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  1. Thank you! Gah, I can't stand her. She's so damn smug about "attending Purdue University". I would love for someone to explain to her, ON AIR, the difference between Purdue University and Purdue Global. Dumbass.
  2. His prison sentence was four years. I during the car accident scene, Riley's license plate said 2016.
  3. Amber in full-on Purdue logo garb. I can't even 🙄
  4. TipseyGirl


    Sounds like a great name for a band. Yo! Put your hands together for "Effortless A"!!!
  5. I thought it got off to a pretty good start. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a little passive aggressiveness between Alma and her father? I like the creepy Cape Cod atmosphere. And that first appearance of the pointy-toothed guy in the cemetery? Wow!
  6. Correct. And your statement is still true.
  7. This from a kid, who when failing classes as a senior, said he had not read a book since kindergarten.
  8. I'm going with Photoshop. He looks even more pin-headed than usual in those photos.
  9. I agree - in which case he should have been in his timeout for 4 minutes. As he was four when this was recorded. He is definitely old enough to be reasoned with, but knows he can get out of trouble by acting silly.
  10. My thoughts EXACTLY! She got the vapors as soon as soon as she stepped foot in Kyle's house.
  11. Elizabeth, much like her mother, is a know-it-all. Her parents' fixation on her intimate relationship with Bryce is so weird.
  12. Me too. I had to look him up... and, gross.
  13. I remember the time that he was trying to fry a hamburger. He put cheese on the patty and then flipped it with the cheese down on the skillet. Amy promptly had a come apart. He also used to be extremely grubby. Well, all of the kids were. They used to look like sweaty messes most of the time.
  14. That room looked like ass. I would be worried about the integrity of the construction. I hope poor Muh Boy isn't crushed by a falling wall or suffocated by lack of ventilation.
  15. I'm not sure what all the talk about putting petal extensions on the car before a customer test drive was all about. I have never test drove a car and had the salesman drive it for me. That's the whole idea - to have the customer test it for themselves.
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