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  1. I loved the opening cameos. Only points not yet noted: 1. Was Burt Ward's Robin walking Ace? (Batman's dog; he shows up occasionally in the comics.) If so, that's a nice touch, unless you realize what happened to them. This is one of the great six-degrees-of-DCeparation episodes, as a crossover could be. I'm also glad they got the fan service out of the way early, and with enough of a dark twist that it prepared for the more serious parts of the episode. 2. I wondered if that was Wil Wheaton (guy with the end of the world sign, if you missed it) reprising one of his other roles, or if it was a new character for the show. I'd love for Earth-38 also to be The Big Bang Theory universe, and it's that Wil Wheaton who got a call from one of his NASA friends that things were going to go badly, so he tried to warn everyone. That, or it's the Best. Tabletop. Crossover. EVER. Those aren't the only two options, of course. 3. I liked how Supergirl and Superman figured out that solar panels could be temporarily recharged with heat vision. 4. I liked how Lena tried to draw the line between antagonist and (super)villain--she sees herself as a good person. I'm also wondering which Arrow dies, and both where and how they're going next, so on those fronts, well played, show.
  2. I liked it, especially "The Janitor Always Mops Twice" (episode 8), their take on film noir, and Thundergun Express 4: Maximum Cool (Episode 4?). I'm with Ray Adverb about the last two episodes being relatively weak, though I still laughed, especially at the finale. The episodes didn't seem to connect much, so if you wanted to (for instance) try the even-numbered episodes, you could, and come back and get the others if you're so inclined.
  3. 1. Check your Internet plan, because streaming can use up a LOT of data (depending on how you use it, many gigabytes.) 2. Try a web site like Pluto.Tv on your computer to see if you like it. It's free and gives you a taste of what streaming is like. 3. Pay only for what you're going to watch--if you live alone, get one or two services (and if you can stand commericals, exhaust your free options first), and watch their back catalog until you're bored, and then change. I like a lot of Amazon's original content, and I've heard very good things about Disney Plus. Hulu has surprisingly good customer service. 4. Realize Disney Plus will get a drain on their servers from about Dec. 23-Jan. 2 (Christmas & Hannukah gifts and kids out of school.) 5. If you're thinking about dumping cable for streaming, make sure your router is up to it. That might still save you money, but it's something to consider. (Equipment maintenance usually means unplugging it, waiting a minute, and turning it back on.) 6. I've had good luck with the Roku, but I haven't heard anything actively bad about other devices.
  4. This had me wondering if Rutherford B. Hayes was ever on a dolla-dolla bill. As it turns out, not officially, but there was a dollar coin from the U.S. Mint a few years ago. I think the last episode would have worked better earlier, but I laughed a lot (especially at the different "zones", and the implication they were cheating by climbing through the maintenance zone instead of the fun zone.) Edited to add: I wasn't sure if the second one was also an homage to "Heart of Darkness", and...maybe? I think that was a starting point, but then they went their own way.
  5. I know he had an awful week. Knowing that fans believe in him, and want nothing more than to thank him for what he's shared for us, might matter. Knowing that other people have been through a miscarriage with their spouse, and in time, managed to find meaning in other ways, only helps a little. It's not a cure, but it's something.
  6. Also, she's from Lexington, Kentucky--fairly close to wherever this show takes place, so the reference to UK and EKU was extra funny. I knew Arthur's hair coloring was going to go badly; there's a time to walk out, and that wasn't it...but the pink hair was great. "Titanium" was a nice callback to Pitch Perfect. So yes, this was my favorite episode so far, even if the church service wasn't realistic. It wasn't bad for TV; it was just more like on The Simpsons, and they had time constraints, so fair enough.
  7. One of the things that makes this show great is the ensemble cast, and writing that gives them something to work with. The show's universe keeps getting bigger and better. It's a shame we won't get a crossover with Senator Leslie Knope, wondering if this is her year.
  8. Yes (they were invented around WW2, but they were rare and expensive). So it was historically accurate that a rich person (or his family) would have one, but others wouldn't. I'm not sure why that pleased me, that in a very surreal sketch, they took moments of accuracy (also: "Why are there so many different kinds of window treatments?") There was a lot of breaking--which is ironic, because, Fred Armistan was famous for not doing that. That said, they tried to take the audience with them, which was nice. They made both nice use of live TV and taped segments. The bit about snacks caught me off guard.
  9. For me, the "We are the Champions" song at the beginning would have made more sense right after the first episode, and the pushback in Fork Fest would have made more sense if they'd started to get smug about "Most Improved." I wonder if the producers were concerned that people would want most episodes to be the Anna Camp 'n Friends show, instead of showcasing more of the other cast like Fork Fest did. (And the tattoo reveal in Fork Fest makes more sense.) OTOH, it's not a documentary, and it wasn't so far out of order that I was lost.
  10. This show has some of the best throwaway lines on a show very few people are watching: "Hey, I just won a free trip to the 1984...Winter Olympics."
  11. That was both a great callback by the show, and a great catch by you! I don't remember the exact quote, but something in the way Micheal was watching Elanor fumble/torture Chidi made me think either they're in a new part of the Bad Place, or at least, that he's still got more demon inside than he's revealing. The line about motorcycles exploding: "That's what motorcycles do!" was perfect Jason. I thought that they were watching Crossroads UN-ironically, which is possible, depending on how you appreciate the acting effort.
  12. If for whatever reason, Lena wasn't sure before, this would have clinched it. As noted below, it's a great look; she has similar bone structure to Taylor Swift, so similar hair styles work. This was covered in the comics (and one of the Chrisopher Reeves movies--I want to say Superman II, but don't hold me to that: Heat vision + a mirror. It's how Superman/Clark Kent shaves every day.
  13. A show can be "live" but be on 7-second* electronic delay. If you had one extremely fast typist, or several well-coordinated ones, you could caption it--or (as your local news likely does) use speech-to-text recognition. Since it's a scripted show, they probably have a transcript ready, and then use live micro-edits as they need to, and sometimes that gets ahead. Sometimes they put a notice about electronic delay, but they might not bother if a "reasonable viewer" thinks a very short delay is live enough. * I don't know why it's seven seconds particularly; it might be more or less, but they used to do that when they'd suspect they would need to blip profanity. And it was Claire Foy the first time in a War in Words sketch, but it was very funny both times. I want to see more of saxaphone guy.
  14. Maybe, but I had the same reaction, and there are two other explanations: 1. The characters were turned up for the pilot, so between that and exposition, we saw the worst of them. 2. The show, so far, has been driven more by concept than by likability. Since the people were all fathered by a bad person, it's assuming that some of that rubbed off into their kids...which fits the concept but doesn't make me want to watch the show, since they're less likeable. I didn't even like Julia, but Brittany Snow made her better than she could have been. I hope it finds its footing, but it's not for me right now.
  15. "It [the ring] was 329 dollars, which I'm paying off in 24 monthy installments of $15, with interest." That was so very Bob. And also, 9% interest (8.82%, compounded), in case you were curious. I'm surprised they didn't go much higher--that's right at a plausible-for-Bob and 2019 interest rate.
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