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  1. Can someone explain to me why they took garbage man outside to sing for people before they would allow him to sing inside? That made no sense?
  2. Look at the shape of them they look too perfect like dentures shape. Hannah does have big teeth but I do see slight imperfections with hers
  3. Is anyone bothered by Caelynn’s teeth? It looks like maybe she got some very obvious veneers when she got into the pageant world?
  4. Julianne Hough comes out as "NOT STRAIGHT" as she poses nude. Thirsty much??? https://people.com/tv/julianne-hough-reveals-shes-not-straight/
  5. Ha! It's so bad I just want the people saying positive things about the twins to realize what they really are. And obnoxious at 100 on a scale of 1-100 is what they are!
  6. Guys go watch the twins Colton and Trent on America's got talent. They were HORRIBLY ANNOYING
  7. check out http://sethwardallison.com he's done stuff on jimmy kimmel live and such. He was probably hired by nbc
  8. Please forgive me if this has been brought up already. I'm at work and have not had a chance to read ya'lls comments just yet. The golden buzzer seems like a sweet guy, but did you guys find it weird that first he tells Terry Crews that if he gets the buzzer to pick him up. It seemed like he kind of knew already. THEN they place like 30 people from his school directly behind the judges? Was it all planned? And if so, how was it planned? Do you think he knew he was going to be the golden buzzer? I hate when things seem so stages
  9. Adam has quit the voice!!! adam quit the show!
  10. katy perry doing the fake praying in tongues things was disgusting. Love when Alejandro does originals
  11. She isn't a voice coach. She's a christian artist that has won grammys! But she gave great advice!!!
  12. https://www.goldderby.com/article/2019/agt-champions-superfans-voters-answers-nbc-americas-got-talent-news/ The Superfans were not in the audience watching the acts perform along with judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel. Instead, the “America’s Got Talent” rep explains that “this elite group of individuals watched each show taping off-camera in a controlled environment within the show’s venue.” While the exact number of voters was not disclosed, they did confirm earlier reports that the Superfans are “not necessarily the exact same group of individuals voting for each
  13. I believe that if Makenzie would have sang last she would have gone to the finale. What a shame that she won't be competing.
  14. Adam was on MAJOR damage control doing Toys for Tots with her and all. I almost couldn’t listen to Reagan tonight I’m so pissed that she got to not sing and still make it through. Still not over it! My favorites are 1. Makenzie 2. Kirk 3. Kennedy. I gave all my votes to Makenzie tonight! Her voice is ridiculous and she doesn’t get half as much praise as she should. I’m glad they all stood for her tonight. FINALLY
  15. Please tell me what platform do you watch these shows from other countries? I would love to watch!
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