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  1. marketdoctor

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    What I know: going before the judges is not their first audition--and the producers know which acts are really good, pretty good, and likely to get buzzed but will seem like relatively good television. There are a lot of acts we don't see, so we have to work from their opinion. What's more, they know which acts have an inspiring back story. (Obviously, they don't show the acts in the order they appear, so they know that we know that the last act is the one that might get the GB.) What my conjecture is: The producers strongly suspected the guy who got the GB would get one, so they brought his family. They didn't tell the judges specifically to press the buzzer, but they might have implied that this would be, in the producers' opinion, good television. What my opinion is: great television seems real or magical. The Golden Buzzer, the way they use it, seems fake and mundane. I don't have a better analogy, but it would be like if someone in the Harry Potter universe tried doing that card trick where you deal out three rows of seven cards, OUT OF A SINCERE ATTEMPT TO BE A MILLION DOLLAR ACT. (It's a nice trick, but there's a reason you don't see it on television.)
  2. marketdoctor

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    Thanks everyone; I spent the whole episode wondering "was this me, or was it an off episode?" Now I know. I think so; it sounded Autotuned. A handful of singers can sound that way without Autotune, but it's at least an open secret, if not actually open, and a lot of rappers and singers use it.
  3. marketdoctor

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    That makes it worse to show the acts so far out of order. They have some idea of which acts are good and bad, and would absolutely know which acts are singing, dancing, magic, etc. It'd be very easy to have a mix of acts on each day, and even if there were some acts that got better or worse, it'd be straightforward to put together an episode showing one or two day's worth of acts. That's also why there's an easy way to fix the Golden Buzzer (aside from the Modified Mel B method: unplug the (Golden Buzzer.) Plug in a phone. Or a hair dryer. Or a portable DVD player, so we could watch something else during the boring bits.) The other method is to not use the Golden Buzzer until the second round. That would let the judges get a sense of each act, and see which acts are truly amazing, and which ones had one good performance.
  4. marketdoctor

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    I enjoyed Eric Chien--because I thought he blended several techniques (vanishes, productions, the magic table) together, and did some of them extremely well. That said, I'm not sure what he'll follow it up with. I thought it was "Jim-zilla", but Gingzilla makes more sense. Some people with low T grow very tall as a side effect. That they were supportive of that act but not ballerina man was mixed signals, except for Julianne, who waited to see how good the ballerina guy was. I want to see someone say "I'm going to buy a certified used Camry this year, but next year I'm going to buy the complete Quantum Leap boxed set." I enjoyed it for what it was, but that was partly because I fast-forwarded through anything I thought was boring, and partly because I wanted to relax and have fun. (Raises hand.) I understand that there might be more good acts in one city than another, or more good singers in one city and more good dancers in another, but either do a "best of the stuff we didn't show you", or just do one city at a time and divide up the two hours. Sure, we'll lose out on some details of where the next comedian went to elementary school in exchange for a few seconds of stock footage of an audition city, but we could at least pretend to be consistent. (The other option is to go full "Fool Us" and pick a look and stay with it, but they make such a big deal of fashion for women that that wouldn't work.) It wasn't perfect, but if they can shy away from "best SEASON EVAAAAH!" and realize that it's basically summer spray cheese and run with that, I'm OK.. Oh, and to answer a question, some people with autism and autism spectrum disorders have phenomenal pattern recognition, and can translate that into great musical ability, or other related skill. It can also be very frustrating if that doesn't translate, so *maybe* start with piano or keyboard, where it's easy to make a beginner have one note come out the way you want to. (Violin? Not so much.)
  5. marketdoctor

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    Thank you; for some reason I thought was slang for something else. (Nice to know there's something that is NOT slang for "marijuana".) Ratings were down relative to last year's finale, so they might make some changes. I think Katy Perry was preparing for the possibility that this was her last full season, but she knows she can hold out for some good money to come back, unless they had another young extremely talented female singer they could tap into. To that end, is it possible Maddie Poppe was having vocal trouble or something? I hope not, but I respect watching out for health if that were the case. I suspect it's more likely they didn't want people trying to vote for her, or having her remind the audience why last year was better. Good luck everyone, and if I don't see you on another show topic, an early Happy Holidays! (I'm not sure how many we'll have before they come back; I would say they need to re-tool but they might run with that metaphor.)
  6. marketdoctor

    SNL Cast Discussion

    If you haven't heard, Colin Jost recently got engaged to Scarlett Johannson. There's no official word on how Leslie Jones is taking the news, but I hope she meets someone good as well.
  7. marketdoctor

    S05.E03: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

    I though Liv's wig looked great, but was a nice way to make it easier for a dance double (if they used one--there was some very nice dancing going on, from someone who's not a dance expert) and also looked like Ginger from Gilligan's Island, so it was a nice multi-Ginger reference.
  8. I didn't like that the show was ending, but if you've got to go, go in style. I missed that as well. Doing a "Very Special Professor Proton at the Nobel Prize Ceremony" would have worked; I think they tried to end Wil Wheaton's character with the D&D game. A lot of people being mad at Sheldon for being selfish might have been a meta-reference to the actors being mad at the show not going on for another season. The reveal about Penny's pregnancy was deftly handled--I got the hint when Amy had the "they had to take my dress in and let Penny's out". Amy looked great after the makeover, but it fits Sheldon that he didn't care about appearance. Good luck, cast and crew.
  9. marketdoctor

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    I think the producers made the decision before this week (to save a woman if was necessary), and hoped the voting wouldn't make it necessary. I like Laci, but she's at her best when she can sing country (or country pop.) This show's format has always favored people who can sing a lot of genres, and I think they thought her voice would adapt. Post-Idol, she might do well in the country world. All of that said, I think she's got the self-awareness to enjoy the ride and to do the best she can, which might win her fans on personality. I wonder if they'll eliminate two people or three next week. That might depend on the gender balance again--if they can have it be Madison vs. Laine, I'm not sure if they'll want a third person. I had three of the other four--I didn't see Wade getting the fourth spot either, but it's not a horse race.
  10. marketdoctor

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    I agree; I thought this week she was hurt by song position--she gave her best performance of the season, but was already being not-voted on the basis of her body of work. If she'd performed it earlier, she might still be there. Queen is a great opportunity to showcase voices, or show weakness. Some of both happened tonight. On this show, she has been--it's not clear as to why. Hopefully someone reminds her of that Kurt Vonnegut line: "Be careful who you pretend to be, for in the end, you ARE who you pretend to be."
  11. marketdoctor

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    I thought everyone did a great job making YoungKelly look/be younger; that was very realistic (although I also loved Kelly's reaction to "Young Kelly/Old Kelly", and a lot of the other details, like playing the video game, and having it be hard to hit "save.") If YoungKelly IS a Kaylon plant, they know what Ed likes, and would give extra irony to "I want to date someone who's not a Krill." If it is Kelly from the past, that makes for some relationship issues that only science fiction can explore. Also, the line about "I'd sooner chew broken glass" than discussing temporal paradoxes was very close to something Mrs. Marketdoctor once said. Well played, show!
  12. marketdoctor

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    Thanks; I wondered why the judging always bugs me, and this is part of why. Many shows express regret that more people can't go through, but (for example) America's Got Talent, for all its flaws, usually has judges who understand that someone has to go. This (or that, as you note, they are judging/scoring from dress rehearsal, or some of both) would explain a lot. This week could have been caused by otherwise-good singers trying to sing over the band, and sounding worse as a result to us, but not to the judges (who couldn't hear the signing, but had heard the song.) Riley, for example, might not have the lung capacity to blast over the band and still sound good. That's encouraging for her career, if she can either learn to do it or hire a better sound crew, and ideally some of both.
  13. marketdoctor

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    The Bollywood number could have also been a reference to "Bride and Predudice"; a Bollywood/Jane Austen crossover. Tala's singing made it better in its own right. I'm in the group that only likes a musical number if it's done either really well, or really badly and briefly for laughs. This was almost TOO good, but I enjoyed it immensely. I think it's because this show is trying to be mostly light and silly, but again, it's so well done that it's easy to take seriously. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I'm glad they're not Fantastic-4-ing it.
  14. marketdoctor

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    I thought this made Katy P's "this might not be the end for you!" unintentionally cruel. (Or maybe she went to the dark side during a commercial break.) That wasn't just you; sound mixing has been a challenge for years. The amazing part is that there's a (relatively) simple fix: put the show on electronic delay, and move the mixing up or down to adjust for loud band, backup singers, etc. Otherwise it looks like producer meddling, whether it is or not. (Sort-of-fun fact: producer meddling this way was predicted in the 1980 movie "The Apple", which was intended to be an allegorical criticism of the entertainment industry meets The Book of Genesis, but ended up just predicting many things. There's a RiffTrax version.) Also a fact: when I didn't want to hear the judging of Evelyn, I changed the channel, and Hulu recommended a biography of Pamela Smart, another teacher from New Hampshire, who had her students kill her husband. Someone at Hulu has a dark sense of humor, which was greatly appreciated. I liked Riley, but she was locked in to country. Laci, to her credit, took a risk on a song in the one situation where it mattered least. Also, I wondered if Alyssa had a different song ready if she'd been voted in.
  15. marketdoctor

    S17.E12: Top 14

    ITA; it was different in the very early seasons, where the top two of a batch of eight would go through. In this format, someone comes in no better than eighth. It's possible someone was pushed into a bad song choice--but the fix isn't to ignore the votes, but rather to stop pushing songs so hard in the first place. (Also to open the wild card to the entire top 20 or so, since if voting doesn't matter or you're giving out second chances, give at least one or two to people who didn't get a first chance.)