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  1. I belong to a facebook group that is about 3,000 members from my town. I really thought I lived in an area that would have no problem complying. Nope - A LOT claim their rights are being violated and that if we're scared to get the virus, then WE should stay home, but they think everything should open up.
  2. Yes, people have gone mad. Some seniors from the high school were protesting at my town's "downtown". The group looked like the epitome of white privilege and in reading the thread posted on facebook, most of their mommies were heartily defending their right to protest. IMO - they were mad they didn't get their senior sendoff. Too bad. I saw this posted somewhere else. "If you expect elementary school children to endure the trauma of active shooter drills for your freedoms, you can wear a mask to Costco. "
  3. I think you all would understand. I had to place 2 grocery orders because my regular store doesn't offer alcohol for curbside pickup. Walmart does, but they were out of stock when I picked up my order. I went to the store just before they closed and picked up 2 bottles of margaritas and some Mike's hard lemonade. I'm trying to alternate between hard liquor and malt beverages so it doesn't seem like I'm drinking all of the time. Walmart also has those theater size candy available so I have Mild Duds and Mike and Ike's too.
  4. I found the Leslie Odom version; it was probably uploaded later. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/11979033/hamilton-star-sings-ynwa-in-nfl-draft
  5. Or not finished and it's missing grout completely.
  6. This was wonderful!! May I share it with a friend? Not via social media, just someone I know who would be be screaming - she gets it!!!
  7. My DIL works in purchasing for a hospital and said they can’t take any donations of masks that are sewn. The needle holes from sewing is the reason. Virus can get in those microscopic holes. Their masks use glue. Who is using the homemade masks? My other DIL sewed our family some masks that we’ll use for going to the store, but not hospital grade.
  8. My DIL made masks for me, DH and my brother and SIL. She bought shop towels that we can insert. Here's where she got the idea. She said the towels are re-washable twice. https://www.businessinsider.com/homemade-mask-using-hydro-knit-shop-towel-filters-better-2020-4
  9. Thank you so much for this!! I took my family to see this with Donny Osmond and am looking forward to reliving it!
  10. I just had my math major DH confirm it!. If we're reading our county information correctly, we have 6.6 per 10,000. A suburb of Chicago. So population high, but still suburban and not dense like a city.
  11. I think your county is only 1 in 10,000. Maybe someone can double check my math.
  12. For anyone working from home, a friend sent this to me. My son and DIL say they’ve had most of these things today!!
  13. Here is something to entertain us. I hope more artists share this types of event. https://twitter.com/johnlegend/status/1239666268627546112?s=21
  14. Our library has closed for at least the next 2 weeks and we can't even drop off our books. We switched to no fines a while ago and I tend to hold onto books a little longer. Maybe I'll actually get them finished by the time they're open again.
  15. I rarely feel sorry for influencers losing gigs, beliefs aside. Some day, people will think for themselves and not need every piece of clothing or makeup that someone else recommends.
  16. I hope anyone who has family in nursing homes is able to teach them how to use FaceTime on the phone. It's a reminder to me to try and keep up with technology in case I'm isolated. I hate facetime as I hate the way I look on screen (or pictures), but I haven't been able to see my 2.5 year old granddaughter so I'm giving it a try this week.
  17. I had good news and bad news. Good is that both my sons offered to do any grocery shopping or errands we needed. Bad news is it's because I'm in the "fragile" age group. I'm 64 and still feel young! I even babysit my twin 14 month old grandsons for one of them. It's going to be interesting. Son I babysit for will be working from home for 3 weeks so my hours will be shorter since I won't have to be there for their commute time. My DIL works for a major health system and is part of the team that gets supplies; specifically surgical. She has been swamped with finding suppliers of masks, gowns, sanitizer. I did go out yesterday just to get some normal shopping done and I found it fascinating to see what people were buying. I don't get the bottled water as we have fine tap water. I also saw someone buying about a year's worth of coffee. What have you all seen that struck you as odd? (besides toilet paper!)
  18. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it looks the passengers will be quarantined for 14 more days.
  19. Do you mean the Grand Princess? Isn't Diamond the one that was stuck in Japan?
  20. What is Henry's middle name? Weird she'd hashtag one full name and not the other.
  21. I’m not an expert but this the general ides. When you swipe up and click on any links the influencer, Jinger, gets a commission. The worst part is it leaves cookies on your device and they’ll get commissions from future purchases too. Think of someone who is selling something from Nordstrom. You click on their link for a sweater. You don’t buy it, but the next day you go back to the Nordstrom site & order makeup. They get a commission on that because of the cookies that were left from the influencers link.
  22. These stories about using handicapped stalls reminds me of a camping trip that my DH & I took to Zion National Park. We were car/tent cot camping so we didn’t have any room to change clothes. The first night I went over to the campground restrooms & managed to get myself changed in a regular stall. When I was finished I realized that not one person had even entered the restroom & this is a busy park! The rest of the time I happily used the handicapped stall. Most people camping had the RVs with bathrooms.
  23. It does look that way. Why can't Derrick wear Sam while Jill is cooking? Cleaning?
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