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  1. Elon Musk has played himself in Iron Man 3, The Simpsons, and in a slightly modified form on Rick and Morty--so between that and his sense of humor, he's got a chance, and I'm looking forward to it. As to Miley Cyrus: I can see her being in at least one or two, but they've got a strong female cast this year, so that could go either way. My predictions is that they'll push it a little after the monologue once, and once more after Update, but there will be some safe sketches as well. Specifically, there will be one about billionaires who don't want to run for President, and and on
  2. This show makes more sense if you think the people are voted off randomly. (Or semi-randomly, like the NBA draft, but that's more than I want to think about.) I liked Tamera Mowry's singing a lot.
  3. He said that on the show, at least once. We're never going to get to "fair"--COVID was a hopelessly unfair disease, the first contestant always gets more shots at votes, and the longer they were on last year, the more fame they had--and sometimes the first contestant gets more votes, sometimes (like here) it's a week-long vote. They didn't do a mini-recap of the numbers this season--I'm not sure if they dropped that last season, but I kind of miss it. * The audience isn't what it once was, but it's still a good gig.
  4. This lived up to its title; it was hard to watch. I really felt for Amber and Mark--he's trying hard, but up against a lot. The voice acting is incredible. And I agree with tennisgurl; Omni-Man is giving off serious advance team/imperialist vibes. It's also possible he's positioning himself to be the sole/primary savior of Earth, eliminating competition. Like all good antagonists, he's occasionally got half a point: Mark is going to have to make hard choices about who to save, which problems to solve, etc. It was a nice detail that they're using his blood to find out if they hav
  5. With Cop Rock facing a resurgence, I want to see a musical episode. Massive bonus points if they have a cast member from Waitress, and Officer Nolan says he can't sing.* * Because we know Nathan Fillion can; in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog he was great--but this would be a chance to really bring out meta- and callbacks.
  6. I wonder (I haven't read the comics, so NOT a spoiler, just conjecture), if Omni-man is an advance scout for an invasion. Further, I wonder if he reprogrammed Robot to help keep people distracted,
  7. That's ironic, because when I saw her on Dr. Who, I thought she was a little too hot for the role (but like any great actress she made it work in "Blink.") Apparently she's done some other things too, and done them really well; I don't know if a Dr. Who callback would be happening.
  8. If memory serves, Laverne Cox did at least a little singing in the Fox version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". The production wasn't perfect, but she did well. I *think* Caitlyn Jenner's biggest award in the past 10 years or so is the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Overall, I wasn't blown away, but I'm not out for the season yet.
  9. I half wanted to see D'arcy try that as soon as she was on more solid ground, but It also fit that she thought of herself as both resourceful enough and urgent enough to complete the rescue herself. I also liked that once they were out, Harry wasn't completely out of the woods, magically sitting in bed, fully conscious and almost normal. Being in a glacier had consequences. And we get a name, kind of, for Psycho Scully. I missed that at first, but yes, and that fits.
  10. That's what makes this show so amazing. On another show, some of the tonal shifts (like Harry's erratic behavior toward Max, or that final scene) might be jarring, but here, it's awesome. And it's very "life is like that", sometimes you have a good time, and sometimes everything changes, for better or for worse. That Harry would go out on a thawing glacier is very Harry, for some reason. Also, psycho-Scully's thought about how Harry was just a squabbling husband, but "shoot him anyway" was delightfully dark.
  11. One thing not explained in the show is where Patience is within Colorado. If it's closer to the New Mexico line, another part of the ship being in (northern) New Mexico would make more sense. Other than that, when there's what seems like a plot hole, I follow the advice of another great program, and repeat to myself it's just a show, and I should really just relax.
  12. What I liked that hasn't been mentioned: They also moved forward with D'arcy's drinking problem. That's come up before, but Harry and his wife would have been triggering. The running riffs on "The Trouble with Harry". The way so many characters have multiple dimensions. The issue with face blindness, which was almost funny when they introduced another attractive brunette as Harry's wife (I know, it was at the end of the last episode.) The prop details--that was a well-worn copy of Communion, as a paperback from a while ago might be. Now I'm wondering if the alien
  13. I've found this to be a very enjoyable way to watch the show. It also saves time. (A lot of people have "tough roads" right now, and I hope each of them finds a path to happiness, but that doesn't make someone qualified. That said, I know other people like the backstories, and the only way to do it "both ways" would be to put the sob stories on the web site. Until then, I'm FF'ding, but maybe it's a cunning plan to sell more remote control batteries. (Note to the Washington Post, who once didn't realize that I was kidding in a forum just like this...that last line was a "joak", or
  14. Also: the aluminum foil headgear reveal; the whole dinner party sequence, Harry playing basketball (where he's good at the pure physics but terrible at the rules, so a nice twist from him being pure prodgidy or pure terrible), Harry's reaction to kissing D'arcy; her backstory... And the line about how the alien wouldn't just reveal himself to the investigator/killers, even as Harry was doing just that. Harry's tactlessness in the reveal about what happened to the daughter was tragic, but brilliant too. ETA; someone should just go to the show's production, open a box of Emmys,
  15. This reminded me of what would happen if you did a mash-up of The Office episodes of "Diversity Day" and "Free Pretzel Day", and it was amazing. Then again, I've liked everything I've seen Natalie Morales in; I wonder if she's going to show up again. As noted up-thread, this would be a good annual event, or have her come in for other kinds of training. (Safety training has room for parody.)
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