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  1. Am I the only woman in America who refuses to purchase, own, wear a cold shoulder shirt? Looking at you Laura, Tiffany, Angela (on another 90 Days show), and there are probably others that I can't remember. The women with the hammy arms seem to like them a lot. Not a good look.
  2. Matty

    S09.E07: Where Is My Husband?

    Jaime's parents were giving Elizabeth the side eye. I don't think they think Elizabeth is the right one for their sonny boy. I agree with them. Amber and her twin sitting on the trampoline in the backyard discussing boys was so "like, you know, middle school." Insert giggling and vocal fry.
  3. Matty

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Deavon is twenty two years old and has two children (well, one on the way) from two different men, isn't married, and isn't capable of caring for herself or anyone else. Make better choices. Keep your legs closed, for god's sake! Aladin sensually removing the booties from Laura's smelly porky the pig feet was hilarious. Aladin, what's up? We're all dying to know. We can't figure it out.
  4. Now the two drunks can be together swigging straight out of the bottle in Coltee’s case and out of the “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug in Debbie’s case. They can pig out on Dinty Moore beef stew in their vinyl barcaloungers in front of the tv watching Wheel of Fortune together every night. They deserve each other and will live happily ever after with Debbie’s stupid slot machine in the living room.
  5. Matty

    S09.E05: Paradise Lost?

    Here’s my short end of the stick list: Keith, Greg and Amber. In order: Keith is being nice and understanding with the virgin queen but her act is getting old. She didn’t just save her virginity for her future husband she appears to be frozen, stiff and uncomfortable about sex. She has a great looking guy who is cool and a gentleman and she has an iron clad chastity belt on and she won’t give Keith the key. I hope he moves on. Greg is a gem. He got stuck with prickly Miss Priss. Her comment about stop with all the compliments was annoying. He’s trying to be nice to you. Accept the compliment, say thanks and smile. That’s it. Don’t complain about everything and put Greg down every time he opens his mouth. Amber, Matt is one of those guys whose identity is wrapped up in the fact he’s been an athlete his whole life. He likes that image. He’s not going to give that up easily. Amber should move on and find someone who wants to be married to her. It’s not Matt. As far as Jamie and Elizabeth, neither got the short end of the stick. Neither one is a prize. She’s a self absorbed, daddy’s girl, drama queen and he likes her physical attributes that are always on full display. That’s about it for their connection.
  6. I’ll call the SPCA in Korea if that kid gets near that adorable, sweet dog.
  7. Matty

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    I dozed off during last night's riveting episode. What is Sumit's big secret that he's been keeping from Jenny? I'll watch the rerun later, but if anyone doesn't mind filling me in now I'd appreciate it. The suspense is killing me. Of course, knowing the way the TLC teasers work it's probably nothing.
  8. Jihoon's cute little dog is the best secondary character so far.
  9. Matty

    S01.E06: Another World

    The producers are intent on showing the street dogs and the dirt roads to fit their narrative, when in reality Engabao, Ecuador is a sleepy, little, fishing town that is popular with surfers. This show feeds into the narrative that these other countries are poor and dirty and the westerners going there will be subjected to living in impoverished circumstances which is not the case. It will be different than living in the US, but not better or worse. As for Corey, living in a surfer's paradise with his dream girl and running a little beach side surf shack bar/restaurant beats living with Mormon Mommy and Daddy in the damp, rainy, Washington woods in that tired, rundown cabin with the cheap blue curtains. That compound looks like a church camp out of the 1950s. Depressing. The only problem is the "dream girl" isn't interested in Corey. At all.
  10. Matty

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    The scene with Jenny and Sumit shopping for Indian clothes was such a set up. Indian women don't wear outfits like the ones Jenny was trying on for their everyday wear. Those outfits were for weddings or special occasions. The clothes worn every day are lovely, comfortable and perfectly suited for the hot climate. The fabrics are beautiful and they breathe in the heat. Think cotton in light colors. Not polyester like Jenny's clothes. Producer shenanigans again. Big surprise. I have no sympathy for Corey at all but even I was surprised at the cold reception from Evelin when Corey arrived in Ecuador. Oooh. Ice runs through her veins. Of course, if the man-child wasn't such a clingy little mama's boy he would be able to take a bus ride to her town without getting anxious and having a panic attack about it. Evelin treating him coldly and being hard to get is what turns Corey on about her. He's one of those types of men. He wouldn't be as interested in Evelin if she treated him nicely. He's whipped and she can do or say anything to him and he falls more and more in love with her. She knows she has him wrapped around her finger. The fact he brought the engagement ring and is going to ask her to marry him a second time after her absolute refusal the last time he proposed shows how clueless Corey is about women and life in general. The timeline is off with Deaven's pregnancy. The South Korean guy was in this country hooking up with her for three weeks and she showed him her positive pregnancy test before he left and went back to South Korea. Huh? You don't know that soon. Between her sorry teeth and her bratty little daughter she is not anyone's dream girl. Did anyone else cringe when Deaven told her little brat that she was going to meet Grandma and Grandpa? It's bad enough Tiffany's son calls a gambling addict fresh out of rehab Daddy.
  11. Matty

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Elizabeth's "cute quirkiness" is not that at all. She even makes over the top Sam, with all the candles and "cute quirkiness", seem somewhat normal. I agree with whoever said Jamie looks like Seinfeld. I was trying to figure out who he looked like so thanks. I think Jerry Seinfeld, with a fuller face and a bald head, is spot on. Same eyes and big teeth. I also agree with whoever said Elizabeth is pushing 40. She's looking worse for wear. She saw 30 about 10 years ago. Jamie is going to be the third wheel in the relationship between Elizabeth and Daddy. Good luck, Jamie.
  12. Matty

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Elizabeth has a "me, me, me" type personality. Some guys don't mind that. I don't think Jamie is one of those guys. Whenever they put the camera on Elizabeth's dad during the wedding ceremony he had such a creepy expression on his face. Their relationship seems weird. Keith and the virgin are a good looking couple. They both look like models.
  13. Sumit lives in Delhi. Delhi is an enormous, cosmopolitan city and the capital of India. He doesn't live in a tiny, rural village. Since India was colonized by the British English is prevalent there. Many Indians speak English, as well as Hindi, very well. The airport in Delhi is just like an airport in any major city around the world. Think Heathrow, JFK or LAX. Jenny didn't arrive in some backwater locale.
  14. The scene of Corey in the doctor's office freaking out like a toddler over the shots was disturbing to say the least. The doctor even thought his reaction was over the top. That scene sums up Corey. Another man-baby clinging to Mommy like Coltee and Paul. Pathetic. Now we see why Corey freely hands over $40,000 to Evelin and follows her around like a lost, little puppy dog. He's a clingy, immature, Mama's boy. When he was lying on the floor wailing with his lips smashed against the dirty carpet it was deranged.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that Azan is never seen on the show any more? I don't think he has been seen once this season. Their story line consists of Nicole talking to her family about Azan, Grenada, Morocco, etc., but no Azan on Facetime. I think Azan is already out of the picture and the show is continuing the story line with Nicole and her family. Even when Nicole is on the telephone supposedly speaking with Azan we never hear his voice any more. Something fishy here. Producer shenanigans perhaps.