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  1. I'm guessing one of the teens or a 20 something was assigned the job of doing some filming while the parents held their pow wow. As for zooming in on specific people during their talk - if S.W. films like other reality shows have during the pandemic, producers operate cameras remotely. They could have the Browns set up the cameras in fixed positions and then from the producer's homes could be monitoring the scene and zoom in on someone specific or even move the view from person to person - as long as they had set up the cameras properly in the first place to allow these shots. The reality s
  2. No. They are enrolled in public schools. When she was house hunting in Flagstaff I remember her pretend/try to rationalize making the kids attend specific public schools somewhere because of their location relative to whatever house she was wrangling for. I don't remember the specifics, but do remember having a general impression that confirmed she was absolutely impractical/nuts and didn't care about anyone but herself and getting what she wanted.
  3. I think the older kids have lived this life with Kody all along and, if anything, may be surprised much of this season (the honesty), especially tonight's episode made it to air, but not surprised that the interactions took place.
  4. Meri hasn't learned anything from her catfishing experience and fallout. She hasn't grown. She may think she's become an independent woman, but she's still mired up to her eyeballs in her disfunctional, abusive polygamous marriage and for her to talk Christine into settling for abuse and unhappiness and less out of life was heartbreaking. These women are soooo F'd up they'll never be be happy. Freedom and happiness and respect and appreciation have been offered and served to them on a silver platter but the brainwashing they've had is too strong for them to accept all that could be theirs.
  5. The wives are finally realizing Kody is & has been the cause of the majority of their conflicts and their unhappiness all along. Kody's problem and the cause of his frustrations and unhappiness is that he's finally getting the push back from his wives & kids that he's deserved all along. It's about time. Geezus, how can anyone stand to deal with him!?! Kody taking Sol to the landfill was shocking to me. Sol acted more like a 5 year old rather than 8 & I had to playback that part to make sure I heard him correctly. Saying his 8 year old son was "learning" to read?!?!? The
  6. I agree with everything you've said. I was getting frustrated and worked up right along with Myrka as I watched the episode. But then they showed another scene - and it came out that all of her tears and frustrations were after only ONE DAY of trying to breastfeed. And, my sympathy for her ended. She's never going to make it, whether it's feeding her baby or potty training, or etc, etc, etc if she so quickly and easily wants to give up. I perhaps understand her relationship with her mother a little better if crying and being ready to quit is her go-to instead of finding an alternative or
  7. The way this family agonizes over every s.i.n.g.l.e. decision, miniscule to life changing, is exhausting and Janelle and her family and Kody trying to cope with if, and then when, Kody would be permitted to come over took the cake. OMG, OMG, OMG! I had to either fast forward thru some of it or go bald from pulling out my hair, it gave me so much anxiety listening to them, especially Janelle, trying to rationalize and make a decision; it was agony.
  8. That baby is so unsafe in Tammy's arms. I was really worried when Amy let her hold Gage for the 1st time and it still worries me. She can't get her arms around the baby well enuf to support him should he either be floppy or start wiggling. It's just a matter of time before he falls to the ground - if Any doesn't stick close enough to grab him quickly when Tammy has him. Even in this pic he doesn't look safe and God forbid Tammy put her selfish desires aside and admit she can't really hold onto him well.
  9. I knew watching these idiots try to cope with the pandemic would be entertaining and I was right. Smh Lol, Janelle crying about Kody coming to her house and worrying he might be infected there because of her sons being in and out and pretending it'll be so hard telling him not to come and that not seeing him as often (when we all know he goes weeks not seeing that part of the family - regularly). Bwahahaha, Kody trying to maintain control on their family call, & the wives trying to interpret the Covid guidelines and getting it all wrong. We know the Browns don't handle stress w
  10. I'll be there & will save you a seat. LOL I know Tammy explained it once, but I don't remember what she said... does anyone know/remember - what IS that on her forehead?
  11. I'm surprised Amy's OB didn't refer her to some classes; like a labor/delivery class, newborn care, a parenting class for both Amy & Michael, etc since she could certainly tell from interacting with Amy at her appointments that she was clueless about everything. But, maybe she did refer them to classes & they didn't go or producers thought it would make better tv for them to look clueless & unprepared, or Amy really is that clueless & she really has/had no interest in learning even the bare minimum & has no natural inclination to educate herself & is okay with the way
  12. But, did you sit in a puddle of water in the rain? jk I just about died when the camera shot Whit from the side when she was sitting talking to Ryan and it showed her sitting in an actual puddle of rainwater. That must have felt good. And when she stood up to walk away and the camera stayed steady, shooting her from the back, sopping wet, water pouring off her enormous rumbling backside all doubts were erased - the production crew hates her.
  13. Or a circus tent big top - like she hired Omar the Tentmaker to whip up that flattering, NOT, piece for her. With her going nude in front of her friends & acquaintances and wearing that bathing suit, and some of her wardrobe choices, I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Does she not see the rolls of fat and that her stomach is in the way when she tries to lift weights, and the rolls of fat under her chin and on and on?
  14. There was definitely a hefty amount of money raked in that was in their speaking contracts as well as all of the cash they got when the love offerings basket was passed and the pictures were sold for cash. A LOT of money. And the majority was of a non-reported variety. I'm actually surprised they were never in trouble with the IRS because of all of the cash they raked in because I doubt they reported it all (there was some reason they demanded the offerings and picture sales be cash only).
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