think she'd overlook everything because he saved her child.
  9. And Edward Quartermaine's great grandson - Edward was always threatening the PCPD because he was rich and friends with the mayor.
  10. They forgot hoe many walkers have you killed and so on
  11. Oscar's soap opera illness doesn't cause him to feel bad, either. If he were suffering from symptoms, he might be more interested in the drug trial. You'd think such a serious illness would make it impossible to work or walk around town complaining about everything but headaches and the like. Another thing that is annoying is the pressure on Alexis to drop his case, as if there are no other lawyers and his case depends entirely on Alexis taking it. Both sides sitting down with lawyers could help - them having one while Oscar doesn't would just make him feel ambushed and harden his st
  12. Kim0820

    Dawson's Creek

    Just watched the whole series over the last few months. I agree there was no reason to kill any of these young characters. Grams must have conquered her cancer since she was still around 5 years later. Jen's parents were not portrayed as even being there. And Audrey had been a pretty good friend of Jen, so it didn't make any sense she was left out. And they have Joey doing that narrative at the beginning of the last episodes as if it was "Joey's Creek." Why did they make her the main focus? She was not such a likable character. Good luck, Pacey, she bails as soon as something is
  13. I wonder could they use a breath mint or something like that for those who don't like it. I guess the guys who played Tony and AJ smoke too and so didn't mind. Seems it must be that Sam does not smoke. LOL. It is so known to be unhealthy it has gone out of favor - and actors would not want any of the aging effects. Yet it might help them stay thin.
  14. A lot of the new characters on today. The cancer story is depressing. It would be awfully hard to concentrate on the job when your spouse has cancer.
  15. Amusing that Mark is so sure Chloe is having an affair with Paul. Also wonder if the Cannings who together can do great things are going to wind up causing some humorous problems.
  16. There are so many stories like this about various male actors on this show. I thought the show must go on, and you just deal with it. So she smokes, you only have to kiss her now and then and there was a rule of no french kissing. Whatever. Can't he just do what he has to do? Not the most professional with this type of demand. That being said, if the she-beast got Jason, she'd be truly insufferable.
  17. OK so the offer is up to 35K. Here the insurance company takes over the defense and makes the offer and their policy covers it. So in Oz does the person not have this, (which I doubt) or is Justin an idiot?
  18. The Nell kid has lines now! She grew right up into it, starting as a baby. The childless mother and the motherless child, oh my.
  19. Olivia is getting pretty dull about now. LOL I worked for a firm years ago that did personal injury in the sue-happy U.S. Whiplash and suing for 100K.
  20. Looks like both Ash and Robbo are still around. And Robbo was a cop and is going to be one again? Blah. Surely Ethan and Raffi will end up the best of friends. But of course it must start out this way.
  21. That is a good point about Martha. She had opportunities to die since then, heh! March 7 episode is a nice break - no Robbo, no Willow, no Ash or any of that story. The new young people are therefore nice to see, a bit by default.
  22. I could only recall two of the three words.
  23. I was wondering why he did not at least call her, which would have been easy to do. Standing someone up is rude IMO. Is it now taken to be completely OK and in fact you are insecure if you object? Even in the days before cell phones, it would seem at least best to call the other person and let them know rather than leave them hanging. They could do something else with their evening, Valentine's Day or not. It seems like normally Griffin would have called or texted her, so the whole drama over it seems made up.
  24. They've always got to overdo the blame game. They couldn't give Maxie lines that were just a little more truthful? Like that Lulu had something to do with it. Calling her a murderer is ridiculous. Also insulting to Nathan that he had no agency and is helpless to make his own decisions. And as if Faison is not responsible at all. It just takes away from the sympathy that I should have for Maxie. Then lashing out at Spinelli over a mere expression of sympathy - just not necessary.
  25. Roo's shirt seemed a bit much for teaching. Charlie and Kat were both cops that were killed on the job in Summer Bay - I'd hate to take over that job. Ash deserved his cuffing.
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