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  1. I loved Alan Aldas time there and wish it were longer. I also loved his MASH reference for fans about a technique “ he learned as a doc in the army” 😉 Part of interview: For all the times he's stood in front of a camera digging into a patient, it might seem Alda would be immune to grisly scenes, especially since he knows how the magic is done. Besides starring in M*A*S*H, he directed dozens of episodes. Nevertheless, the realism of ER was upsetting. "I was standing over a guy, ready to do a shot. They said, 'You have to stick a tube in his chest.' The chest was a prosthesis but I was standing 3 feet over him and I couldn't tell. I cut a hole in it and stuck the tube in. It was revolting." ER's obsession with doing things right drew Alda to the role. "The phone call took five minutes. They told me about the character and I said yes. This is the No. 1 show on TV and they said they called me because they want to be better. I was honored to be asked." The fact that his character isn't a lovable cut-up like Hawkeye was not an issue. If anything, the opportunity to play against type was a positive, Alda said. Besides, he doesn't see Dr. Lawrence as a bad guy. "I don't think he's especially irritable. He's a teacher. He helped invent ER medicine. Because he knows, he likes to teach. Some people doing it -- Mark Greene, in particular -- don't like to be told "His story line runs through Nov. 11. His other commitments probably preclude extending it beyond then. Further down the line, who knows, he said. "They left the door open a crack. We'll have to see." He mentioned maybe going back in an interview back then but I guess having him sick would have been sad.
  2. No I meant Nels parents didn’t want him marrying Harriet. He said that to her that day and he married her anyway
  3. Benton seemed awkward there but that was part of it I think. I got to like the nurse as I watched and his arrogance vs learning curve. It wasn't my favorite but I liked them exposing him to a different part of the country and "their ways" and seeing him adapt. Trying to picture Romano there, now that would have been funny. I am up to Carol being pregnant on Hulu, but I happened to see a clip of Carol's twins birth in a youtube while searching for something else. It was 4 parts since I forgot it went on for so long. I had forgotten about the C section and bleeding and Abby. She was nice but since I know how annoying she becomes, I still saw it if that makes any sense. : ) I also forgot how much Carol complained, before and after epidural and although the twins were beyond adorable, it just was so dumb, Doug wasn't called or trying to get there. The last scene had her holding one while another cried in the bassinet a few feet away for some reason. She was looking scared and overwhelmed. I had twins so I guess I get putting in how I was vs this fiction so I was biased. She had 9 months to prepare for this and acted like she was caught off guard. I know they had to work with not having Doug on phone or voice over (that would have helped) but what woman runs to a guy that they had not visit her, call, want to see his girls, etc. Carol goes blindly there, why I saw it as romantic years ago and not now must have been from a lot less thought about it and watching it once. It was like they corrected a long story line with a good ending so we forgave them. lol I also would have liked to see Carter and Chen, better than having him lose a baby with Kem. You had to know that at the end, he found happiness somewhere.
  4. And at Willie's wedding, his parents didn't want him to marry her...maybe because of engagement? Rules were odd then but she had money, it had to be something.
  5. When he was sick was another time and when he was with Molly and at the end Nels and Harriet walked at night together after she burned the roast. (willie dug in though)
  6. Ray Liotta won for Time of Death along with Sally Field. "The rest were nominated but didn't win.
  7. I also liked seeing Mark learn more about his parents and liked how Doug told him how lucky he was, he had "Ozzie and Harriet" even if it wasn't written exactly the way he wanted it to be. Then he told excerpts of his own disjointed childhood. That part was very real for many. I also liked the tease of Mark's dad by others and his not getting promoted. He sacrificed a lot like many parents but didn't talk about it. I do wonder why the writing went from that to the flat writing of Doug's decline. Maybe to make him less missed, but his acting in those episodes was far better than the sleepy, flat ones with Choosing Joi. I know Anthony Edwards wanted to leave, but I missed him. He was the heart of the ER in many ways.
  8. The one I try to forget is The Older Brothers Mr. Edwards, and later, Almanzo and John, become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws. Notes: An episode of Bonanza, titled "The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother", had a story with a similar theme to this episode. Both episodes were written by Michael Landon. Guest stars: Geoffrey Lewis, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott
  9. Yes I think I saw it twice and that was more than enough. There was another later with a kidnapping and dumb kidnappers and it was too painful for me to get through. The difference from the The Richest Man type shows and that was 180 degrees.
  10. I'm watching The Storm part one and two while doing some exercises (not to feel like a slug) and I never noticed how "blah" Doug's acting was. in Part one with Ricky and the aftermath. He seems to walk through the last 2 shows and seem almost bored. I understood the anguish from Carol being lied too, Marks hurt and disappointment, Kerry too, but his lack of emotion just seemed so flat. Even his speech to the investigator about saving kids and not saving them paled to his response back to him as his real motives. Such a shame they made him so shallow and self-centered toward the end without growth. Even when Carol told him she had her job when he brought up Portland, he impishly said "You got demoted" with that smile. (I wanted to smack him) Romano really liked the maverick in him and seemed to understand him earlier, they might have got along in a different future to a degree, if Clooney stayed. It's funny how re watching has you see things differently, especially watching back to back. Maybe with time in between, certain things look differently. When exactly did he change I wonder? If he kept up that reckless behavior he'd never hold down a job long and they had him wanting a child etc. A year away and he was fine. A job mentioned in passing by a fake doctor, still wanted him without an interview it seems, and he ends up with a lovely home by the water and a boat. The magic of TV. ; )
  11. I agree with most of the late episodes , Landon gave up on the show (IMHO) even if he didn't say it. Kids wanting to commit suicide, orangutans , silly kidnappings, poor Doc Baker being slammed again. The writers left or starting smoking pot and drinking more. No more Bonanza scripts? When I see a show like Mr Carter's son liking a widow, I love it more than I should, not because it's that good but the rest are that bad.
  12. I saw that at the hospital sometimes. Some of the docs would date or hook up with people they wouldn't marry (or some thought) because it was easier. I knew a girl who was a clerical worker, who went out with a resident and he used her for sex mostly, when she wanted to go to dinner to something more substantial, always work excuses. When she broke up with him he said to me "I just wanted fun" but it wasn't that. There was a lack of respect , he didn't treat other women residents like that. That was the only time I saw Mark show that same attitude. His wife made a jab at her too with a smile and he looked ashamed (forget what it was) and that bothered me. Doug who dated anyone "in a bra" as Carol put it was discouraging too. Now they made Cynthia very annoying with that fake voice and I don't know why. Was it an over the top obvious ploy to have her seem dense? The actress could have done it without that. But Mark was human and not perfect, most of the time he was a good guy. I'm glad Cynthia said she deserved better after she miraculously got her son back. ; )
  13. A minor criticism I have with the nurses is that they ALL did the same work, worked as hard, as well and Carol was always thought of as smarter. I'm not sure why. She had her emotional problems, bad judgement but the rest all worked as a team and they had kids or husbands etc. on top of it. It was ok for Doug to date Carol but Mark always had to be with a doctor or lawyer or seem to be "slumming". Cynthia was annoying with that voice but saying him and Chuney weren't compatible didn't have anything to do with her job. I liked them but never felt any real chemistry. If Cynthia wasn't so grating, I'm sure the fact she was a receptionist would have been the reason. I felt Mark might have been better with someone not as career oriented but who you love is not always the best fit. I did feel a little chemistry with Mark and Susan at times but more from him. I had a friend like that and he misread it too. When you invite someone for pizza etc you have to be careful. I think because they saw each other at apartments, got along so well, Mark was hurting, Doug was encouraging, he saw a little more than their was. She also was leaving so they couldn't have him get too close.
  14. Wasn't what he did with Jeanne wrong too? I work with today's HIPPAA but don't know what it was then. I can't even imagine a supervisor doing the cup thing today without a lawyer being on the phone soon. I know they were all "family" in some ways but rules are rules and not everyone needed to know things that personal. We had an employee take a sick day and say she went to an ER in another town. She heard her supervisor tried to go into her records there (they had access) and she was looking into her rights.
  15. I always wanted more for Carter, I liked him a lot, the young intern to later. Not perfect, but no one is, but how they ended with him seemed incomplete.
  16. So agree, the romance in leaving your job without coverage, your home, your kids with your mom on a whim was so romantic back then but I'm like you, I am thinking if he cheats again, she's going to crash. He looked happy to see her but not surprised at all. The writers who couldn't have been the same bunch they started with, I wish they gave her some better scripts that year. . I wish they showed the girls later when they had the transplant story or a special years later. I know Mark died, but just a catch up to give Carter a great story and show Carol and kids (marriage or graduation?) Maybe it would have looked tired, but many fans would have loved to see their friends again.
  17. I agree, along with other fans but contracts and other behind the scenes things made it just "off". Who stays in her job with twins and complains for a year before a cancer patient makes her realize, "Geez, I should be with the father of my children and the only guy I want to be with" I always said in real life, a girl of the week would have been with him on the boat though. A chaste Doug in a gorgeous house in a lovely location, well on TV anything is possible. lol Most fans on this site and others felt if he did charity work in another country for a year, it would have been more believable. He finds out later about the pregnancy, finishes his term and comes back. He became a better actor but even when they meet at his house, he does the exact same thing, the smile, holding her face, kiss and lifting her up.When he met her outside her house when they started their relationship again, same thing. When you watch a lot at once, you see the formula but it was so set with him. He was also very shaggy (hair) around the time of getting in trouble with the heroin baby and I thought that probably was sexy back then, now I was thinking, "get a trim!" lol I think her obsession and earlier suicide (they hoped we'd forget) always made me feel she was the follower, the weaker link. The "I don't want to lose you, I don't want to wake up alone, I don't want you to cheat" When he chased her it was obnoxious and she was right, he wanted her because she acted like she didn't want him. I also felt it was very sexually based, a good thing, but that's it. Everything they talked or joked about was sex, every love note was just sexual, it would have been nice if she ever said anything about him she liked beyond that since that was the basis of most of Doug's flings. Greene was a good friend to balance him though, a very real character.
  18. He did that so many times, even in the beginning. When he took the time to read to that teacher who was dying alone, you could always read his face without him saying very much, his conflicts, his joy, his sadness and it was usually subtle. He was a very good actor. I wish he had better stories with his Africa trip but he did what he could with it. I know he went on to big things, but I never felt that with Clooney on the show. He was "puppy dog look" half the time, head cocked to side, arrogant the other quarter and contrite the other part. Watching him now vs years ago, he seems caring but not as bright. I know he playing a part, but it seemed like he was just saying the lines except for a few really good shows. I never felt the depth I have with other characters. Doing the detox with the baby seemed heroic as a teen, now just rash. Carol going along with him seemed the same. I know she loved Doug but to risk her career and follow him so much, look past so much, made not following him at the end, more odd. When she finally did, it was like "Okay, you had one foot out the entire time".
  19. Watched the episode Of Past Regret and Future Fear, with the guy with chemical burns who dies within 24 hours (Anthony Edwards directs) A young security guard is accidentally doused with a highly toxic substance (hydrochloride acid). Michael Rapaport gave a terrific performance and I had a tear fall as Carol read his letter to his daughter to him as he died. I don't think I watched that show more than a couple of times and it had been a while. It reminded me when hospitals began to change and have less staff and one nurse who had been around a decade or so,complained how much she hated it. Patient care was getting done but that's it, the connections nurses got to have, the conversations, the time spent, was gone. Sad, I know the power point presentations at board meetings don't show anything but numbers, but sometimes good care is better when you make a connection.
  20. That's true, ours was pickup by 530 or 6 with penalties for late arrivals. (those could add up) Really why would anyone want to take care of children in the evening? It's not a home and the kids are tired. We had a well known OB/Gyn in the newspaper in the 90's saying she was looking to start an at home babysitting group for when docs had to go in and couldn't stay home with a sick child. It was a whopping 10.00 an hour which was high back then and the sitter would stay at their home until they got back. I didn't hear about it for very long, whether it couldn't find sitters who wanted to catch what the kid had or most doctors had nanny's. a PS Carter said he got paid 28,000 when asking for a loan when Gamma shut him off
  21. In 2015, documents said average 55,000 for residents and average 61,200 in 2019. Back then I'm sure it was much less. So that makes sense, he said "after taxes" and he has loans I'm sure. Back in the mid 1990's my child's teacher was married to a urologist who was a hospital doctor and got around 80.000. That was less than a private practice doctor but he had everything (health insurance, malpractice) paid for and no mortgage, rent. Still not what most think doctor's make who aren't in high income specialties. I'm sure residents were much lower. I think ER did their homework with that. I worked at Yale Hospital during the early 90's and most residents/interns that weren't rich (a few) lived very simply in cheap apartments and talked of making the "real money" later. Our hospital daycare was way too expensive back then for anyone but doctor's and higher paid specialties but residents would have it tough. I hope that has changed, maybe a sliding scale but many were envious they had a place so close and the support staff had to go elsewhere.
  22. I agree, I'm glad I re watched it and saw some good episodes, but God, I could have cut out Abby, the Luca and Samantha drove me nuts (and her son) That turned into a soap opera to me and not a good drama. They tried to incorporate sex into everything instead of it being a part of the show, it seemed forced. Why they tool with the best chemistry and writing, I don't know. MASH I don't feel (memory fades a bit) did that with their writing, not every episode has to be great, but don't lose the formula that works. Carter deserved better too toward the end but the final shows that bring them back is great, even Mark Greene. ; ) One nice thing about seeing it again is you can skip episodes or FF on HULU and it's okay. I'm so glad I get to watch it on that platform and not see what they put on TV.
  23. Unless it wasn't expected, I'm sure they will do fine. It's gotten a little better than hiding people around potted plants like in the 70's : ) With so many characters, they can concentrate less on her but I hope it's not sending her away because of the pregnancy. I forgot a lot of my angst last year but really didn't like that story line. With covid and talking about it, she also might have more phone calls or scenes where they can't be with her because of it. Sitting at a desk or table, on your side in bed, camera magic, does wonders today.
  24. Yes, it gets blurry for me too because I started to watch less the last few seasons and would watch when it was hyped as a good one . Catching up during furlough for 2 months, I saw although end shows were not great, the gems in-between were good. Carrie was a jerk at times but she was "real". Not many people are one dimensional. Carter was usually good but not perfect. Carrie felt she fought for so long to be respected, she'd sell you out to stay there. She did have a conscience but like some, pushed it down on occasion. That was a big one.
  25. Wasn't that Tag? I don't think she left one , took up with another so soon and decided to get married again. She only mentions Tag when discussing "having done the ring/wedding plans before. Someone commented that he stuck with her through recovery but I wondered then if she realized anyone else would feel like a replacement.
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