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    Give it a minute, pilots are always awkward. There is way too much talent involved for it not to get better.
  2. Omega Mu


    In addition to the announced cast, Gary Cole will be playing Clem and Shannon's father!
  3. Omega Mu

    S15.E08: Restaurant Wars

    I laughed at how pleased Common Place was when the designer called them out as "hipster"
  4. Omega Mu

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    Oh, they're happening here! I worked as Mrs. Claus at an amusement park for Christmas season 2015. I could tell in advance exactly what every 6 year old girl who sat on Santa's lap was going to ask for... SHOPKINS! I had to go home and look them up because that was easily the most requested girls' toy of the season.
  5. Omega Mu

    S01.E04: Pop-Up Beauty

    Surprised to see my friend Paula as one of the make-over victims of "Team No Filter." They didn't show her interview, but they did show her before/after photo in the judging segment. Only difference I saw was her beautiful smile in the after photo and her hair had been fluffed up.
  6. Omega Mu

    S01.E03: A Quick Tip Tutorial

    Am I crazy, or am I just not paying attention? Didn't Corey win last week? Wouldn't he have had immunity? If that's the case why did they stretch out the elimination when it obviously had to be the contestant do did not have immunity? Actually, don't bother answering or correcting me, let's not waste our time even thinking about this steaming pile of shit.
  7. Omega Mu

    S16.E07: The Ultimate Faceoff

    And Batani's look was Laurie Partridge.
  8. Omega Mu

    S16.E02: An Unconventional Recycling

    I don't remember, did they say the models are assigned randomly? Because if Shaun doesn't get the size 22 girl next week there is something wrong in the universe.
  9. Omega Mu

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    From the Lansing State Journal: "They also competed in “Twinning,” a 2015 VH1 show that separated twins, then tested their intuition and knowledge of each other. They won and hoped to be hosts of a second season ... except there wasn't one. Instead, a bit later, “Runway” beckoned." I think they want Heidi's job!
  10. Omega Mu

    The People's Court

    I love all of your commentary! My husband watches regularly, so I've been reading him these summaries. I have a quick question that has been bothering us, and perhaps the answer has come up at some point: Whenever a plaintiff or defendant says they're on disability, JM always asks what the disability is. Do you really have to answer that question in court (let alone on national TV)? How is it anyone's business if it has no relevance to the case? Wouldn't the ADA or HIPAA disallow that line of questioning?
  11. Omega Mu

    S02.E12: One In A Million

    No, that was a different doctor. He was hired, father son drama, made out with Leanne and then disappeared.
  12. Omega Mu

    S14.E06: A Southern Legend

    I was delighted to see her! We used to watch her PBS show almost 30 years ago and remember her once announcing "I'm devoted to cheese!" That's a line my husband and I have used ever since. I assume we'll be getting a new one now? Maybe the CEO of Chik-fil-a?
  13. Omega Mu

    S01.E06: Auditing

    I dont have a direct link, but if you go to www.whoismichaelrinder.com and scroll to the bottom of the page there are links to several of the hate sites have been generated due to this show. Aaron's hate site is one of them.
  14. Speaking of Central Casting (which only casts background actors, no speaking roles), it's been a couple of years since I signed up, but at the time Scientologists stationed themselves outside the building passing out leaflets for "free acting lessons." If you want to reach the kids who are fresh off the bus from Nebraska with dreams of stardom, Central Casting is often their first step into the industry.
  15. Omega Mu

    S16.E10: Dancing In The Grotto

    I believe one of the Playboy bunnies was the infamous Dani Mathers of the body shaming gym locker room snapchat.
  16. Omega Mu

    S16.E09: Spoon Fed

    Imagine that, a view of FOX Studios!
  17. Omega Mu

    S14.E01: Something Old, Something New

    Sam... he'll always be the "hot diabetic" to me!
  18. Omega Mu

    S03.E04: Don't Tell Annalise

    And you remember why she burned down HER house, to kill the nasty ol' uncle who was messing with Annalise. I believe that Annalise burned her house down to kill someone who was hurting one of hers.
  19. Omega Mu

    S01.E06: What We Owe to Each Other

    The fat dog, OMG!
  20. Omega Mu

    S04.E01: Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants

    We were just invited to a birthday party at Farrell's next week! My husband and I both commented that we hadn't been to Farrell's since high school (late 70's). Back then that was place you went after every game, concert, play, etc., at least for nerd kids like us.
  21. Omega Mu

    S02.E08: Fugitive

    My theory is that Yael isn't really a journalist, that's just her cover story, she's actually an investigator for a law firm working for the family of Suicide Mary. I have no evidence of this, it just makes sense to me. She's a Kalinda. I also think a journalist with any integrity at all wouldn't put themselves in the position (hee hee) of boning a source (Jeremy) for information. Imagine the disclosure statement!
  22. Omega Mu

    S02.E06: Servants' Disease

    Continuity error, but I only noticed this because I personally know the actress. Last week Mr Peepers called the blonde maid Susan and took her broom and called it a limbo stick. This week the same woman was introduced to Lillian as Pearl, her old wet nurse and constant companion. I'll just say that one of those is her real name, lol.
  23. There was a banana running in the fun run in season 2, episode 9
  24. Omega Mu

    S07.E20: Party

    When Marissa said she was thinking about law school, I was kind of hoping it was the set-up for a spin-off series.
  25. Omega Mu

    S15.E05: Karissa

    Sylvia's intervention episode aired in 2006, so probably 10 years or more. My family still refers to the mini bottles of Smirnoff's as "little red tops."