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  1. I agree with you. The Phoenix tattoo looked like something a beginner would do. But it was more vibrant I guess? IDK, I liked Picasso and feel bad he yet again got the shaft. Boneface being back was just to cause drama but that is obvious. I liked the cover up tattoo. Loved the Pins and Needles bird tattoo. I'm liking this season.
  2. I couldn't take my eyes off of Oleg this episode. Why was he wearing pink eyeshadow?
  3. No comments on the Burlesque episode? Sad, this was my favorite episode in a long time! The girls in the dance class were amazing. I even enjoyed Sophie in this one. Im not sure if I believe Caroline would be into Bobby, but I'll go with it. Max's sex retirement. Lots of good lines, but Beth kills it with the physical comedy. Motioning as if the purse goes into her vagina. These are the girls I love!
  4. I finally caught this show. I loved it. I want more of this, MTV! Add the kids and and it will be even better. Or I would watch a season the dads road trippin across the US. I even want Nathan there cause you can tell the other dads low key hate him.
  5. Exactly! His phone is in his hand most of the time he is around Aubrey anyway...
  6. Dave hanging from the hooks was a weird way to start the show. Do you just ooze blood after that? What about his back tattoos? Would they scar and look different after that? Did anyone else get an eyeful of crotch on Ryan's canvass? Eventually they put up graphics, but before that I could tell she rejects waxing. All these questions, none about our contestants. It seemed like Kelly had the audience vote. (she was also my favorite) She seemed pretty destroyed to lose. My theory is they wanted an attractive Ink Master. (I do think Ryan is very talented) But I'm sure potential advertisers would prefer a PYT in their Charger.
  7. Is Debra in the witness protection program? I turned on the show late and see her in a bad wig.
  8. I don't like bio-mechanical tattoos. I just find them boring to look at. Im glad they at least save bio-mechanical for the end. :) Anyway, Kelly for the win!
  9. I thought I saw her break a little sweat when Dr. Drew said he had a way to tell if she was back on drugs.
  10. Farrah was all too pleased with herself to dish about firing her employee with her 7 year old kid. Just add it to list of reasons Sophia has an uphill battle to be normal as an adult. Matt's son creeped me out. He's a chip off the old block. Get asked a tough question that you don't have an answer to? Don't worry, just blame it on your addiction.
  11. That's what I thought, my parents have a wooden one.
  12. Maybe she should change her toilet paper roll before taking the selfie?
  13. I got a huge kick out of the kids talking about politics. This is what I need more of! Not bickering coaches! Other thoughts, I rolled my eyes when Cambrie said that she didnt even have all her stuff with her. There is one thing you can be sure of, that woman does NOT travel light. I liked Unique's purple hair, didn't like her kid so much. Did anyone else notice Amanda seems to be losing her hair? Must be from all the crowns...
  14. You can say it if your maturity level is stuck in high school.
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