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  1. No Glenn!!! Your unprofessional, lazy , Chief Stew and your disgusting chef need to be replaced. Where is Leon when you need him. Poor Madison is overworked and under appreciated. I want her to go off on Jenna and Adam at the end of the season. Parker did what Paget should have done. That is do his research to find the perfect location.
  2. Was I supposed to feel something when Brett's mother died? Because I didn't. There goes Severide being the best firefighter/crime stopper in all of Chicago. 🙄 Seeger's hair looked better this episode, maybe she replaced her stylist. The girls on fire program is taking off. Hopefully the writers do it some justice.
  3. spunky

    S07.E18: Lines

    Maybe Kevin is phoning it in because he's tired of playing drug dealer. Rojas is an idot.
  4. spunky

    S07.E18: Lines

    Princess Hailey finally got in trouble. I'm in shock. Vanessa should have been fired, for evidence tampering and obstruction. That was one of the dumbest things I've seen on this show. Kevin remains underused.
  5. Mindy finally found her self respect. It's about damn time. Michael's sister knows that he's a pathological liar. He needs a psychotherapist not a wife. Why are Taylor and Brandon still "trying"? Katie shut up and sit down!!!
  6. Crockett will be Natalie's latest victim. Hopefully he continues to put her in check whenever she becomes too annoying. Ethan doesn't know how to separate work and personal life. It appeared that Crockett may not have fought back because he's an adult and knows how to remain professional. I was glad Maggie and Ben took Auggie home.
  7. April begs Choi to use his words like a big boy. Meanwhile Crockett remains unbothered by Choi's silent treatment.
  8. Ethan needs to buy a dose of grow the hell up! Crockett did not kiss April, she kissed him. Look at Natalie trying to be Crockett's cheerleader after annoying him. I knew Ben and Maggie would take the kid home.
  9. Jenna and Adam are nauseating. Parker doesn’t follow directions because he keeps getting mixed signals and then gets yelled at if he asks a question. Were those women seriously meowing at each other during their toast? They seem to be somewhat demanding and I’m here for it. Anything to make Jenna and Adam miserable.
  10. If Katie doesn't want him I'll take him.
  11. She has that permanent scowl on her face because she's married to a pathological liar who tries to gaslight her anytime she questions him about his lies. She's probably counting down the days to decision day so that she can be free of his lying behind.
  12. Everyone with working brain cells knows Michael was lying about Jamaica. As for Katie she's a hot mess. Zach was looking for any excuse not to be around Mindy.
  13. Yeah that scene was a bit much.
  14. I loved Pastor Cal straight up asking Zach why he's still in his marriage and strongly suggesting it was time to go. Zach Pastor Cal has your number, he knows you're here for the camera time. I also liked him calling out both Michael and Brandon. Thank you Dr. Viviana for trying to talk some sense into Mindy. No Meka does not need to be a soft place for the pathological liar you matched her with. Katie wants a toxic male like her ex who treats her like shit , not someone like Derek. Katie I think Zach is available, you should call him. Taylor/Brandon, Meka/Michael are just going through the motions.
  15. Atwater is the most underused character and yet he has the best one liners.
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