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  1. Or she had horrible role models and is gross in her displays of over affection
  2. I can’t shade for Waffle House But I am so tired of them sitting same side of booth. We get it. You are sooooo in love 🤮
  3. And breakdown in 3.....2......1
  4. Jill isn’t posting the books anymore. I guess her sweet friends expect her to get her own from the library or buy her own Can we make a pamphlet for her called “ stop grifting through life”?
  5. Morgan getting cut the next season shouldn’t have been a surprise to her She shouldn’t have made it to begin with and then being late for interviews??? I’m compulsively early... especially if it were something I wanted so badly
  6. I figured the only time we would hear from Tyler would be him defending how she looks.
  7. So she got those huge extensions to put them up in awful pony tail ?
  8. If Cate does want to get pregnant again, she needs to drop some pounds. First those extensions then body weight. She needs to get an actual therapist and work through her issues
  9. I know they don’t show it, but do they still do big sister /little sister ?
  10. I’m just thankful they didn’t get a dog for Christmas
  11. Morgan should never have made it. She just kept crumbling. I like the new longer Jake from State Farm commercial 🙂 don’t care for Ashley Paige
  12. I’m surprised she made a meal she didn’t post and think it’s the #bestmealever
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