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  1. Nina moach was just so cute and sweet
  2. Maybe Derek has told her that she earned a portion of the money but daddy dreariest is keeping it and he wouldn’t have to grub hub if it weren’t for him
  3. Cause Derelict posted 🙂 I kinda hope she does try R&F. As I am a horrible person and want her to see her run off people Something is going to have to happen to get her brain to click See if this person is your friend or sees you as part of her downline She’s already shown she doesn’t know what she’s doing with the product
  4. I heard her say not currently emphasizing the currently not talking to meaning Yeah she had been, but not right now And no one should have been serving her I know different rules for celebrity and athletes
  5. I’ve thought Kat is beautiful from auditions... it’s just some of her personality quirks turned me off As someone said , she’s like an over excited puppy
  6. Season 1 on now. Saw Tina k during the dcc dinner
  7. I think it was the daughter of a former player
  8. Yeah those meetings at the Verandah club seem to be when most people are at work
  9. The royal baby Archie Since Cate was pregnant at the same time and had her thunder stolen 🙂
  10. I’m surprised they didn’t do more with Alex Hermes hair during makeovers. Cause that preseason game they showed, her hair was not great. And that’s before they started dancing
  11. Telling Kim she looked scared to death and then “boo!” That’s the Kelli I like
  12. So another grandchild for her to collect and not really give a damn about
  13. Meredith was shown crying and her makeup did not move. Could it be permanent?
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