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  1. His damn mug shot smirk. The feds could charge to put him in like a dunk tank situation And I would pay a few dollars to wipe that off him
  2. Her hormones must be in such turmoil
  3. Theological debates ???? Oh for the love of cheddar
  4. They just need to phrase it to him correctly: hey how about having your own place , 3 meals a day. No helping with children. No nagging wife ? Maybe learn a trade ? Great 5-10 years
  5. He should have just played best fiends and word crush
  6. MTV really needs to have it in their contracts for counseling And not sad panda. I mean actual therapy
  7. Her stomach is still so small !!!
  8. Holly posted a you tube video where she watched season 1 episode 1
  9. I see she’s still not taking any personal responsibility for her relationships
  10. I am watching episodes intend to skip , and I think my dog (Leia. 1 of the best dogs in the world) is tired of me yelling at Kendra Her attitude , especially in the 1st 2 seasons, omg
  11. She has a newborn and Veda to take care of .... social media should be her last concern
  12. She thought someone respected her and that shes not hired “talent”?
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