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  1. hiccup

    Jess and April

    Based on their meeting, I do think they would play well off of each other. However, April annoyed me, so I would not want to see more of her.
  2. hiccup

    S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    I just finished and I didn't like the ending, other than Luke being ok and Steve getting back together with his wife. The whole series to me was creepy, but I only had a couple jump scares. Also, I kept trying to inject logic into what was happening and that is a mistake when I should just be enjoying a ghost story. I kept thinking that the black mold in the house made everyone crazy and have hallucinations. Like others mentioned, I too wonder what happened with the dad not raising his kids. I just assumed he had been in prison for his wife's death because he didn't want the kids to know what happened, but they never answered that question. Oh and I have another question that was probably answered and I can't remember. Why did the Dudley's stay as caretakers of the house after the Hills died? They had been there for years before the Cranes moved in, but did they ever answer why they were there? And why didn't they warn the Cranes before moving in? I assume that if they did warn them, Hugh wouldn't have believed it, but I still would have liked to know that the Dudleys at least tried to warn them. Overall, I liked the series, but the ending was a disappointment, so I don't really need or want another season.
  3. hiccup

    S02.E02: The Precious Blood of Jesus

    When Mason found out about the drug operation, and was told that he had to go back out on the water, he didn't want to. The Snells made it clear to Marty that if Mason didn't go back out on the water, they would cut the baby from Grace's (Mason's wife) stomach. So Mason & Grace knew about the danger they were in (I don't think they knew the exact details) and she was the actually the one who convinced Mason to go back out on the water, at least until the baby was born. Mason did and was trying to do his sermon, but wasn't able to go through with it. He talked to the Snells about it and thought he was out of trouble, but obviously that was not the case.
  4. hiccup

    Jack Ryan

    First off, I'm really enjoying this series! I'm about 15 minutes into this episode and one thing is really bothering me. How was it possible for Suleiman and his son to get into the US, without Suleiman wearing any kind of disguise? This guy was all over the news for the Paris attack, and you would think he would be recognized by at least one person. Just having a fake id isn't going to make people doubt who he is, if he was recognized. Ok, rant over. Maybe that question will be answered at some point in this episode?
  5. hiccup

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I am definitely team Liza/Charles, but I didn't really think the love scene was hot. It was sweet, but not hot. The sneaking around part is more hot, because of the danger in being caught. You know, I might have a messed up concept of love and hotness....haha. I liked Lauren a lot in this episode. In fact, this season she has been a lot less annoying. Last season, I was ready for her to leave, but she can stay if she is going to continue to be this cool. I saw gaslighting mentioned as a descriptor of what Liza is doing to the company. I don't see it that way. Gaslighting is trying to drive you crazy by making you think you're not really seeing what you're seeing, etc. Liza would be gaslighting if everyone was on to her and she kept denying it and coming up with reasons why everyone else is wrong, etc. I see her actions as more fraudulent, especially with her lying on documents. I'm glad that Kelsey put the brakes on her relationship with Jake. I know she wants to break the pattern, but I do like her with Zane. He challenges her. I like Josh a lot and really wish they would do more with his character this season. I think it's time to introduce another love interest for him. Oh, edited to add that Pauline did have an inkling about Liza and Charles. I forget which episode it was, but all 3 of them were talking and she saw a look between Charles and Liza and it dawned on her.
  6. hiccup

    S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle

    Diana was very orange in this episode, and it was distracting. Other than that, I really liked it. :)
  7. hiccup

    S02.E13: The Word

    I'm glad that Holly is on that truck with Emily. I sure hope season 3 shows them safely in Canada. I understand why June stayed, but like everyone else has mentioned, there is no way she can walk right back into the Waterford house. I have zero sympathy for Serena. Speaking of Serena, I think June might have Stockholm Syndrome going on. I liked the little bit of levity that Commander Lawrence brought, and I'm glad that he helped Emily get out, but I didn't like the way he pushed his wife into the room. And of course, with him helping to create Gilead, I can't like him yet. He needs to redeem himself some more. I did like learning the backstory of some of the characters, and I'm curious about Aunt Lydia's, so I would like to see that explored. I highly doubt that she is dead. She is too evil to be gone from the show already. I think I'm going to need season 3 to be the last season, with June getting out and all who created Gilead destroyed in one way or another...if not killed, having trials for treason, etc. I like the show very much, but I think it's a show better suited to a shorter run.
  8. hiccup

    S02.E11: Holly

    Thanks @Umbelina!
  9. hiccup

    S02.E11: Holly

    Ok, I need someone to answer this question for me.... Which episode did Fred find out that Nick is the father of the baby? In this ep, Serena talked about it to him and it was so matter of fact, that he obviously knew. And then an episode or 2 ago, June mentioned to Fred that he wasn't ever going to be a father and he wasn't shocked. So, obviously he knew then too, but I don't remember when he found out.
  10. hiccup


    I love her and there definitely was not enough of her this season. Yes, totally agree!
  11. hiccup


    @Mindthinkr Well, I finished it, and I hated the ending. That being said, I still liked the season overall, and I do hope there is another season. I'll do the rest of my thoughts in a spoiler...
  12. hiccup


    @Mindthinkr Overall, did you like this season? So far, I like it, but not as much as I liked season 1.
  13. hiccup


    I'm watching it, but haven't finished it yet, and wanted to stay away from spoilers. I'm about to start episode 4. Oops, I added the comment before I was done. Anyway, the end of episode 3 was messed up!
  14. hiccup

    S14.E06: Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

    Thank you!
  15. hiccup

    S14.E06: Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

    I have a stupid question that I know has been answered at some point, but I can't find the answer. With regard to Jo not having her name on the paper with Meredith, she's concerned with her ex finding her, but she is using a different name, so what's the deal?