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  1. I can't deal with every commenter on Reddit salivating over Silky, so here I am. Glad to see this forum is still sane. The bitch killed a few of those lip syncs for sure (I did cheer in the bar with everyone else after Barbie Girl) but Jan SLAYED her. Picking up a prop from the stage floor after doing nothing 3/4 of the lip sync does not a win make, especially not when Jan was delivering the emotion and performance she did. I should have known when Ru eliminated her insufferable fave early on she'd find a way to bring her back (and I 100% knew she'd never bring back Jan out of pure spite). Jan
  2. There was definitely one scene where they all stood in a group circle and did tequila shots (they announced it out loud). It also seemed like a few of the couples were tipsy later on when they were all making out - I'm especially thinking of Natasha babbling about their shadows dancing on the beach. Loved the pinata room where the date was, but I wasn't getting the best vibes from Noah. He seemed way too insistent on asking her about the moving slow/boundaries thing, and there were a few times in the episode I got the impression his mind was on way more sexual subjects than Abigail's. I
  3. Appear on reality TV and you receive unsolicited armchair diagnoses when you act like an asshole. I'm against bullying anyone directly on social media, but these forums are fair game for discussion. You get what you sign up for.
  4. THANK YOU. I spent two and a half years in a manipulative, emotionally abusive relationship and I was getting horrible flashbacks through this entire sequence. Maybe it's hard to see the signs if you haven't gone through it, but this is EXACTLY the sort of thing my ex would do to me. Fly off the rails because you didn't respond in the perfect way, because they suddenly suspected something, because you didn't live up to the flawless image they have in their mind of how you should act and exist at all times. And it might not start that way, but it will get progressively worse and worse throughou
  5. She's also never disclosed the REAL father, so there's been much speculation it might actually be BJ... I've always hoped it's true, haha. I really liked this second season! It felt better put together than the first. I like Devi a ton as a main character and find her realistically flawed while still likable. I think both love interests are likable as well which definitely makes the show more enjoyable to watch. I've seen other shows where I hate one half of the triangle and feel like it's just a waiting game until the MC bounces back to the other one, whereas here, even though I'm Team B
  6. Katie: Thomas, I'm sorry if you felt ostracized. Me: Dude, he doesn't know what that means - he just used the word 'demonsterized' two minutes ago. I must be in the minority because I was obsessed with Katie's plaid sequin coat. No carbs in 7 years is an automatic dealbreaker over here. So many of these men are hard to look at. Instead of trading out the Bachelorette like last season, can we trade out this cast? But not for even bigger losers like Blake please? I can't believe Andrew has become my favorite despite continually using a cringey fake English accent. At
  7. I'm WAY late on this post (catching up on the season now), but the Aaron/Cody conflict jumped out to me as likely political. Even if Aaron doesn't know Cody well, he'd have seen extreme posts on socials that might have given him a toxic impression (maybe the dude is alt-right like Garrett from Becca's season). Especially coming off the election year and a year when racists came out of the woodwork on social media to denounce BLM. It would make sense they couldn't show an actual conversation about that on air since it seems they steer away from naming names or putting out any real substance tha
  8. I didn't realize how badly I wanted Trevor to win until his pic came up in 1st. I absolutely think Deleesa deserved it for playing an excellent catfish game. She totally pulled off a convincing guy, had a notebook of cheats she might need for sports knowledge etc, and got along with all of the other players despite not being in the Cardashian alliance. I also just think that the money will be better spent by her for her family than it would be by someone like Lee who doesn't really need it or Chloe who can probably make a decent bit of cash off her fame from two shows at this point. Was a
  9. I mean, yeah cool, I get it. But that doesn't stop it from being boring. Knowing that she's a producer and major player behind the scenes only make it seem like she's really fucking impressed with herself to continually put June front and center even when it's unrealistic to the storyline. You think Sean Bean didn't pull people in for the first season of GoT? Or RDJ didn't get people hooked on the Marvel movies? It's possible to cut loose a main character when it works in the overall favor of the show. I'm sure Moss can continue to produce and direct without also sticking herself in front of t
  10. Commander Lawrence this ep regarding June: "Perhaps she's fulfilled her purpose and it's time to move on." YES. PLEASE YES. My God, I am having so much trouble separating my hatred of June and Elisabeth Moss from the good parts of this show. I'd have rather June been killed off this episode and we could follow Alma's story instead, but my reward for that thought was Alma's unceremonious death at the end of this episode. Thanks.
  11. Jack is absolutely killing it! He should have come in as a 64 year old psychic from the start. I also am digging his dance moves during the parties. I might have a crush...? I do keep thinking I wish I could see how that twist would have played out with a more entertaining co-catfish though. Imagine Jack paired with Terilisha or Khat or one of the finalists who is still left. I'd have liked to see one of the real players have to switch it up and become a catfish. Poor Mitchell! I think he did a good job, and he and Trevor had some solid last ditch moves. I honestly would have been happy t
  12. Alright, I'm watching The Circle: France and just need somewhere to bitch about how unbelievably stupid these fucking players are. I hate Romain, and he has such an ego he just blatantly talks about his alliance of three in every group chat. I was a big fan of the Cedric, Ines, and Gary alliance, and I don't understand why Gabriel, who is close with Ines, would kick out her ally over Elea when he had the deciding vote. If Gary was going to join the horrible trio to "protect" Ines and Gabriel, why would he not have messaged them afterwards to let them in on that? And worst of all, when the trio
  13. Originally, I didn't love the cast as much as I did season 1, but the twists and the scheming are making this one so much fun! Jack/Emily is actually my favorite, I died at him hiding in cabinets and shrinking into the floor during his makeup critique, so I'm really glad he gets to stick around for another chance. I wish he was paired with someone else more entertaining though. I assume both he and Lisa will still have to make farewell videos for the rest of the cast? I bet everyone will relax a little knowing they supposedly got rid of two catfish and won't suspect an old man as being a new o
  14. I have the cocktail making experience you're looking for! Your next Wells Adams is here, ladies, except I tell less lame jokes. I'll warn you I pour strong, so until one of you pulls a Corinne at the hot tub, it's gonna be a messy season. (Plus single-malt for my fellow whisky lover, Rainsong- I got you, bro. Unless you're 15.) I noticed I was on my phone through the whole episode scrolling this forum until Tyler showed up to receive my undivided attention. I texted my best friend "Dildo Girl for next Bachelorette" after the premiere episode, so I've been on the Katie hype train sin
  15. Matt is just SO LAME, I can't deal with it. I mean, I will- I suffered through Pilot Pete and Ben F- but why is the casting for Bachelors so freaking bad? I'm very glad there's a black bachelor, but could they not have cast Mike from a few seasons ago or super hot Demar from last season? Or (even though he was too boyish for me) Ivan? I literally cover my face when Matt goes in for a kiss with his mouth wide open and then his eyes open through the whole ordeal. It's sooo cringey. He also seems to have kind of an immature sense of humor with the ATV toppling and mud flinging last week, his
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