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  1. I agree with that. Candiace's character was written as the obnoxious, vain, self centered friend. Maybe her overacting was her interpretation of what those characteristics are. She seems more natural in her romantic and comedic roles.
  2. On the after show, Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley said that Chris standing over Candiace and grabbing her made them feel uncomfortable. Ashley said that while she doesn't like Candiace, Chris was acting like she was his child and not his wife and she thinks he needs to understand that she's an adult.
  3. She said something on Twitter the other day about wanting to block her coworkers. She usually responds to Wendy's Robyn's and Gizelle's Instagram posts, but she hasn't done that recently. She even ignored Robyn's comment on her own post.
  4. Up until the fight Candiace actually thought that Monique and Karen were her friends, which is why she was more hurt than angry. She said on more than one occasion that she's learning to meet people where they are. She knows that Gizelle likes to gossip and is messy, hence her measured responses with Gizelle. She may give Robyn the Karen treatment soon as it seems, she's realizing that Robyn is not her friend. As for Wendy they both confirmed that they were friends before the show. On one of her lives she said that she and Askale immediately bonded over their shared experience of going
  5. I see "drunk Chris" made an appearance last night. I generally like Chris, but he does become a little aggressive when he's drunk. There are a handful of Candiace's Instagram lives, where she either had to cut off his alcohol consumption or she's had to sheepishly smile and apologize for his behavior. There was one live where she had to stop the video for a few seconds, apologize for his five minute drunken tirade and cut off his alcohol consumption. Candiace is my favorite, but sis was wrong for starting the salad toss. I was a Mental Health Social Worker for five years and her behavi
  6. It was two short stories, they just didn't say that until the day before. Candiace was in the first one and Gizelle was in the movie starting at 8:30. Candiace was great in her Christmas movie and on Family Reunion. I guess a better comedic and romantic actor.
  7. Congratulations to Candiace: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUyIQWYA12R/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Dr's. Scott and Hammer are great additions. I'm liking the Dr. Scott/Atwater friendship. Finally someone called Will out on the fact that he loves to play detective. I thought the donor had a form of dementia based on his affect and lack of self awareness. I'm glad they gave him an actual medical condition instead of making him an entitled, rich ,old man.
  9. Appreciate you 😊 I'm as confused as you are. But let Yvette Nicole Brown tell it, Gizelle is the star.
  10. Candiace has a BET Her breast cancer awareness movie coming out on Saturday called "The Waiting Room". It stars her, Eva Marcelle and Gizelle.
  11. I hope they know that the 90 days they'll spend in jail for harassment will be public record as well. That's true as well. I have to go research J. Paul Getty now because I've never heard of him.
  12. What the hell is wrong with people? So now they're wilfully putting Candiace's and Chris' lives in danger. I hope Candiace finds out who these people are and legally goes after them. If any of those crazy people end up at her house and find themselves in jail, they better have their bail money saved up. Financially her life was easy due to her dad and step-dad being physicians. Emotionally that's a whole other story with someone like Dorothy as a mother.
  13. G there's already a disgusting, vomit inducing old man on the show, his name is Michael Darby. He's more than enough. I really like Candiace and I see the growth in her since she's been in therapy. I know she has depression and anxiety, but I think there's something else that makes her easily triggered. And she's usually triggered by the women who are married to creeps.
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