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  1. I graduated from a Christian university and up until I quit the church , I couldn’t tell you some of it !
  2. Is she an elephant being pregnant a year and a half ??
  3. My favorite to rewatch is 6. I hate watch season 8 a lot. My least favorite is season 3 or 5. Stephanie h just bugs me
  4. 1. I just want to be hollys friend and talk about make up. 2 Brian the butler was so sweet. I bought a few more episodes yesterday and am watching the Easter/ winnies birthday. And he was just the best
  5. Watching the earlier seasons and the ladies called in for weight usually said they ran a lot When you boy around 25 dears you need to switch it up a bit. Especially if it’s not doing the job. Your body changes Seeing Viviana first season last night and Jay said at deliberations he would work with her with everything he had. And I believe him. So I wonder since she wanted it so badly if she called him ?
  6. Back to her normal sitting position huh ?
  7. Taylor’s dance style bugged me It was too sharp. I didn’t like her hair extensions, but didn’t like the cut they gave her either She seemed to me to be one who always got what she went after ( nothing wrong with that ) but from the first meeting she had this attitude like she was sure to make the team
  8. Kim was pretty and seemed very nice , but I don’t understand why she was there. She never was shown enjoying it She was nervous and shaken when she got called out Red head Jamie also tried out a lot. I think I saw her starting season 5
  9. The only drive she had the second time was finding and being on camera
  10. Shouldn’t she be due now or really soon ?
  11. I’m just now at the point I am comfortable saying my going out makeup style is late 90s early 2000s playmate, but it is
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