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  1. Agree. Monique showed a level of violence rarely seen on Housewives. She is a liability. And that makes me sad, as I loved her family, her beauty and enjoyed her scenes. The way she doubled down after the incident is impossible to come back from, however, & she needs to stay gone. Candiace is showing her entire azz with these continued antics. She goes for the jugular and it’s hard to watch. I am not entertained. She is incredibly unlikeable, and her smug face makes my stomach literally recoil. Chris forcefully and physically trying to hold her back was a bit much too. It makes me wonder
  2. There She is! There’s the Candiass that we all can’t stand …who has a horrible mouth and goes off on disgusting tirades/Twitter rants. I was so glad that Chris got up from the table and left her sitting there, she was so disrespectful to him. Beyond that she was absolutely mommy shaming and body shaming Ashley …calling her wide and bringing up her milk again …and I am not here for it. I don’t think she understands that someone so dislikable it’s not going to entice the public to want to listen to her stupid song, or see her stupid dance moves. Zen Wen can lose me with her narrative that t
  3. I was obsessed with Kathy’s table and had to look up the Baccarat candle holders. They are sold out and $950.00 a piece! Im so disgusted in these women supporting this lying liar who lies. What happened to the outrage for the widows and orphans? They are all on the wrong side of this story. Bravo has one way to smooth this over. Fire Erikka. And I hope the lawyers get to descend on her tacky designer wardrobe and jewelry, not to mention the furniture and things she “stole” from Tom’s house. She can go live in a studio apartment in north Hollywood for all I care. Her pontificating about
  4. She really does. I can’t stand her. She’s coming off as desperate and mean spirited. And I can’t help but wonder why she didn’t tweak her mug when she tweaked everything else.
  5. Destiny looks horrible. The duck lips. The huge cheeks. The stupid blue contacts. The ongoing need to insert herself in Mikes sham of a relationship. We all know he’s a cheat. I love him making fun of Destiny’s fillers. Has he not looked at his girlfriend and her outlandish lips? Reza looks great. But he’s a jerk. I also doubt the weight will stay off. His creepy husband was the source of his breakdown with MJ. He backed the wrong horse. Adam 100% is a lying liar who lies.
  6. Wendy looks as ridiculous as she acts. Sitting at lunch with an Ivy Park bucket hat with her face all twisted up. And that mug…. Perhaps some of her plastic surgery dollars could have gone there. Love Ashley casually dropping by and earning her check. Love unbothered Giz getting yelled at but caring less. Eddie is ok looking but he’s no Idris Alba. Wendy is all the way delusional. And threatening physical violence after that sh*t storm Monique caused last year? Not cool lady. She can go all the way to the back row of Marshall’s and sit down amongst her candle line. She is the epitome of
  7. I don’t feel bad for Wendy. I made a joke on her IG about Zen Wen & she blocked me. She’s hyper insecure. Lady, your on a Reality television show and people are going to talk. When you march around in 180 degree change from how you looked last season, with very risqué outfits with all your bits and pieces threatening to come out people are going to talk. Yes you can own your sexuality, yes you can dress how you want… Just don’t expect people not to talk. And not just Gizzelle and Robin. The viewing audience is going to have a question, concern, or laugh at you behind your back. These outf
  8. I've come to the conclusion that Wendy doesn't like Mia because Mia came in the va va voom voluptuous girl and that seems to be what Zen Wen wants to rebrand herself as this season. She went from 4 degrees to thirsty on a dime. Yes! She looked ridiculous at the pajama party flaunting her figure in skimpy lingerie. Girl put it away! She’s so worried about what the ladies think of her figure, yet stays rude in her interactions with hubby. No one is surprised he allegedly stepped out on her insufferable azz. Four degrees and all she cares about is a ridiculous candle line and jiggling
  9. Her lips will never not be stupid.
  10. Totally agree. I enjoy her for the most part. I just wish she wouldn’t ride so hard for Leah.
  11. Drew is pathetic. She doesn’t fit in. And her overacting was ridiculous. Could she please take her handsome cheater cheater husbin and kick rocks?
  12. What has Margaret done to her face? It looks so painful. That was really horrible that Melissa tried to have a sex talk on camera with her daughter. Not quite as bad as Drew Sidora pimping out her son meeting with his bio dad on real housewives of Atlanta but not far from it. It was clear she was just trying to be cute as she smiled at the camera when the kid ran away horrified. Antonia really does look exactly like Melissa used to, which is not a bad thing. Her face is not as horse like as Melissa’s was. But she will never have the confidence to just stay with that face with Melissa
  13. I’m officially on record as saying Drew Sidora was the worst housewives cast addition in years. It was absolutely disgusting that she used her sons pain and awkwardness in meeting his bio dad for the cameras in a desperate ploy to try to get a peach for a second season. It was deplorable that she brought that ratchet wig to the Christmas party and tried to pass it off as being valuable, and the hundred dollars she put to charity was not done in the right spirit. She’s not half as funny or talented as she think she is. I am also mad that she has me defending Kenya and Latoya. I’ve always notic
  14. I come away with two things. We know Jackie doesn’t blow her husband and now admits he doesn’t do her either. (when they discussed Teresa and the pineapple Puss). How repressed is this couple? My goodness I can’t imagine. Was it a joint decision or one refused so the other followed suit? I need answers. I hope Dolo is ok. But wasn’t she sitting really weirdly on that coffee table while talking to Frank? All posed with her boobs pushed out? It was weird at best. My husband came in the room while Dolo & Frank were on and said “Jesus is this guy ever not in the gym? And Ch
  15. I am on Team Luke too. The boys are all in their mid to late 30's struggling to stay relevant, and all have exhibited fuq boi tendencies. Kyle cheated on Amanda repeatedly. He led HER on initially. Carl gas lighted and strung along the twin. And Lindsey. And Paige. I think they are slightly jealous of the new pretty boy in the house. I like Ciara, but I think she is rude. I don't think its fair to come into house as Luke's buddy, and now treat him like crap. She needs to have a conversation with him and squash it and move on without acting nasty. This is where Luke failed tho, he is afte
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