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  1. Jephte does not love or respect Shawnice. He wants 4 children but isn't making any efforts to make his wife feel loved and appreciated. Shawnice doesn't need to meet his desire to have a large family just because his mother had 9 children.
  2. Pastor Cal is married to a Trinidadian woman, we don't allow our men to leave the house looking like complete fools. With that said Pastor Dwight is so fine.
  3. For someone who wanted to fight so badly, Chris wasted no time getting into his car. I have no doubt in my mind that if he really wanted to Pastor Dwight could have laid hands on Chris. Heck I think even Pastor Cal could take him. Dr. Pepper needs to take responsibility for insisting that Paige and Chris were a good match, even though Pastor Cal was against it. They all need to take responsibility for the Haley and Jake match. I'm disappointed in Kevin. He should have grilled Chris instead of Jake.
  4. Haley and Jake's decision could have been a text message. Same goes for Paige and Chris.
  5. I don't understand why Angela is still being given airtime. The fact that she's fetishizing African men alone is disturbing. I'm over the Andrei/Libby storyline.
  6. Dr. Obeng needed all of his medical staff in that consultation with Angela. She was so inappropriate. If it was a man doing what she did it would be called sexual harassment. She's truly gross. Mike's behavior was very suspicious. He wouldn't be acting like that if he didn't have something to hide.
  7. I'm happy Dr. Damon had that conversation with his sons about interacting with the police. Unfortunately one little interacting could ruin your life or end it if you're Black ,especially if you're a Black man. Heavenly escalated that conversation with Quad. Quad was trying to take responsibility for misunderstanding the emojis.
  8. Dr. Pepper should explain why she disagreed with Pastor Cal when he said that Chris was too superficial to be matched. Did she want him to list all the reasons why he shouldn't have been matched?
  9. Vincent like Chris is using the word "submissive" in the Bible to suit his agenda. Karen from last season is how I interpret (and how my now deceased Pastor) interpreted it to me. She wanted Miles to have a conversation with her about what's best for their household, and then make the final decision based on their conversation. Vincent wants a woman who would "yes dear" him to death, while being pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.
  10. So Vincent wanted a doormat and not a woman who voices her opinion. Then he should have bought a cactus. Run Briana! I think Ryan wants to see how their marriage progresses after decision day before he says "I love you". He seems very methodical. Virginia and Erik won't make it. He's controlling and she's a functional alcoholic. Plus they're on completely different ends of the political and social spectrum.
  11. Angela's cackling is beyond annoying. Add her constantly joking about sex. I really don't need to see her on my screen. I don't blame Julia one bit. Who wants to go back to living with their in laws and working for free? I give their marriage two years, before Julia finds a man who is at the very least independent. Kilani should have left her three children at home when she went house hunting. Asuelu's too old to be jumping on a bed in a home that doesn't belong to him. I really don't know what she sees in him. I see Andrei is still entitled. Why does he think Chuck owes h
  12. Toya does not need to return next season. She believes all attention is good attention, even if she ends up embarrassing her husband. I can't say herself because I don't think she has that emotion.
  13. When the trainer said "Show him who's boss", Gator understood she was talking to him. Hence he kept demanding his peppermint candies and took full control. Gator understood the assignment and delivered.
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