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  1. I don't think it's insufferably woke. In fact, I think it's an issue that would come up with an interracial couple like TJ and Molly -- that she'd be naturally a little more naive about the system being easily changeable than TJ would be.
  2. Never leave home without it! As for the anniversary episode, I wasn't a fan of Emmy-bait therapy episodes way back when Bea Arthur did it in Maude, and none of the many iterations since then have changed my mind. That goes double when the "comforting one's inner child" trope is part of it. But it did help that the therapist was Kevin, to keep it less heavy-handed.
  3. Spencer is either definitely kidnapped or lurking around PC (possibly even Wyndemere). When Ryan was last in the hospital, his guard/valet brought him his mail, and on top was a "return to sender" of something he'd addressed to Spencer. If Spencer has gone totally crazy and is Ava's stalker, I'm here for it. I wonder if she'll end up shooting him with her Chekov purse gun.
  4. I think that was mostly the Cyrus actor's fault. It seemed like it was written as a big explosion. Although GF is usually better at reacting to whatever actually goes on in a scene.
  5. I remember there was an older actor on Y & R who had "gone clear," and it was apparently AWKWARD
  6. As you all have mentioned, Carly and Joss did a neat trick of making Franco's death about them -- and I'll only just add, especially without ever alluding to the fact that Carly was about to marry Franco at one point. Cam broke my heart. The only thing missing from the Friz family was scenes with the younger boys, which I was looking forward to when things are a little safer (in the real world). Now that's ruined forever. I really wish I knew if Peter was going to get gunned down or what. I just had a horrible flash that if Carly is single and Peter is now single...well.
  7. As always I enjoyed the Scorpio brothers. Especially when Robert said something about Mac not playing dirty and Mac kind of advanced on him and spit out that he wanted justice for Maxie, and Robert was like, "woah." I suppose RH was bored with Franco playing house husband, but I always feel bad for those boys when they lose another dad. It doesn't seem like he'll "come back" as Franco, and that's kind of a PITA storyline, usually. I just want Sonny to come back before he recovers so that he can reject Carly and Jason!
  8. He actually posted something similar to the above and then deleted it about 24 hours before it was officially announced. Maybe the family wanted more time.
  9. I noticed today on Twitter that JPS joked to DeVry something about just finding out Julian was dead. But then he said "I could have sworn I just saw you in the hall!" That could be an inside joke, obviously, or there could be some kind of beyond-the-grave Julian stuff coming up next month.
  10. To me it was obvious that she was just using the ol' Lesley sarcasm. Maybe it just didn't translate because of her delivery? Although I did think Denise did great and I actually clapped when she showed up unexpectedly. That was just such a weird conversation. They made it sound like Leo is a newborn who'd have no memories of his father. He's practically a preteen! This won't happen because the show has forgotten that Danny had cancer and Julian NEVER gets to be a hero, but I wish it would come out that he'd banked his blood after all. During that SL, Julian refused to do it becau
  11. I was watching a Danish show called "Equinox" on Netflix, and Faison popped up. Anders Hove is only listed as being in the first episode, and it wasn't a long scene, but it's always good to see him.
  12. I saw a preview that seemed to have Jason screaming even more at Carly than he did today, but I guess they didn't get to it this week. But I do get the impression he's not going to see the genius of that idea. (The next two days are repeats and sports, right?)
  13. IIRC, Luke and Jackie had a kind of flirty rapport after (his) Laura disappeared, because they were both looking for answers about the obsessed guy. It's possible that they were trying to see if there was some chemistry there -- but anyway, they were definitely friends.
  14. It's kind of ironic that it was Terry who brought them up, because her very name is kind of an F.U. to Webber history. (Terry was Rick and Jeff's older sister. In fact, I believe Rick and Leslie's house (and later the Scorpio's) was originally Terry's.
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