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  1. Holly posted a you tube video where she watched season 1 episode 1
  2. I see she’s still not taking any personal responsibility for her relationships
  3. I am watching episodes intend to skip , and I think my dog (Leia. 1 of the best dogs in the world) is tired of me yelling at Kendra Her attitude , especially in the 1st 2 seasons, omg
  4. She has a newborn and Veda to take care of .... social media should be her last concern
  5. She thought someone respected her and that shes not hired “talent”?
  6. I wonder what apps Tyler has hidden profiles on
  7. So , can these two NOT talk to each other and spare us ????🤢🤮🤑
  8. Does kail not have ANYONE in her life that can tell her she looks like hell ?????
  9. I forget which season it is , but before the first meeting Christina and someone else are looking at some of the memorabilia and quizzing each other on who it is and they say yeah we’ve got this .... but the names are in the cases with the items!!!
  10. If I could ❤️This 10 times I would !
  11. Kendra and that grill she HAD to have. And all the body rolling ...
  12. I feel bad for the 2 she has at home They aren’t Carly and they aren’t boys
  13. GND is now on the IMDb channel !!!!!
  14. Omg. She’s a piece of work
  15. Behind the Bastards podcast has dropped part 1 for Smuggs....
  16. I wonder what happened during the season (season 5) that so many retired And Olivia s got cut at finals because of the Princess. Watching the episode where a bunch of vets and Stephanie were called in for weight warning and curious if they just didn’t want to deal with it anymore or if they couldn’t keep the weight down? And calling our Meghan sharpe for needing bigger shorts at cameos. I just don’t understand Kelli sometimes
  17. Kinley Minchew In season 5. Said she hoped the judges wouldn’t harp on the past ... well you showed your true colors and you should be glad they didn’t take you again just to cut you. And poor kaimie coming back looking worse
  18. Considering what they share , they have to be insufferable in private
  19. I graduated from a Christian university and up until I quit the church , I couldn’t tell you some of it !
  20. Is she an elephant being pregnant a year and a half ??
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