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  1. I can say, without fear of contradiction*, that when this is over it will be remembered as two hours that happened. * Not counting pre-empting in some time zones for California election results/coverage, possibly storm coverage, etc. Hopefully, your DVR can adapt or you can watch it on demand later if that's the case.
  2. If the song is Nessun Dorma, some of the audience will cheer him doing this. (There's a reason music by kids, and opera, don't have bigger ratings--they're hard, possibly much harder, to do well.)
  3. Yes, though that takes longer to burn in, so you might want to use a printer instead.
  4. This would make a great crossover (and will be a long time before it gets televised.) He's probably the best thing about this season--an antagonist, but not a pure villain, or not yet, but he's very consistently motivated.
  5. I'm backing off my prediction that Lea Kyle (quick changer) could win the whole thing. I think she's a strong contender from talent, but she isn't getting the votes. I appreciate the comments made HERE, and thanks for that. As for the show? I wanted to see Unicircle Flow go forward, but I've also wanted the buzzers to be disconnected at this stage, so...I like most of the people going forward, and all of them have sufficiently different talent that the final will have some variety, which is good. Would I pay to see them on stage? It depends; that's one edge the singers have--d
  6. Lately, whenever I hear this song, I think of the Carol Burnett Show spoof of Sunset Bvld. I can almost hear Harvey Korman slapping someone for not appreciating greatness when it's right in front of them. I'd forgotten her name (that's me, not her) but Brooke Simpson could win the whole thing if we're not burned out on singers. I could see Josh Blue hosting an ensemble show even if he doesn't win (and it's tough for a comedian to win, but good luck, sir.)
  7. "Every Breath you Take", by the Police. Kind of topical, because it was referenced in this week's Only Murders in the Building. They gave it a slower, emphasize-each-note, take, and although YMMV, I think tried to make it sound more like a conventional love song. I was a little surprised they didn't call out the quick-change misfire (she had one last week as well; in both cases she covered very professionally, but they call other acts out on that.) That said, I hope she goes through; I enjoy the mix of fashion, quick-change, and stage magic. Maybe the psychic would have had m
  8. There's a variation of this where reality shows will talk about the "shocking" outcome, because the election results didn't fit the producer's expectations. In other words, a plurality of fans "predicted" the outcome by voting for the performer/act they liked, but the producers and (sometimes) the hosts, some of whom have ACTUALLY SEEN THE RESULTS, are surprised. When the host or judges don't know the results, surprise could be normal, but stop being surprised that an election means other people might not agree with you.
  9. I was going to write some B99 fanfic, but all I got was Amy Santiago saying "Please don't." I was still tempted, but she said "please".
  10. They did this a few years ago, where they'd do a one-hour "summary" show that was a lot of the sob stories and some of the judge's comments cut out. It got some of the best ratings I'd seen from an "instant rerun", but I think they dropped it, either because they thought it was splitting the audience, or it was just too expensive.* Producer meddling is an old reality TV tradition--there's even a movie from 1980 called "The Apple" where this was a plot point. (It...launched Catherine Mary Stewart's career as well.) * Kidding, but how a show with such a high budget can still sometime
  11. I hope the kids who didn't make it forward find happy lives. OK, I'll hope that for everyone; what the heck.
  12. I've heard a close variation of the elephant joke attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, so it's...older than any of us. If Tim Kono had the stolen jewelry, why was he having such money trouble? And although I thought the last line would have been stronger with about half the previous swearing, Selena Gomez sold it as iron-cold revenge. ETA: She's doing a great job of subverting the trope of "straight woman", and making some great sardonic lines.
  13. OK, I (mistakenly) thought it was for shock value; points for realism instead.
  14. I'm enjoying it; I think it would be better with either half the profanity or have it be more focused on one character (some people use a lot, some don't.) That said, I wonder if the reference to "Steve Carrell in The Office" was a meta-joke, because Selena Gomez was also in The Big Short with him.
  15. I saw in another thread (the media thread?) that: I don't have confirming sources about that one way or another.
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