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  1. I was wondering the same thing. MW, I know the joke answer for whenever something goes wrong or weir plot-wise is "Helena," but in the case of the magically transporting ring, it really might be Helena. She always seems to have time to play mind games on Elizabeth.
  2. LOL, I am pretty sure half cousins don't exist. Oh, right! My genealogist-mother would kill me, but in my defense I had an edible while I was doing my GH chart. ;)
  3. I don't know GM's history and I don't want to, but we know that Harmony was brainwashed. In fact, if Kristina hadn't been rescued, she'd probably be recruiting for Shiloh right now herself. Meanwhile, did the let the interns do the filming today? It was full of crazy angles and swoooooping camera moves. Either the directors were feeling experimental, or they're trying to do more remote (Covid) camera work - or it was just an off day. We'll see.
  4. By my math, they're second cousins, once removed. (Austin and Ned are second cousins, so BLQ being the third generation is the "once removed" part). "Half cousins" isn't really a thing, because you don't need to have two parents in common.
  5. I randomly remember Luke dancing around the penthouse singing "Going to the Chapel" on the day of the wedding. (Presumably when it was Robert's.) And didn't Monica and Sean hook up there, when Sean lived there?
  6. Glad to see Michael's haircut, at least. CD must have somehow intuited the gifs that GH fans were going to create with his crazy post-punch hair. I think it's obvious Luke's not dead, and he must be holed up with Holly in some dungeon. But, as others said, there's no evidence Geary would ever come back. Going back to yesterday's show: As a little sister myself, I loved Bobbie's detail about Luke always saying a holiday call counts if it's before Three Kings Day. That's such a big brother "out" to take!
  7. Right, it's like when the briefly brought back the brownstone and everything was in the wrong place.
  8. You're just not as elderly as me ;) Here is the iconic "pill withholding scene," but in general we always saw her with this hair in her first couple of years.
  9. I loved it. Those braids ARE Tracy. Especially pre-Luke Tracy.
  10. It was delicious when the DA told Michael that it was actually Sonny's second round of testimony that probably killed the case; Michael had his Emily Litella moment when he realized mid-rant that he didn't even know his father said he wasn't a victim, because Michael wasn't in the courtroom.
  11. IIRC, it was Carly, the character, almost losing her shit completely. Maybe that's just my interpretation because that whole conversation felt all too similar to ones I bet many of us had with men in our lives at one time or another! (Hopefully when we're all young and dumb.)
  12. Probably not. Drew better hold onto his butt.
  13. I suppose Carly is too much of a matriarch now to give her a good ol' fashioned breakdown, but this is the kind of thing that would do her in. She's always had backups to her backups when it comes to men, and now Jason's "dead," Jax is in disgrace and out of the country, and Sonny has sucked face with her most current mortal enemy. This would be a good time for Brick to slide into her DMs. Oh, I forgot -- what's The Hat up to with his sketchy phone call about following the protocols?
  14. He'll also probably be pissed that she kept what she overheard to herself. I am looking forward to seeing the next episode, with Willow on the stand. I'm a sucker for courtroom bombshells.
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