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  1. kitten59

    S03.E06: Hasta Barista, Baby!

    Kasey has the looks and personality of a wet rag.
  2. It wasn't a lip implant- it was liquid silicone injections, which are permanent unless you have it surgically removed (which is super tricky). I remember when she had them taken down a bit and she looked soooo much better. My guess is that she missed her old ginormous lips and had them filled again. It's a shame because it totally detracts from her other nice features.
  3. kitten59

    Glam Masters

    I am watching because so far, it's been a train wreck and the so-called skills on display have been shockingly bad!. WTF!? Awful makeup and Laverne's voice and delivery is utterly ridiculous. She will never be Rupaul or even a close approximation. I'm embarrassed for her.
  4. kitten59

    S08.E13: Crying Shame

    Her mother is someone named Vicki Granucci. Elaine Irwin was a legit top model (never really understood why), but she's not really old enough to have a child Teddi's Age.
  5. kitten59

    S24.E07: Beauty is Raw

    I agree. She is by no means ugly but there is "no there there".
  6. kitten59

    S24.E06: Beauty Is Pride

    Oh YES!! Thank you, because it was bugging me and you nailed it. I don't find her particularly attractive, even in a "jolie laide" way. Perhaps it's her features which are so smooshed together.
  7. kitten59

    S02.E03: Bonfire Insanity

    Carl has hairy log legs. He is relatively slim, but those are some thick, unshapely legs. I just can't see the supposed hotness.
  8. kitten59

    Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid

    I get the feeling that Yolanda didn't handpick these girls, but rather, a casting director did. Why else would Lilyan (aka Fred) be there is not for filling the mean girl role? Makenzie is cute in a bland way- she looks more actressy than modelly to me. Athens is a little beauty but she's short. Mikayla looks like the front runner to me. Breanna has what my boyfriend calls "old lady face"! A toothless, rather scrunched face.
  9. kitten59

    S24.E02: Beauty Is Los Angeles

    I think Coura looks like a man, although she has got the body and the height! I quite like a bit of androgyny but I don't think she's all that great, facially.
  10. kitten59

    Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid

    OMG!! YES!! You nailed it!!
  11. Angelina...the funny thing is, she has actually had a shit ton of surgery to look the way she does now. Granted, she had the raw goods, but that nose and those lips have been tweaked more than once.
  12. kitten59

    Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid

    In what universe is Lilyann even remotely model material!? That face is jacked, I'm sorry. Breanna isn't much better....she may be "exotic"by some peoples' standards, but I live in Hawaii where good looking Eurasian girls practically fall off the tree. Also, I thought her mom was transgender!
  13. The party theme was Studio 54 and it was a horribly lame attempt at duplicating Bianca Jagger's famous entrance to Studio 54 on her birthday. Bianca rode in on a white horse. I like Margaret but she is no Bianca Jagger. Whoever did her makeup that night should be fired!
  14. kitten59

    S08.E01: Stronger Than Ever

    Jagger.....that poor child is already the spitting image of his father.
  15. kitten59

    Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    When I see that kind of accelerated aging, the first thing that comes to mind is meth, unfortunately. I've always been pretty neutral about Jen, but if it's true that she has a drug problem, I feel kind of bad.....but, of course, being a chef and doing drugs is nothing new, as we all know.