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  1. I broke down and bought season 13 this weekend. Does vk have a dad or is it just her and Tina ?
  2. I wonder if aud knows her daughters favorite colors ???
  3. I’m surprised Ashley Kelley made it as long as she did. I liked her attitude , but she was going to hurt someone on the kick line
  4. I can’t get my hair puffier, my jacket will be PUFFY
  5. I guess i should answer my own question😝. Mine is lauren
  6. But fundy churches won’t say its wine .... all the sunday sermons on this. Ugh
  7. As much as I dislike Anna and smugs, at least she seems to like her children
  8. Is it a requirement they do sexy hips anytime they are out and about in a group ???
  9. I’ve always wondered why it was so important for Megan f RIP as she said in her first taking head that it was a new concept for her So she couldn’t even claim like the other 80 %ish that it’s been a dream since they were 2
  10. I think its sad they probably cant name the ones they have without a cheat sheet
  11. Which season was Michelle Keyes’ rookie season ?
  12. It always cracks me up when they are cut at auditions and say god has a different plan for me. And then they try out again I think more people invoked the Gods plan for me in the earlier seasons training camp cuts
  13. Just like her parents ...
  14. Red head Katie S had some very pretty eyes
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