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  1. We have Dimanche gras as well, but we refer to it as our Calypso competition. I’m not surprised as Carnival began with the slaves celebrating their freedom. In the words of lord Nelson “All ah we is one family”.
  2. Simone you’re sleeping with someone who has the emotional intelligence of an ant, I wouldn’t expect too much from him. I had no sympathy for Kate crying after she was called out on her crap by both Brian and Ashton. The same way she can make fun of and bully others, is the same way she can be told about herself. Brian, Courtney is Kate jr. so of course she didn’t have your back.
  3. For Trinidadians we party from Christmas until Ash Wednesday. It’s amazing how we can have the same celebration of unity and love and have different names for it. We refer to those days as Carnival Monday and Tuesday. I can’t speak for other Caribbean islands though.
  4. With all that whining (twerking) Porsha is definitely ready for Carnival. Once she’s done with Toronto she can start making her way through the West Indian Carnivals. Yessss!! Porsha would fit right in , in Trinidad 🇹🇹Carnival.
  5. Jackie authentic friendship means having boundaries i.e. not announcing to a room full of people that Buffie is infertile. Then she has the audacity to be upset because Buffie is genuinely upset and does not wish to roll over and play dead for her. I understand why Contessa is resentful, she gave up her career in the Navy for Scott and now she gave up school because of him being unsupportive. Scott is undercover shady, he did plant seeds in those kids minds with his negative comments and now wants to act innocent. I feel like Buffie may eventually become pregnant if she stops thinking about being infertile and becomes more relaxed. I’ve seen it happen before with other women.
  6. Tanner was really disgusting and disrespectful. Ashton as his boss was even worse for encouraging him to have that conversation with other crew members.
  7. So should she just stay in her place and whistle while she works? Of course she doesn’t have confidence around guests or know how to perform service tasks properly, she’s been in laundry for 2 damn years. It’s not uncommon for a Black person to get hired not be properly trained and then get accused for not knowing what to do. Kate loves Courtney because that’s what is familiar to her and she has no time for someone who looks nothing like her and Courtney.
  8. Everything you said is true. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. She didn’t stay in her place (laundry), so now Kate and others are upset.
  9. Simone has said multiple times that she’s only been relegated to laundry. Therefore she has no service skills. Continuing to stuff her in laundry and not training her does not help. She’ll never learn if the keeps getting hateful people who think that their shit don’t stink. Kate loves her little pet Courtney who refuses to do any laundry yet she doesn’t say one word to her. Why? Because Courtney like her is a mean girl who thinks it’s okay to talk about someone behind their back and make fun of them.
  10. She’s definitely been very grumpy or super emotional lately. She needs to get it all the way together.
  11. Kate’s indifference to Simone’s feelings is what happens when you’re the boss’ pet. Simone may not be good at service, but she’ll never learn if she isn’t given multiple opportunities to grow. Instead Kate launches into her mean girl routine. Embarrassing your department is blaring loud music and loudly stating that someone has herpes to be a bully. Venting your frustration to a coworker is not embarrassing your department. Tanner disclosing what happened between you and Simone to Ashton and Rhylee was not cool. I can already see Rhylee and Kevin getting it on before the end of the season.
  12. There’s petty and then there’s Kenya Moore petty. I understand her not wanting to keep the gift, but regifting it to Porsha was just wrong. I would have very nicely given it back to Eva if I didn’t think her intentions were pure ( yes I know I’m petty). I’m starting to believe Nene’s assessment of Cynthia , as both Marlo and Kandi basically told her she has another side that she keeps hidden. Cynthia also seems to be “weak”, in that she appears to be a follower who can’t think for herself. Kenya needs to keep that same energy with Marc, instead of taking out her frustration on other people.
  13. I was one of the people who complained about Captain Sandy being everywhere but the wheelhouse last season. That said she would have definitely checked the primary for his vile behavior towards Simone, and would not be all over Twitter blaming the victim. Captain Lee cares about himself and Kate, no one else.
  14. I wonder how many of us don't care?
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