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  1. Since reports are conflicting, I'll just say "prayers for Tanya Roberts and her family." I realize that mostly is so that I can feel like I've done something, but if it helps, it helps.
  2. What makes me wonder is how well the costumes are designed to move. Sure, a dancer might adapt, but those costumes add a degree of difficulty (and you had contestants on The Masked Singer complain occasionally, so my confidence that "they know what they're doing" is low.) But unless someone has very specific moves, it's going to be hard to guess from the dancing.
  3. This was the weakest spot. It didn't even have to be a rights issue; many Christmas songs are in the public domain. Maybe it was a scheduling or COVID issue to get them to come back. I'm fine with leaving that in 2020. YMMV.
  4. I liked how the last contestant ran the table on the singers; he eliminated all the bad ones first. I hope it gets another season. Happy holidays, everyone!
  5. I enjoyed this immensely, for the mix of cheese and talent. Dr. Ken held his own on The Little Drummer Boy, so that was cool. And that was the LeeAnn Rimes arrangement of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, so it was either her, or a remarkable impression. Either way, that was fun. It was a shame the mash-up at the end couldn't have been together, but it was fun even so.
  6. I liked Jim Carrey's Biden more than most people...but I didn't think the sketch was as funny as it could have been. (As others have noted, it went on too long, and this is a time when an understated Biden would have worked better. For example, the Mr. Rogers bit was funny; the transition to Bob Ross sounds like it COULD have been funny...but it wasn't.) Jim Carrey can play more understated (The Majestic, and to some degree The Truman Show); maybe he'll find his footing after the inevitable Third Debate sketch. Heidi Gardner was also in the "I like her, but the bit was too long" in 80's cocaine wife. The joke about the director at the end was cute, but almost lost in the wrap-up. I even get why they had a huge cast, because if there is a COVID outbreak, they still have people who can make a show...but they aren't quite gelled on which bits to air and which ones to cut.
  7. There's another way to do this trick, without having the girl be coached--but I think the trick depended on no one picking 13. Without giving the trick away*, I'd have done it with someone's age, so you'd have an excuse for a number not on a roulette wheel. Mike Super did a similar trick on "Penn & Teller: Fool Us", so my guess is someone's selling a lottery ticket confluence trick. Done well, it's a good trick. This time, the pacing was a little slow. (Escape acts that are done when someone is set on fire have also been done before; the zipline is a more modern touch, and it's still risky enough to never try it at home.) * Because specifically, I don't know how it was done.
  8. Probably; "product placement" is a long-standing practice in entertainment. Songs, books, and even plays also do it (sometimes for free, sometimes for hire or free product.) I laughed at the callback about the Translucent tribute song being all over the radio, especially since last week, I said how much I liked it. The Billy Joel callback was also kind of clever--but this episode was either slower than previous weeks, or building to future events. (At least now we know what Doppleganger probably looked like when he's not performing, and it was nice to see Elizabeth Shue again.) That Annie doesn't like Starlighter has been explored in Spider-Man, but I like the way they're handling it. I wondered where they were going with the "dating videos", and in classic The Boys fashion, The Deep meets his dream woman, and loses out on her. That Storm Front=Liberty=racist in part because she's much older was interesting; as I get older myself I find the "old people are racist" trope troubling. This show had some interesting details, like the barn painting of Stormlander with a Confederate Battle Flag cape, and the anti-abortion billboard.
  9. In the first episode this season, she blows up a TV in the cab with her eyes. Last season, she almost blew up Hughie with her eyes when she lost control. It might not be "heat vision", but it's close. That said, there is already the Compound V connection, so it could go either way.
  10. Was this the first time we heard Starlighter sing? Because she was really good. It was an absurd idea (right up there with "5,000 Candles in the Wind"), but Erin Moriarty sang it well, and in character.
  11. This sums up Homelander in a sentence, really well. He thinks everyone should worship him--I think he even thinks of himself as a Christian, because he wants (and feels like he deserves) that kind of devotion. I'd missed the connection about Storm Front. It's an interesting subversion of the trope of good vs. evil, because this is a show about people who are evil, but on different sides (and good but occasionally flawed people.) Is it a coincidence that Homelander, Starlighter, and Homelander's kid all have heat vision?
  12. There was this Dr. Who episode...but no spoilers. One of the reasons I dislike having kids on the show is because "I worked my whole life for this" doesn't have the same impact. It is a good demonstration of the difference between "sunk cost" and 'value to others", though. I didn't dislike Darci Lynne's performance as much as some of you--but I think it wasn't quite there yet. (Good to keep developing new stuff, though.)
  13. Technology in this world is strange, but there was a whole plot point of pictures taken from Yolanda's phone. That said, maybe after that incident, cel-phone cameras were banned, or maybe the teens were too busy being freaked out. But mostly, thanks, Stargirl, for being the show we needed when we needed it most.
  14. I wasn't shocked at all; the various saves also seem to reduce the shock value of an exit. I feel for Annalise Nock, though maybe the problem is that the wheel of death looks almost like a really nice piece county fair ride. Obviously, it IS dangerous, but that danger didn't translate well to my TV (it's more impressive live). This year favors a singer or a stage magician, because those acts translate to different venues well. The dancing kids were almost overshadowed by their scenery. I hope the performing pigs get a happy life.
  15. You're cynical, but the challenge of being a danger performer is that there's doubt in how dangerous an act can be (either you get hurt, or it doesn't appear as dangerous as it first seemed), so even an actual injury can appear faked. (Even so, I hope he feels better soon.) This was unquestionably, a show that happened. I thought Simon & Maria were talented, but I got distracted wondering if that was the same diner set from Kingsman: The Golden Circle. (It wasn't, but hey, that's how it goes.) Also, if you're calling for a medic, and you're outdoors, you can take off your mask.
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