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  1. I was definitely "Carlos Rivvvvvera," but also just before that when he's saying "Jake! The Mech-an-ic?"
  2. I think what happened was, the show needed some out-of-left field groom for Nina for the live show in 2015*. She was trying to make Franco -- or whoever the man in her life was at the moment -- jealous. So that was the first time we even knew she had any kind of contact with Ric, let alone was marrying him. *The main thing I remember about the live show was that Grayson McCouch was on the show at the time, he gave really bizarre line readings while on the phone. He was good on ATWT, but just not a good fit on GH.
  3. I suspect the real "point" of baby Donna Courtney (or, Donckey) is that of all of CarSon's kids to choose from, the writers chose to kill off their only biological child together. Yes, it was a mercy killing in terms of the audience, but I have a feeling (based on no evidence) that the show, and the CarSon fans, want them to have a bio kid together.
  4. It's interesting to be reading this thread only after watching today's episode, b/c there seemed to be a beat when Lulu was complaining to Dustin that you think you know someone, and it turns out you don't AT ALL, or something like that.
  5. I do think CW and JPS have better Nina-Valentine chemistry than existed with JPS and MS. (Excuse me if I've transposed any initials!) She genuinely seems crazy about him, so in spite of myself I feel as if something is at stake. I'm really amazed that Willow wasn't revealed to be wearing the other half of the necklace in the steam room yesterday. I was waiting for NIna to spot it mid-rant.
  6. To me it looked like the portrait was painted to reflect a male figure in the silver coffee pot. If so, it will be a game of find-the-pot, excuse the expression.
  7. Jean or some variation would have been great, as both a J name and because it's Bobbie's middle name. (Many of us her Luke call her "Barbara Jean" constantly, back in the day.) And it's not QUITE as old-fashioned as Donna. I don't think we know the middle yet, right? Maybe it'll be something that they end up using most of the time. Or she'll be a "DJ" type of deal.
  8. Wow! Sure seems like some exciting action must have happened, given that Shiloh ended up impersonating an officer rather than being shot in the transfer van, and then pulled Bobbie over/ ran her off the road,? I guess we can all have fun imagining it.
  9. They really need to run all of these scripts involving the vets by this group, don't you think? First with Scotty never remembering how many kids he has. And today, Robert "I guess I just like paper files" Luddite Scorpio refusing to enter the world of technology. Really, Show? Some of us rickety viewers remember when he had a super-computer behind a secret panel at his home. It was all very James Bond.
  10. This! Drew was always a person of substance and sweetness-- very much a "give you the shirt off his back," philosophical about the hand he was dealt, kind of guy. I'm sure that lightness is very much the way Billy Miller is in real life, but it also reminds me of Jason Q. He was always written as the moral center of the Quartermaines.
  11. Just catching up on the last couple weeks and I just CANNOT with Dranco's inexplicable accent. Geeze, he's supposed to have grown up in Sawyer, New York -- not in Tom Sawyer country. On the bright side, it might be my imagination, but on today's episode RoHo may have reeled that in a little bit. I'm also feeling a little gratified about Dranco's first encounter with Jason and him revealing that Drew knew about Jason Q from teenhoood. I always felt that if these two high school jocks lived about half an hour apart, eventually at least one of them would see something about the other in the papers. (In fact, I even said it here, so I'm just going to go ahead and give myself a writer credit, since you guys suspect they read this forum anyway. 😏)
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. Neither has it in the bag. Jordan might get a little cocky with his hatchet or climbing his ladder. Woniya's new snares may or may not work out.
  13. It was just a random draw at the HOH competition. Two people drew punishment buttons. It seems like Jackson is getting a mental health waiver, at least unofficially.
  14. Not to give Jess free advertising, but is she allowed to say what the brand is? It seems like the MLM of choice for social media "influencers" is DoTerra (or whatever the hell spelling it is.)
  15. I'm going to be really interested to see if the Jackholes start talking about Jess as a replacement possibility. It really breaks up the "colorful" pattern of ejected HGs so far, if Nick or Sam go next.
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