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  1. Brittany should have gone back into the airport and on the next available flight without ever looking back. She's not made for that type of life. Even Jihoon parents are clowning him.
  2. Why do some family members in other countries think that those of us who live in America have lots of money?! Asuelu's sister demanding that he send money reminds me of a family member I had to cut off. I understand it's hard, but don't demand that someone send you money they've worked to earn. Now I see why Kalani is hesitant to help his family out.Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with helping your family members out who are struggling more than you are. I loved Kilani shutting down Asuelu's misogyny. Not only can we women work outside of the household, we can be doctors Asuelu. Syngin you'll quickly learn this, as you become acclimated to America. Less is more, telling people your entire story provides ammunition to those who only wish to hurt you. I learned that the hard way, hopefully he doesn't. Larissa the quickest way to scare a man off is exposing ALL of your dirty laundry on the first date. Her date seems like a nice man, who is looking to settle down. Colt will have difficulty having a substantial relationship with any woman who knows her worth. No self respecting woman will put up with him still being attached to Debbie by the umbilical cord. Paul is the definition of unstable. He needs intense therapy before he could be a good husband and father. Running in traffic shows that he doesn't have any critical thinking skills or a good concept of danger.
  3. Not only does he sound like he's from Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay area, he acts like it with his entitled self. He's an embarrassment to the borough, therefore the rest of us are not claiming him.
  4. Wait,he's from Brooklyn? We don't claim him.
  5. It's too bad Scout couldn't stay because he's adorable and the least obnoxious of all the guests. Sandy worry more about the disrespectful charter guests who are gleefully overworking your staff and less about the table decor and the food. Hannah may have her faults but at least she stayed up until 5:30 am dealing with the obnoxious guests and their friends instead of leaving one of her stews to deal with them. Looking at you Jenna. The guests can take Pete with them when they leave.
  6. TLC can you please stop showing shirtless Ed or in a robe?! Asking for the world.
  7. I hope that they do too I hope that they do too.
  8. Kiko is too sweet. I would have told them to get out, so that I could sleep. I hate seeing people being taken advantage of.
  9. Understood. That's definitely not something I've ever heard someone say here in NYC.
  10. Sis needed to stay in Florida with her sugar daddies. There are so many red flags right now with this relationship.
  11. Brittany is extremely immature and isn't ready for any real relationship. Especially one with a devout Muslim man in a strict country. Poor Jenny just seems lost at all times. She strikes me as someone who has been naive here entire life. All I can say is, poor Jenny.
  12. Brittany needed to get right back on that plane. She is not ready for life in Jordan and is only fooling herself. If that's how he behaves with cameras around, imagine what could happen when the crew leaves. This "relationship" is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Ariela's DIY delivery kit is proof she needs to have her baby in the U.S. Did she even research the healthcare system in Ethiopia? Her mom is correct epidurals are dangerous even if a certified person is doing it. All it takes is a minor slip of the hand and she could be paralyzed for life. Jihoon's wife (forgot her name) is going to be raising 3 children when she gets to Korea. Does he even have a job? He reminds me of Ansuelu, just a man child. I had to laugh at Jenny's horror when they brought the cow into the house. I grew up in the Caribbean so a cow just roaming the streets minding it's business is nothing new. I also grew up around a lot of Hindus and know that cows are considered sacred in their religion. Does she even know anything about his culture or religious beliefs? She seems to be in love with the idea of love.
  13. You're right his job is a stay at home dad. He just annoys me with how demanding he is. I know that tote is a verb. I just found it weird that she chose that particular verb. I wish her the best of luck with her hopes and dreams of having a baby.
  14. Sandy how dare you insult Kiko by comparing him to Adam in any way!? Kiko is miles ahead of Adam personality wise and he's not disregarding the guests preference sheets. Everyone and their mother knew that the meeting was in reference to Pete, except for Pete. Then again morons don't usually realize that they're morons.
  15. Colt you did not get any stamp of approval from any of her friends. They think you're controlling and you proved them right by forcing her to go back to the hotel with you. You could have compromised and gone out with them for 2 hours and then returned to your hotel. You did not "win" because it's not a competition. Grow up! Andrei really has some nerve. He's unemployed and isn't actively looking for a job , yet wants to demand that Libby ask her father to pay for their second wedding. Libby set herself up for a lifetime of misery with that one. Her dad only gave in because she started crying and she knows it. Her dad needs to stop supporting them so that the clown she married can obtain gainful employment. Angela a baby is not a bag, therefore there's nothing to tote sweetie. The doctor looked like she was trying her very best not to laugh in Angela's face. How does Paul plan to care for a wife and child without a job and a place to stay? His mother was absolutely correct to tell him it was time to grow up. Someone give Libby's dad her number. Larissa thinking that a blind date is a date with a blind man was cute. She may speak a lot of English, but she still doesn't have a command of it as her second language. I give props to all the people who are learning English as a second language.
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