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  1. First, let me say that I have missed posting with all of you. I miss the snark, the lively discussions and CountryGirl's fantastic recaps. Truth be told, in disgust, I boycotted the show because of this storyline (the only one playing out). The cruelty of it was difficult to fathom. But, with the reveal, I've dipped my foot back into the water, one toe at a time. Liam hit the nail on the head for me, i.e. Beth was bought and sold "like a piece of furniture." As the descendent of people who were bought and sold like chattel, this was like a gut punch and underscored why I had to step away. I
  2. I'm so sorry that I missed the segment with Senator Harris. I was flipping back and forth between this show and my local news station. However, at around 8:30 when they started their ode to Ronald Reagan, I shut the TV off and headed out the door. I get Joe's anger with his party, I even understand Mika's cautionary screed to the mainstream media about giving Trump access to all the networks. But Joe and Mika's studied and deliberate lack of self-awareness reeks.
  3. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head when Joe started his sermonette about not understanding why or how someone like Trump got elected. Really? Joe--you really don't know how that happened? He and Meek-a take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for allowing Trump to have access to their show for nearly two years. When they weren't doing that, their show became a daily skewering about every one of Hillary crimes, real or imagined, from her emails, her alleged corruption, her ties to Wall Street, and her failure and refusal to kiss the corn-encrusted feet of her husband's former paramours
  4. I simply can't. The first thing I hollered was, "Meek-a, we're NOT doing this shit with you this morning! Look into the light, boo! Look into the light and then a mirror! The only difference between you and Monica is that your adulterous relationship worked out for you!" Or, at least to the extent that being in a relationship with Joe is actually a positive thing. Monica Lewinsky had an affair with a married man--an affair she initiated. This was after having had an affair with another married man for several years. I'm sure that wife is still waiting for an apology! It's downright
  5. It's not just you. There was a moment there where I could have sworn she gave Joe this adoring look--almost coquettish. I wasn't sure if it was the heavy eyeliner and mascara that made it seem that way or not. It's beyond annoying the way these two turn everything into a joke, no matter how serious the subject matter. It's also annoying that they seem to work out their relationship issues on the air, which makes the audience voyeurs to their dysfunction. Meek-a constantly referring to Whitaker as "ripped" pissed me off to the highest of pissivity. Okay! We heard you the first time!
  6. Yeah, there's nothing I like more than waking up to the sound of Dr. Brzezinski's daughter lecturing the women who actually did put themselves out there and "literally [stood] up to Donald Trump." As if they need her advice about putting in the work and knowing their value! It was a stark reminder that I really need to work on my prayer life because I don't want the first words out of my mouth for the day to be "Bitch, please!" Then it's followed up by yelling and bloviating from Joe with his nuggets of wisdom, including that it doesn't matter what Donald Trump thinks because for the firs
  7. If this show was one of those biblical flicks of the 1950's and 1960's, Meek-a and her would-be husband would have been struck down by lightning for these particular blasphemies. Evidently, they want us to forget that they were basically auditioning for what was to be Trump TV throughout the entire 2016 campaign. They also want us to forget that after seeming to back away due to Trump dismal poll numbers, their auditions gained steam after their infamous September 2016 visit to Trump Tower. Their behavior was so obvious that several media outlets, media watchdog groups and viewers commented
  8. WORD to all of this! I kept reading theories that Grace was Bishop and Mavis' daughter, which would have explained Lady Mae's animosity but it made no sense to me. I didn't want to believe that Grace might be Lady Mae and Lionel's daughter either. But, something in Lady Mae's demeanor when she was informed that Lionel was calling made me highly suspicious. My spidey senses went into overdrive when her good friend kept mentioning letting Grace preach. So, of course, I screamed, "I KNEW IT!" when Lionel opened that door and said he wanted to talk about his daughter. And, why do I get the sen
  9. Speaking of Florida, did they bother to discuss the gubernatorial debate? At all? I sure would be interested in knowing their observations. Or, are they more obsessed with the two candidates' poll numbers as opposed to engaging in a substantive discussion about the debate and each candidate's platform and positions. It would have been better than listening to Joe lecturing Drumpf's cult members for the 666th time about cheering for things that they "know are lies." Does Joe actually think they listen to him and would be chastened or embarrassed? Admittedly, I didn't spend a whole lot
  10. Thanks for the great recap, CountryGirl! I'll just say that it's too bad that Miss Run 'N Tell Dat hadn't opened the door earlier. Otherwise, this basic slattern would have overheard Bill acknowledging (finally!) why he went off the rails. It's unfortunate that Bill fed Hauxdi's over-inflated ego for nearly a year, and she happily lapped up every bit of unearned and unwarranted praise like the thirsty sponge she is. I guess now she has her grimy daddy to pick up the slack in that department. Had she really been paying attention and could see through the haze of her fake eyelashes and
  11. I'll just start by saying that the neither of the Greenleaf men have a lick of sense. I'll be the first to admit that Lady Mae has a whole lot of shit with her, but in this instance, Bishop would do well to L-I-S-T-E-N. When it comes to women with game, real recognizes real and Mae knows of which she speaks. Color me shocked--shocked!--that Mae's lawyer didn't advise her to (a) get credit in her own name; and (b) transfer half of the money in the joint accounts into a separate account that James doesn't have access to. That way she wouldn't have been ass out and caught off guard the way sh
  12. Amazing how this narrative is now being pushed as a backlash to the MeToo Movement, which was actually started over a decade ago by an African American woman from Harlem named Tarana Burke. She started the movement for young WOC, one of whom revealed to her at a youth camp that her mother's boyfriend had been abusing her. These were communities where rape crisis centers and sexual assault workers were not present and the MeToo Movement's initial goal was to let these survivors know, "We see you." It's fascinating how Sullivan and his ilk are now claiming that it's a movement that victim
  13. These fuckers. And, they wonder why they get dragged for filth on social media and by media watchdogs. It's the ultimate in gaslighting. So, basically, people exercising their First Amendment rights to nonviolently protest a rigged process by a bunch of white male fossils attempting to ram through a seriously flawed candidate, who couldn't even comport himself with dignity, should be criticized. Meanwhile, the "tea party" folks who showed up at town hall meetings during President Obama's first term with guns in tow, are what? Patriots? So, what? Democratic voters should sit in a cor
  14. I know that Joe and Meek-a get dragged pretty regularly on social media, and Media Matters calls them out regularly for their on-air foolery. It's just disappointing that The Washington Post continually gives Joe valuable real estate on editorial page. TeddysMom, Joe was bloviating about Wisconsin and Michigan and about white males were the backbone of the party. It drives me batty when they don't delve deeper and discuss the severe gerrymandering in Wisconsin and voter suppression tactics by the GOP. In fact, there's a ballot measure in Michigan to stop gerrymandering altogether.
  15. Could someone tell me when and how white males became the "backbone of the Democratic party?" If that's true, that's news to the black women who put Alabama's Roy Moore and others over the top, as well as the other women and non-white males who have showed up and showed out in the primaries and special elections. As my grandmother used to say, "talk about what you know, and know what you're talking about." Oh, and just so you know, Joe, people of color and other so-called minorities are real people with real concerns, i.e. taxes, the ability to send kids to college, affordable health insura
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