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  1. Totally agree. I enjoy her for the most part. I just wish she wouldn’t ride so hard for Leah.
  2. Drew is pathetic. She doesn’t fit in. And her overacting was ridiculous. Could she please take her handsome cheater cheater husbin and kick rocks?
  3. What has Margaret done to her face? It looks so painful. That was really horrible that Melissa tried to have a sex talk on camera with her daughter. Not quite as bad as Drew Sidora pimping out her son meeting with his bio dad on real housewives of Atlanta but not far from it. It was clear she was just trying to be cute as she smiled at the camera when the kid ran away horrified. Antonia really does look exactly like Melissa used to, which is not a bad thing. Her face is not as horse like as Melissa’s was. But she will never have the confidence to just stay with that face with Melissa
  4. I’m officially on record as saying Drew Sidora was the worst housewives cast addition in years. It was absolutely disgusting that she used her sons pain and awkwardness in meeting his bio dad for the cameras in a desperate ploy to try to get a peach for a second season. It was deplorable that she brought that ratchet wig to the Christmas party and tried to pass it off as being valuable, and the hundred dollars she put to charity was not done in the right spirit. She’s not half as funny or talented as she think she is. I am also mad that she has me defending Kenya and Latoya. I’ve always notic
  5. I come away with two things. We know Jackie doesn’t blow her husband and now admits he doesn’t do her either. (when they discussed Teresa and the pineapple Puss). How repressed is this couple? My goodness I can’t imagine. Was it a joint decision or one refused so the other followed suit? I need answers. I hope Dolo is ok. But wasn’t she sitting really weirdly on that coffee table while talking to Frank? All posed with her boobs pushed out? It was weird at best. My husband came in the room while Dolo & Frank were on and said “Jesus is this guy ever not in the gym? And Ch
  6. I am on Team Luke too. The boys are all in their mid to late 30's struggling to stay relevant, and all have exhibited fuq boi tendencies. Kyle cheated on Amanda repeatedly. He led HER on initially. Carl gas lighted and strung along the twin. And Lindsey. And Paige. I think they are slightly jealous of the new pretty boy in the house. I like Ciara, but I think she is rude. I don't think its fair to come into house as Luke's buddy, and now treat him like crap. She needs to have a conversation with him and squash it and move on without acting nasty. This is where Luke failed tho, he is afte
  7. Speaking of the grill! Hubby and I went down a rabbit hole of finding a flat top grill like Joe G's, and we found one that is just like it that has a fryer on the side to boot. I am going to send my next Amex bill to the Gorga's since its their fault we had to get one. I will wait in line behind Michelle and her husband for payment ;)
  8. Dear Jackie, as a nurse I recognize an eating disorder. Your face hair and skin scream malnutrition. You could have indulged in a breakfast sammie. Just sayin. And not that she has to be the poster child for ED, but since she went public on the show, one would think she would be more cognizant that people are looking to her to be healthy and in recovery, not perpetuating the disease. She is a professional victim, her personality blows, and it’s painfully obvious she shouldn’t be on this season. Maybe she’s regretting telling the world she refuses to give her hot husband BJ’s. Does she not real
  9. I couldn't agree more. Was Dolo so worn down by Franks cheating ways that she will accept anything? She said the other day after David works he comes home. Wow, now that bar is set pretty low. I find he treats her with thinly veiled contempt. Perhaps she likes showing off that he is a doctor? I just don't get it. Dolores looks better this season than any other season that we have seen her, she's got a lovely personality, she deserves and could do so much better. If only she believed that.....Those flowers were amazing. I hope they were donated. If Dolores came out of pocket for them, she's nut
  10. Jackie and her desperate shenanigans of a party do-over and bad hair extensions are both just making her look bad. Evans bday party was filled with his normal friends, not just a bunch of housewives and their husbands. He was not aware of Teresa's actions, and had a great time. Nothing can fix what happened, especially not another party where it is brought up ad nauseaum. Exactly. Last season Jackie was a dog with a bone, and could not let an issue go. She was short sighted alienating Jennifer, who could have been an ally. I am really invested in seeing this house wife wanna be fan g
  11. Kari is so horrible. She set Tiffany up to bellow at her that she’s rude. Kari wants to be a 21 year old party girl and party like it’s 1999. Unfortunately for Kari it’s 2021 in the midst of a pandemic, she’s 50 years old and that means old enough to know better. Know better than to be so abrasive and aggressive. Know better than to be so obviously jealous of Dr. Moon. (I have to agree with Deandra’s mother there.) And it’s so rude of her to make Tiffany (& the others) ruin yet another dress jumping in the water in an ill fated attempt to be ironic and cute...Tiffany doesn’t swim. Hey Ka
  12. This! Lets never forget Jackie is a big fan of the show and a wannabe. As a fan, she should know better than to take down Tre. I believe the rumors, and I am not sorry to say, it cracks me up. All men are capable of cheating. Its just how it is. For Jackie to get so crazed about it is very naïve. Jackie's insistence that she's winning, yet here she is looking like a desperate loser clinging to her husband, clinging to her wealth, clinging to her slimness. I would love to see her off the show. There is nothing fun, funny, or interesting about Jackie. The men and their card game cracke
  13. Spot on. I’m sorry but I can’t stand Jackie. She’s trying too hard to fit in. She’s always gonna be that overweight awkward teen to some degree. She’s so insecure with her hot husband it’s sad. And if it’s untrue why so upset? Her analogy was stupid. Her buzz cutting in the driveway yet another boring scene and her desperate pleas to her kids “are you glad I stayed home” come off as pathetic. I hope she’s off the show next season. She doesn’t fit in at all.
  14. Right!!?? What a total idiot. She at one point was sticking her chest out!! Elizabeth will be fine, as she is her own biggest fan. She can not for a moment consider that she is a dolt and does not belong in yachting. She is a stage 5 cling on, who I initially thought was kinda attractive, but by seasons end I considered her a horse faced moron. I thought Rachel looked incredible. Seeing her all made up made it clear why she was on Season 3 of ANTM. The red in her hair was flattering. I hope to see more of her on upcoming seasons, and hopefully she learns to curb her drinking. I don'
  15. Do you think Kandi is involved? What have you heard? Tiny was just desperate to keep TI from cheating. She messed up her face with plastic surgery including her eye color in a attempt to be attractive enough for him. She looks freakish and it didn’t work. He’s a cad, & is used to being a drug dealer and bedding ho’s. Drugging underage girls and having them do sexual favors is disgusting. I hope they are both jailed. Kandi seems too smart to be caught up in all that. But she has mentioned threesomes and having the girls sign non disclosures. I do find it interesting that it’s alway
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