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  1. Butt wind has turned off all IG comments. How is that getting real? Shannon has stated she just found out about Stella, and at the time didn't say anything because Butt Wind was newly sober. After Butt Wind's antics at the reunion she decided to hash it out. What she didn' t say was if she had privately confronted her. The previews show Butt Wind crying and running off with Emily following to comfort her. Ummmm, Emily, how would you feel if Butt Wind offered your kids drugs. Let her cry and feel the shame she absolutely deserves to feel. Shannon looks a hot mess in the 60's ensemble and platforms. Dress a little more conservatively lady, this get up looks desperate. She seems so desperate to keep John as her bf, yet the relationship seems to be built on vodka and sadness. I had hoped for more for her, after David did her so wrong. But alas, this wacky façade (I'm FUN SHANNON! HA!) is wearing thin fast, and her storyline is just sad at this point. Kelly is indeed a pretty lady, but her mouth is ugly. I would be fine with her not coming back. Overall this season was weird, short and disjointed. Hoping they recast Kelly and Butt Wind. Certainly NOT with anyone from the old crew (looking at you two thirsty girls in the corner Woop It Up and Tamrat).
  2. The vocal fry of Brooks, Meredith, and Lisa has me cringing. Jen smuggling Heather away immediately after arrival hotel came off as rude. She is such a try hard, I am embarrassed for her. I also recently saw a photo of her pre-plastic surgery. She was gorgeous. Now she has this carved up man like jawline, and looks very hard and very fake. I like Heather, but she seems to be too much of a people pleaser. I have little hope for a season two of this crap.
  3. https://www.realitytea.com/2021/01/18/braunwyn-windham-burke-coke/ Soooo, Buttwind apparently allegedly offered Shannon’s daughter Stella coke and her dealers connection ... as well as came onto her when Stella was 14? If so not sure why this is just coming out now. If true, she needs to be canceled forever. That’s some predatory sh*t right there. She’s disabled comments on IG. and Sean... just kick her out. She’s worse than her own despicable mom and is just going to damage the kids more.
  4. I believe Elizabeth. I think it explains a lot about her. People typically do not make up stories about being molested. I was glad Gina asked real questions like "you were molested?" instead of them dancing around the issue. They show a scene from next week where Elizabeth's brother is breaking down over his treatment by the church, and describes being beat for ? ADHD? Regardless, its a sad situation, one that would haunt someone forever. The way she described trying to touch a little boy inappropriately and him telling his family rings true, a victim often acts provocatively or as a molester as they get a bit older. While I am not a big Elizabeth fan, and don't think she fits into this format, I 100% believe her. And as a person who struggles with their weight, I find her confidence in all the midriff baring looks compelling. She states she just lost a good amount of weight, but she does not look quite ready for all day every day midriff baring. I have had to see her aggressive vagina in bikini bottoms or her midriff in low rider pants for the last three episodes and I am OVER IT! While I find Braunie to be narcissistic to beat the band, its obvious she has been a lesbian for her entire life. Come out. Life your life. But don't expect the audience to be celebrating with you when you have seven children you barely mention unless it helps your narrative. I am happy Shane got better. The love between them is obvious. I love how he interacts with his kids. Once he relaxed on passing the bar, and Em got her "new hip" it seems things fell into place. Jolie is absolutely stunning and seems well rounded. I think Rick is a good father figure, Kelly got lucky. I also couldn't believe the enchiladas Kelly was chefing up! Yum. She has some likeable factors, but her idiotic mouth, nonstop talk about all the sex she has, and refusal to face the fact that Covid is a killer makes me shy away from ever actually liking her. And Shannon! What a shrew?! She came back into the house on a tear because she was incensed her bf didn't want her there with her cooties. The house was a mess, but her kids were ok after a serious virus. That should be the focus. Also.... talk about an ugly crier. Wow. Gina for the win! Who knew the person three seasons ago who seemed the least likely to fit in would actually be the most likeable of the bunch!?
  5. Monique disgusts me. While exciiled she gathers receipts and gets to deflect from her own vile assaultive behavior with crap about the other women. Her buffoon husband is losing his credibility standing behind and supporting her. I sincerely hope she AND Candace are let go. Monique because she’s violent and vile. Candace because she’s a spoiled brat and provocateur.
  6. I couldn’t love or agree with your statement more. My husband watches with me and LOVES himself some Heather. She’s just very likeable. I would love less focus on Mary/Jen but yes keep them. Thing 1/2... don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And no Lisa, you can NOT touch it.
  7. How does Braunwyn not see the direct parallels of her parenting with Dr Debs’ parenting? She has crucified her mom for being an absent parent and for being self absorbed. Hello! Pot meet kettle! Braunwyn is absolutely insufferable with her never ending crusades. She’s a swinger! Top less cartwheels! She’s an alcoholic! BLM! Vow renewals! She’s gay! Her girlfriend lives with her and the whole family! All the while seven children are being virtually ignored by her unless they can propel her storyline of being a supportive mom! Look Rowan is a designer! Look heels for Jacob! Look makeup and gowns for Jacob. But the cracks are bleeding with hypocrisy. She yelled at Rowan as she was just trying to voice concern about others dealing with Covid. Look at meeeee! I need attention! Braunie has actually turned into a worse version of Dr. Deb. No yarn needed in her hair. Her cruel callous nature is putting her in contention for worst mom than Dr Deb, as well as on any franchise.
  8. Ugh Leah, look at meeeeeee, give me more attention. Honestly, I don't think she brought much to the season. She is too much, and not in a good way. She is so wanting to appear edgy young and ironic. She comes off obnoxious and needy. I don't blame her ex one bit for running. I hope she doesn't start to drink again next season. And rumor has it she was only paid 3K per episode her first season, held out for more, and now gets 6K per episode. I guess we can't trash her trashy fashions, since that's barely enough money to go to H&M for a wardrobe. I am also so sick of Ramona. Enough. Her and Sonja under the table? Grow up and get off my tv please. For some reason I find Sonja funny still... Ramona not at all, she is an elitist snob. I don't need to see her caress a glass or anything else she finds funny in between shitting herself.
  9. Anyone watch the reunion? So Nicki and Pauli still together, she moved right in after the show ended! Love in the time of covid. They look happy. I will say she came off so much better this season, less hostile and crazy. Became nurturing to the group by cooking and cleaning constantly. Pauli used to be with Aubrey O'Day who is a spoiled brat. His biggest complaint was her dogs pooped every where in their apartment and she didn't clean up. Nicki fits his house fraus dreams. They wasted time brining back the Situation and wife *yawn* Its a 2 parter, so no info on whether Vinnie still with Maria, or Brandon with Marissa, or Devyn and the stripper. B Lashes has lighter hair now, but still the same scary contacts. Too much. Squeaky voiced Suzi looks like she has fresh lip injections and actually looked stupid with them. She is an RN IRL, I just don't get it. I guess shes not using that degree and instead is opting to be a blow up doll looking fame ho. Antonio is single, no surprise there... That's all I got!
  10. Exactly! Bone chilling. She is a sociopath of sorts really. No remorse. I'm in shock people on this forum are stating they want her back. I am not here for housewives beating on each other, and if it becomes that, sad to say, I will be out.
  11. I disagree. Monique is now a slouch. She is violent, and shows zero remorse. She also felt free to talk about the fight in front of her young daughter the next morning, thereby passing on violence is ok. Chris can and will do better. Perhaps she will see how bad her behavior was and is when her contract is not renewed. When the relationship ends due to her violent behavior and inability to have any insight or accountability for it, time will tell if she takes those "four homes" with her . I'm sure Chris's mom has her eyebrow raised in triumph. She did warn him. Not every thing is about race. With all due respect. Perhaps your are personalizing this? Do you, you married well as you said above. Celebrate that. But as 1/2 of an interracial couple(my own), I am not quite sure how white or black marrying well has anything to do with this situation. As a viewer of almost every franchise of Real Housewives there are examples across the franchise of white women marrying well and losing mightily when the marriage goes south.
  12. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO??!!?!?! Fire Monique. Point blank. That assault was completely disgusting. And she tried to run back for more? And calling her a trick. I did not tune into Love and Hip Hop Potomac. And I am SO ANNOYED that I am standing up for Candace! CANDACE! She is an annoying little gnat that is best ignored. I used to fast forward thru her scenes in other seasons. But this season knowing what was coming I have watched carefully. She has actually been more gracious and not as annoying. I can not speak on the Charrisse thing, but its clear Monique did something with the trainer. Rumor has it she acted inappropriate in a club with him, with her ex friend Gigi witnessing, and it went down hill from there. Who knows what that means. But Monique is acting hella guilty and hella hood. My goodness how embarrassing for her children and husband. The clock is ticking on that marriage. I would give it five years tops. Chris isn't having it. And isn't it sad that Monique married well, yet never learned humility or true appreciation for that? She's spent 200K on a pod cast? Say what now? This woman is led by ego. She even put out a "diss track" about the fight? Just fire her Bravo. She is a liability and I will never look at her the same way. Good luck to her husband Chris. She is clearly in it for the money, and when not being watched is crawling all over her trainer. And when she is being watched and filmed feels its ok to assault another female that weighs 50 pounds less than her. Bye girl. I'm good with your unlawful shenanigans, cheating, and ego trip.
  13. Boo on Bravo for canceling New Orleans, which had a diverse cast with interesting story lines. This steaming pile of poo justifies Shep and Catherines existence. How disappointing Bravo.
  14. SO MUCH THIS! I am not watching orange county anymore.... can't stand the majority of the players left. Vile Kyle, boring Teddi, and desperate anorexic Rhinna need to go. Your above cast would be fantastic and I would watch.
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