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  1. Oh, that's right. Well, they are certainly going to be driving each other crazy until then.
  2. You would think I would know this by now, but is the veto meeting today (Sunday) or tomorrow?
  3. I go back and forth about whether I have dyspraxia or dyscalculia. They are similar in terms of difficulties with math, clocks, time, etc. But the former also has a component of problems with weak muscles, gross motor function, etc. Some day when the pandemic allows us to focus on less dire health/brain concerns, I'm going to try to get a real diagnosis.
  4. I know! We have not one, not two, but THREE dudes coming back from the dead at around the same time. They should just meet up at the Greyhound station and state at each other like WTF?
  5. He actually did kind of growl-ask that when she first came in, but ina barely perfunctory way. I thought everyone here had connected those dots...Some people were just talking about better ways the show could have built the suspense. The many, many ways, LOL.
  6. I think he looks fine for his age. It's the Jason styling that is too young for him. He looked so cute in the preppy clothes Ava got for him when he first came back to town. I was puzzled the kids weren't at the wedding, too, but as said above it could be a security issue because it's a mob wedding. Or simply because when the attack does happen, it's a lot of extra "business" on the writer's part to get the kids to safety. I do remember a wedding that Ryan crashed with explosives strapped to him, and rescuing the kids was a gripping part of the storyline. Regarding Jax and Sonny's ri
  7. I can't believe after all of the grousing we do about "LWB" -- but I didn't make the connection until you just said that. But it reminds me of when Brit was visiting Carly's house and commented on how handsome a photo of Morgan was. Yes, the women did a good job of sounding more horrified each time he spilled out more gas, so it was getting upsetting.
  8. That "FF" was driving me nuts too...especially ironic to be doing a needless time-saver given the conversation. But I do have a fellow feeling with her about needing to fast forward through stressful scenes. My personal hell is when people break in and search someone else's office or home and the person is returning. It's such a trope, but it still stresses me out.
  9. If she ever goes back to "Julie Chen" I will probably reach Nirvana myself. I think they're playing now, right? Usually the feeds go down twice on Veto day, but they don't need to pick players at this stage of the game.
  10. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive because Phyllis is played by a Black actress, but it really bugs me how she (and previously Lenny, PIP) exists just to prop up this fauxmance. There's that whole icky "magical negro" trope. And it especially bothers me now that she's a widow who would normally not have a huge emotional reserve to spend on a pair of new acquaintances. Usually only either elderly white ladies or POC characters (or Elizabeth) are robbed of a reasonable grieving period.
  11. About 100 years ago, gold lamé was actually a classy wedding or ball gown choice. So maybe Carly's just being retro, LOL.
  12. I thought a good time would have been when Jason was the only one who believed her about Nell, and the only one to bother to get her out of the asylum. But now it's just way too forced. However, if both couples initially stay solid because "Mike" isn't interested in his old life, it could possibly feel a little less random, and more authentic, down the road.
  13. The quoted poster is a gibbering idiot who really should know better by now.
  14. I literally laughed out loud when, after SMike spewed one of his usual blustery threats, Jax said dryly, "I thought you might say that." There were decades of conflicts reflected in that handful of words.
  15. They seem to be telegraphing that Austin has personal experience with this, which wouldn't be a surprise, because RH plays every character like his idea of being on the spectrum.
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