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  1. Ugh. I can only watch this on mute. My ears were bleeding from listening to whichever woman it was screeching/hosting during the veto competition. I wish they would stop the lazy habit of using the abbreviation "comp", and Arisa is guilty of this too. As has already been mentioned, the use of "your boy" is not original and makes them sound like complete asses. I am finding most of the hampsters this year really annoying. Not proud of this, but I have managed to get through every season up until now but this might be coming off the PVR very soon, And please show, find someone else with better
  2. Nope - but he has that look too! The one that picked April is the one I was thinking of - Tim?? How in the hell did they manage to get three guys who look like that?
  3. I thought that was a figure skating costume!
  4. Tiffany looks like she slept in her clothes and just rolled out of bed after a drunken bender. At least brush your hair, woman! Is Stassi transgender? The overblown lips and deep voice make me wonder. Kevin looks like the recent evolution of an ape. There was a Canadian bachelor who had the same look - can't remember his name...
  5. I'm done too. This felt like a grade 1 class where everyone gets an award just for participation. Manipulation and rigging was way over the top.
  6. He's a vegetarian? I just thought he was a picky eater and was grossed out by the look of the pork. He seems very naive (or just plain dumb) and maybe his cousin has been telling him what to do all his life......
  7. Oh my lord, just sprayed tea all over my desk.
  8. I think Jesse's actually American. Google says has has impressive credentials. He was with Passages in Malibu for several years and got all post grad education in US . No mention of any addiction in his past.
  9. I have been thinking Wells' motivation for doing this is not to find a mate, but to broaden his career.
  10. Very sad. I saw some signs that led me to think he had a problem with alcohol, in part from his constantly having a glass of liquor in his hand all the time on the show.
  11. Yep, exactly how I took it as well. IMO, Katie definitely has a problem with alcohol and is in complete denial. I was in complete denial at that age myself.
  12. Now, that was entertaining. Laughed out loud a few times right along with the audience. I hope Karen stays around for awhile. She has zero filter, and I love it. I do not understand that twist so early on. It didn't give any of the newbies even a chance for that advantage, but thank the Lord it seems the voters are as sick of Gary as I am. Should be lots of drama this season and I am here for it! ETA - Two things that bug me. Arissa reporting the votes like she is announcing the score of a hockey game. And who the hell is that announcer? Sounds like Peter to me and that is not a good thin
  13. No, you are definitely not! I have hated her since her first time on here and can't wait for her to go. Her powers of persuasion are to be admired, much as I loathe her.
  14. Amen. And even with FF and playing with my design a room app, it's just appallingly insulting. I can't look at Corrinne's smugly face any more.
  15. I guess it was more important for FN Canada to have multiple 4 minute commercial breaks throughout the show. I re-recorded it to watch later and added an extra 15 minutes, but doesn't sound like that will help. They better get this straightened out before the next episode.
  16. I think it's entirely possible that she's both, along with developmentally stunted. Chantal is also a complete idiot and probably spoiled rotten. Pedro, get thee signed up for an ESL class pronto. His language skills are atrocious. Jorge is not exactly a mental giant either. I really do not have any sympathy for him at all. At his age, it is pretty pathetic to be that desperate for a relationship and it doesn't look like he inherited a lick of the common sense that his sisters have. I don't think that Narkiya is necessarily dumb, but pathetically desperate for a man if she is gu
  17. Am I the only one that was worried about that little dog being locked in the non-A/C bus? Although Sonia was overdressed, Nick - is clueless. A decent shirt would have been more acceptable than what he was wearing. Maybe he thought getting ready to go out was putting in eyedrops and lip balm.
  18. Tamra is her usual shit stirrer self. That is all she has done the last couple of seasons. I can’t stand anything about Kelly. She obnoxiously steamrolled into this group by first inserting herself into the Vicki mess, which had nothing to do with her. That’s fine if she likes Vicki, but she needs to mind her own damn business when it concerns things that happened long before her bursting onto the scene. I don’t care if she is an educated multi-millionaire, she has learned nothing about manners or civility – God help that kid she is raising. Rotten tomatoes to Heather. That was the w
  19. Yes, hopefully the major noise stuff will be done by then. I'm not sure a baby will stop Jeff from moving to new flips. I noticed he said a number of times that his father did the same thing and this was how he grew up.
  20. This. Then add her horrible voice to the mix and my ears were begging for cotton balls.
  21. I seem to recall in an episode last season Mary mentioning something about all four of her kids, so was not shocked to hear that she had one out of wedlock. I am guessing that the fourth child, if there is one, wants even less to do with this show than Chester does.
  22. This. And for the first time ever, I can tolerate MSt.
  23. First, Trish looked AMAZING on ATFR! They almost fooled me into thinking he was going to pick her with the way his face lit up when he saw her before the proposal. I can see why she seemed shocked at the rejection. She showed a lot of class and is definitely better off without him. There is going to be lots of drama for Tim with April. Maybe he likes the role of big strong man to rescue his delicate princess. They look happy now, in lust. Will see what happens when the honeymoon phase wears off.
  24. April seems to have more issues than Readers Digest, but she has some very realistic concerns about moving WAY too fast. But that is not what this show is about. I also think he clearly wants to pick April, but I don't see it lasting because it seems more like a physical attraction than anything else substantial. She feels intense pressure that she should be having these intense feelings for him, and it might be the most sensible thing for her to just escape now while she has a chance because she seems to be in panic mode (as would I in her shoes). But then that might leave Trish as the defau
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