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  1. I think Imogen Stubbs has aged well
  2. I don’t think they are having lots of sexy times. I think Jill is ready for it( look at who her role models are).
  3. Kail saying co parenting with Chris isn’t happening. How loud can we all say Duh?
  4. They dislike Izzy fur some reason and it breaks my heart. I think part of it is Jill wanted a girl to be a helper
  5. It’s fun to see the continual commercials for teen mom on Pluto tv and them showing amber yelling into the phone about someone trying to bash her as a mother. Hon, nobody’s got to try. There is plenty of evidence out there 1- I love your screen name 2- she’s an idiot with no friends.
  6. Always Was Kelli Jo a bit older than most rookies ?
  7. any of them posting nothing to see here always raises my suspicions.. I want to comment to her you don’t know what’s going on so your info isn’t trustworthy either.
  8. Where are they going to learn about boundaries? Jill probably encouraged them to show him right then
  9. Yes! Thank you I don’t know why I think she’s a Rachel
  10. Since when are Duggar’s opposed to similar names anyway?
  11. Jill probably would watch “the injury” epsiode of The Office and think cooking bacon like that sounds like a good idea
  12. I wonder if she goes around talking like shes still being filmed ?
  13. Am i the only 1 who thinks rachel from season 13? ( the one alwayd looking down) was inspired by the girl from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous? Everytime her season is shown and they show her at work and shes signing i think of that movie
  14. I keep missing Vivians 2nd season on pluto
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