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  1. What about the dinner when that particular guest was seen going into the bathroom and production was sure to let us hear the sounds of him snorting and sniffing? His behavior seemed altered. I think he definitely used, but it was either gone or he got rid of it prior to the search. Fun Jenna story. I put some negative comments about her appearance & desperate way of acting around Adam on an Instagram below deck page. Probably not nice, but that's reality TV for ya. The next day Jenna herself showed up in my IG INBOX, commenting on me and my daughters.... as soon as I saw my daughters in the content of the message I deleted the message and blocked her. She is clearly not well or playing with a full deck. Reality TV "stars" need a thick skin, and definitely should not be sliding into viewers DM's to verbally accost them. I do not want to see her back on my screen again.
  2. Jenna having zero redeeming qualities brings out the mean girl in me, tempting me to snark on her huge nose and horrible gummy smile. And why does she pronounce infertile inferTILE? So weird. I am annoyed at Georgia continually flirting with Paget. Paget is gross, he's lucky to be with Ciarra (who also is no prize, but she has the gift of youth) and I am waiting for Ciarra to put her foot down on the increasingly grosser flirting. Adam annoyed that a nursing mom has dairy restrictions? But of course he is. No semblance of the realization all of that stuff passes onto the baby and could make the belly upset. That said, I thought a one month old on a yacht was stupid, did not make good TV, and I was annoyed at the crying, and I can choose to turn off the TV set. Parker was looking for attention with all the emo business at dinner. It was pathetic. He has zero instincts for the way to act around guests, its almost comical. And he's my only eye candy so I am going to give him a pass. The Adam/Jenna story arc is foolish. I don't think Adam is into her, he is just enjoying the banter and the invitation to snark on the crew. She was so drunk and disgusting that night in the hot tub, with the running mascara and inability to hold her space. I think he will string her along and possibly exchange a kiss, to earn his spot for another season. I will say I prefer him holding Jenna at arms length than when he was desperate for Malia, which was not a good look.
  3. Who is counseling Ashton? To be going for defamation of character? To come for Captain Lee? How does he look at the footage of him trying to physically attack Kate and think he’s at all in the right? kevin clearly had time to reflect. I thought he cane off the best of all the brüs. Courtney looked fab in pink ensemble. Riley won best hair. I wonder if Kate announces she’s leaving in the second reunion episode. I’ll only forgive her if she slides over to RHONY and takes Down Ramona & sleeps in Dorindas shark room without complaining. Online Facebook below deck private group (yes the one Tanners mom was in!) rumors have photos of a blonde Brooke flying in “somewhere..”
  4. Girl! You are Hilarious. And well informed. I had a separation with my husband last year, I was so salty I made him sign a POST nup, and you bet your bippy it was notarized! My lawyer agreed its a legal and binding document. We working successful women need to protect ourselves, and I agree with you, Kandi is way too smart to let big headed little man get too far into her purse, while alive or dead. I just wonder how so many chics are fine with their men in strip clubs, (when they aren't accompanying them). But I digress! Also, re-watched the end yesterday. Felt SOOOO bad for Mikes young daughter. Why on earth were those women so woefully inappropriate in front of her. HELLO! So sad. And Mike led the pack until she ran out of the room. I counted NINE women friends in that kitchen and two men friends. Who here thinks he's slept with at least 1/2 of those women? Starting with the thirsty kitten volunteering some foolishness about getting on your knees. I sincerely hope Cynthia carefully considers this tiger may not be able to change his stripes. And there is no way in hell I would be cool with my HUSBAND having NINE women over as "frens." It doesn't speak to insecurity as much as likely inappropriate motives by a minimum of a few of those ladies.
  5. Do we think she does this because its on Bravos dime? Do we think she eats to this extreme when the funds are coming out of her wallet? I somehow doubt it is to this level. I am finding Eva to be a complete SNOOZE this season. Being woefully and forever pregnant does not a story line make. Poor Porsha.... its obvious Dennis is a dog and will continue to cheat. Rumor has it they are again split up. I can understand her wanting to make it work for the babies sake, but for her own sanity and self esteem she needs to let sleeping dogs LIE OUTSIDE AND NOT BE LET BACK IN! Cynthia's ongoing thirst to be in a relationship and be married has slapped her in the face once again. I thought lying cheating scheming Papa Smurf was bad enough. Along comes Mike Hill who is clearly a camera whore, and likely has bedded the majority of his female "frens." Cynthia has some intensive therapy to do in order to make peace with herself and not need a man to be complete. Sign Porsha up for a session too. Kandies Mama has a point.... Riley is now one of THREE children. If both Kandi & her Mama Joyce passed and everything went to Todd (outside of a trust Kandi would set up for all three kids) , do we really trust Todd to set the kids up? He seems way more interested in being a "bizness" man (rolling my eyes with his multiple pie in the sky ideas), attend strip clubs (including just a few days after the birth of his new daughter) and trying to not appear to be the coat tail hanging little man he is proving himself to be. I tried to like him. But the jury is no longer out. He is a big thumbs down. The cookie lady and her purports of being "gorgeous" can have several seats. Is she attractive? I guess somewhat. But seeing her in her TJ Maxx outfit and face with no makeup and huge azz nose thinking she is even close to the status of beautiful smart registered nurse Tanya is infuriating. As usual messy Kenya stirred the pot by inviting her. Hey Kenya, the karma gods have your number. Mark is actually exactly what you deserve.
  6. I respectfully disagree. Simone came on without enough experience and expected Kate to be her mentor. It was an inappropriate expectation. She was awkward in all communications, both with the guests and with her boss (Kate). She was passive aggressive, snarking in her talking heads but then never bringing up her issues in real time with Kate. Kate was not there to baby sit, teach, or mentor Simone. Why does everything have to come to race baiting? I hope Bravo hires another black stew that flourishes so we can put an end to this "discussion." Simone also let Tanner play her repeatedly, and due to Tanners fascination in Kate (which he verbalized prior to ever being with Simone), Simone then doubled down on Kate Hate. Simone and her passive aggressive self and her mouth full of too many teeth and mumbled fast talk is welcome to not return to my television any time soon. Oh EM GEE.
  7. I think Kate should have worn her hair like this to say bye to Kevin!
  8. It depends what you call respected. She is a sports reporter. Her notoriety stems from getting caught up in bashing Trump politics, he caught wind, and demanded she be fired. Low and behold, she eventually was fired over it. My take on that is she likes attention and being the center of a shit storm. The last one cost her her job. This one just her dignity. She can back peddle all she wants and try to play cool with Kate. She came in playing the race and bait card, and she ended up looking like the dick Keven tried to serve her.
  9. This was weird right? How OLD is Paget compared to her? Seems to be a likely huge age gap. And hey, I am ten years older than Mr. Crazydoxielady, but this seems to be a bigger gap, and any woman under 25 is light years behind a man in his mid to late 30's which is where I am pegging Paget. Its also odd that they have little concern that the boat was in complete disarray and they did next to nothing to prepare it for charter. You gotta wonder what they did all day every day! I have a huge six person hot tub. In the winter (I am in Boston area) it is kept at 103-104 degrees. In the summer we make it a "cool tub" and put the temp down to 85-88 degrees, its cool/warm...but we don't sweat in it. Seventy four degrees sounds mighty uncomfortable when you take into account a normal body temp is 98.6 degrees. Paget and his little filly clearly were not enjoying hot tubby time while alone on the boat! Nice to see Adam without man trap Malia breaking his heart. He is a cutie pie and I have high hopes for him this season.
  10. Brittany Howard solo is amazinggggggg! To see her live is LIFE! Listen to Georgia, He Loves Me, and Stay High. I think she’s creative and will be back with the Shakes. She’s an artist. Not on a quest for anything but the love of music and expressing herself. I am a fan girl.
  11. I am so angry watching these white washed Grammies. I saw Lizzo live in Boston, amazing. It is HER YEAR. Get the heck out of town with this whispy voiced teen taking the majority of awards. I was disappointed Brittany Howard was relegated to just play guitar for Alicia. Her new album Jaime is beautiful, I also saw her live this year, and its shame she didn't get to perform on her own merit. That said, Alicia did a great job hosting. She set a lovely relaxed tone, if at times a bit indulgent and slow.... Diddy is right. The Grammies have 365 days to get this right. Otherwise the "esteemed" grammy awards will just be "the white people awards." I also thought Tyler the creator was correct in stating getting a rap or urban award is like say the N word. I am so sick of the amazing artists of color getting the damn shaft. On a funny note, my husband walked in the room and said "why does Alicia Keys always look like she has the damn flu?" I said "well she is boycotting makeup." He said "well she looks sick and needs it. The hell?"
  12. Likely American Instagram "influencers" do better than Finnish, and that's all she will consider by way of "work." The thing is, homegirl has carved up and injected her face to the point of freakishness, and no one will be following her for tips on beauty. She needs to try to be a sugar baby or trophy wife....except again for the part where she carved up her face into a human tragedy, thereby alienating said men looking for said sugar babies and trophy wives. Girlfriend, go back to Finaland. We have enough lazy non working deluded people in this country. Your not that cute. Blake can't afford to buy your Kool-Aid, never mind drink it.
  13. I had much the same thought. Looking for trouble? I just don't get it. I think it is a fair assumption the primary came onto the boat looking for drama and honed in on Kate. Kate has an admitted RBF, has had a horrible season, but remained professional. The primary was looking to upset the apple cart, likely for more camera time. While I am glad she apologized, she stopped her 90's party to do so in an abrupt manner, and I just rolled my eyes, as it was an obvious ploy for attention. She was there for her bachelorette, yet spent the majority of the time focused on Kate. Good luck to her husband, as he is going to be alpha femaled and one upped into infinity (or as long as they stay married). Not a fan of the primary what so ever. Kate mentioned on IG this week she did not wear her epaulettes on the final charter, as it was clear the crew did not respect her seniority. She was truly a worn down dog that the primary thought would be fodder to be kicked around a little while she was down. I thought her friends were just lovely, however, and before the ill timed penis cake, it was nice to see Captain Lee enjoy a real conversation with polite guests that were just sweethearts the entire charter. I think its telling the drama filled drunk primary was not at the table, thereby leaving room for the ladies to enjoy Captain Lee and have a great conversation. The cake may have been ill timed, but its not Kates fault the primary became drunk to the point of having to go to bed. She asked for the cake, and indeed she got what she asked for. She can hear about it later and reflect on her drunkenness as the reason she was not there for it. I will say I thought all the "hair" type of stuff around the cake was weird. I said to my hubby, why not just a nice big D with some little cake balls at the base? We don't need this level of skewed realism.
  14. Simone has done nothing but dig her own grave all season. No one cares about her math degree. She initially stated she liked laundry, then about faced on that. She desperately threw herself at Tanner, and went back for more when it was clear he was using her. Even post season, she is bonding with the jabroni bru crew. Respectfully, its ok for Kate to bond with Courtney whether initially or down the line. Its also ok for her to not bond with Simone. Simone really didn't try to bond with Kate at any point, and now lurks around the boat trying to find moments where she can snark about Kate. I don't believe the core issue here is that there is a race issue. I think the core issue is Simone is entitled and inexperienced, and expected more out of this job than she ended up with.
  15. Simone is such a Fu** twiddle. Hey Simone, solve this math problem. 1 whining stew minus 1 below deck job = the ZERO that you are.
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