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  1. Coldplay and Goop Gwyneth ... zzzzzzzzzz.
  2. That basically just because Elizabeth is getting her own place and mom and dad won’t be around all the time, does not mean that she has permission to have “sleepover parties” with Bryce. Oh, okay. Psssht.
  3. So ... Are they seriously telling their ADULT child (Elizabeth) that she is not allowed to have her boyfriend sleep over when she moves out and has her own place? Did I understand that correctly? If so, wtf??
  4. Right! I was wondering what was going on. I thought the tell-alls were the end of it.
  5. *Gobsmacked - you were very close 😉 Yeah, I don't know what the hell those two were thinking. Then again, I don't know what the hell any of these fools were thinking.
  6. My hair is pin straight, and even I screamed when ol' Nat started brushing her curls. The horror!!
  7. Ava was absolutely doing it to annoy Parker. It would annoy me, too. Ava has figured out that it is irritating and it gets a reaction. She was also doing it to Dale in the restaurant. She was all up in his face, smacking in his ear while he was trying to eat his dinner. Someone needs to tell her to knock it off.
  8. Geez. What a boob he is. I am willing to bet he is one of those assholes that grunts and screams the whole time he works out. Ya know, because he is an alpha male and works out harder than anyone else.
  9. Harper. And yes, that child is full of sass. This show was a hot mess. I did lol when little Bexley said the other two littles were his favorites because "they poop in the bed". It was such a little boy thing to say.
  10. TipseyGirl


    She looks like she is wearing undies on her face. She is ridiculous.
  11. I know I'm late to the party on this one. But damn, if that isn't catchy.
  12. Guess you never worked at Gap Kids. Just kidding. We never ripped TVs off the wall.
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