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  1. LOL, she definitely does seem to be flinching from that hug. And your last one is just right. I shall say no more.
  2. Sorry of posting this is everyone else has, but I keep thinking about this:
  3. I don't follow a lot of GH actors, but I notice that, for whatever reason, Tristan R is really talking up the imminent return to work, and William DeV is downplaying how soon actual filming can begin.
  4. Tad Martin had a good moment yesterday at the Metro Court when Willow confronted him. I can't remember his exact line, but in the middle of it he went from corn pone to menacing in a split second, with verra, verra glinty eyes! For some reason, the only thing I've been interested in is Nina seeing the pendant, and it's looking like that will happen in the last moments of tomorrow's show -- which will lead us to a months' long cliffhanger. Gah!
  5. If Dante comes back, there's every chance that he'll end up in a filler romance on the way to Lulu endgame. That would be great, even if it's temporary, because I feel like he was diluted once NuLu hit the screen. (P.S. Remember how her intro was a quasi-romance with Milo?!)
  6. Sorry not to provide the links, but there are some interesting YT shows cropping up that I don't think I've seen mentioned here. NLG has one called "Soaps in Quarantine," and she just interviewed Tony Geary. It was interesting about his choice to move to Amsterdam, what his home is like (I couldn't help thinking about how Kristin and Brandon conceived there!), and his feelings about Luke over the years. I don't completely agree with his mania against "normalizing" Luke, but it was interesting. TR and his wife also have one called "Six Blocks Apart," which isn't always about soaps, but I think he's had at least one GH guest so far.
  7. He used the phrase "REAL artist," and even though he tried to correct the mistake and say that he essentially meant "professional" as in one who has to market his or her work, I can see why she'd be hurt. I also think she is probably right to be apprehensive about the publicity about the 10-year "anniversary." Isn't that museum thing when Franco kidnapped Aiden? This may or may not be something Aiden knew about or thought about up until this point.
  8. It feels like Brando is a potential spoiler for one of three romances (so far) -- CarSon, JaSam or TJ/Molly. I'm also wondering if Show is setting up yet another contrived "for the child's sake" marriage, with LuLu and Valentine.
  9. I don't think I would have been bothered about their new house, if I hadn't seen Frank's tweet a couple of hours before the episode aired. It said something like, "Someone special is getting new digs!!" Sweet, trusting fans were guessing logical things like a mayor's office for Laura, a bedroom for Anna and Finn, etc. Nope. Just a redo of a set that already exists, for a colossally over-exposed couple.
  10. Especially on a show where first cousins rarely seem to remember they're family, let alone having something ineresting like Franco and Jason being second cousins getting explored.
  11. The Sonny/Jason scenes in the kitchen made it clear that they are trying to make Sonny look younger -- black sweater (and not to be mean, but maybe spanx?), along with shoe-polish hair. But then when he was at Mike's bedside and rubbing his chin*, damned if he didn't unwittingly look just like an aging Brando in the Godfather. It was uncanny. *his own chin, I mean. 🤣
  12. We get the free(ish) version of Hulu with my son's Spotify account, and I was please to discover that they now run GH the same day, after about 8 p.m. Eastern time. I'm probably the last to know that, but just in case there are any fellow rock-dwellers here.... By the way, Tristan said on Twitter yesterday that he thinks there are about five weeks worth of shows left, but that also we should expect that the break will lead to changes in current SLs when they come back. (Cryptic!)
  13. I'm not sure what you mean. Wiley has been living in a household with two parents, and now he is living in a house with one parent. The marrying-Willow thing is dumb, but your point above is lost on me.
  14. One thing I'll say about Chad, he's more believable as the subject of the "He's the best of us" blather that his family, especially Carly, always spouts. (Not that it's hard to be better than the unholy trio.)
  15. Yes! I was just thinking about the "Return of the Cassadines" era when LuLu was sick and Nikolas and Stavos came to town, which was ALSO when Luke was looking for his niece as a potential donor, and realized it was Carly, who was in the midst of her ruin-Bobbie extraveganza. (Bonus: Jason was still a Q in the early days of that.)
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