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  1. I really enjoyed the dog trainer/magician, in part because of the Arrested Development story that tries to do that, and it does not go well. Magic with a dog is a challenge. The bigger CD/DVDs might be cut-down laser discs (which were originally 12"/30 cm, so, bigger than what he was using.) Unless I missed it, GB girl avoided one of their other cliches: "You're not just talented for (your age/gender expression/producer-emphasized challenge), you're talented for ANY (whatever the previous thing was.)" Because that's the point of the show. I suspect Howie hated the CD magician because it looked like two tricks (making CDs appear and disappear), and if you figure out how it's done, it's not that impressive. That might be especially true if Howie saw things at more of an angle than the audience could. My best guess--more of a "how I'd do it" than how it's done: ETA: I liked how the young dancers from Columbia could actually speak some Spanish; I know it was a producer moment, but it was nice to see someone be who/what they said they were. And I hope it works out long-term for them and for GB singer girl.
  2. As dark as it was for Kid Magician to be killed, I liked the use of the Three of Clubs--that's either a Penn & Teller shout-out, or a remarkable coincidence. Considering P & T have been on the CW Network, and most people in magic know their love of the Three of Clubs, it's a shout out. I like how Courtney and Pat act as much like normal family who have super-powers could.
  3. Once again, AGT, there's a difference between having "some talent and a major backstory" and "having major talent." Being wrongfully accused, or putting together a choir of people struggling with their housing situation is impressive enough to be on TV--but "impressive" is not the same as "talented." Maybe I had a higher standard for the choir, because if you write your own song, it should really showcase your musical talent. I wish them all well; I hope some of these acts get a Vegas or a Branson gig out of it--and it was entertaining enough, but I didn't see a clear winner in the bunch. OK, maybe the pig act.
  4. I liked the Easter Egg tribute to The Man in the High Castle with Highcastle Abbey. I wonder if I missed any. (Maybe a writer snuck in a Redshirts reference, which would have been even more meta.) The opening credit change was really clever; they've done variations of that, but it was also a callback to ST: Enterprise. The giant hand turning out not to be Apollo, but Mr. Parker's Neighborhood, was awesome. And Charlie's efforts to give them the best of a terrible situation (except Mona and Gary) let the episode be ridiculous and sublime at the same time. And CL's Shatner was incredible.
  5. I like how it's got an "if MST3K did sports" feel, although it's very much its own thing. "Diving Range" had potential, but the obviously-rigged nature took away from the fun. It would have worked better if it was just three amateur divers. I like that there are wipeouts, but in some cases, like Hole #2, no one making it takes away the suspense. The trick is to find balance--difficult but not impossible. (I think that's what made the ace shot so much fun: it showed that a hole in one isn't against the laws of physics, just very improbable.) On that one, I felt for the pro golfer. I loved how the people competing, for whatever other issues are going on, tend to be good at mini-golf.
  6. When Stargirl couldn't reach the staff a few inches away, it seemed like it was because Brainwave was blocking them. This is a show that gets a lot of details right: Courtney can't magically sew, and the robot has some kinks. S.T.R.I.P.E.S. also looks like a powered armor/robot built by someone who knew it was possible, and may have encountered robot suit technology (he knows Ted Knight, who was able to build the cosmic staff, among [spoiler spoiler spoiler.]), but also made mistakes and had a finite budget. The sound cue for "One Piece at a Time" was brilliant. The sound effect of a car remote has been done before (on Dr. Who, among other places), but it was still funny. And as noted, the continuity is excellent. I hope the school sign being broken, other people's cars being tossed around, etc., show up next week.
  7. Late to the party, but I liked it. I thought it was kind of "Buffy goes to the DC Universe", in a good way. Maybe that's because you have a competent (but not unrealistically so) teen getting super powers, and a parent who doesn't understand but would like to help. I'm not sure about the time--Bruce Springsteen released "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" in 1985, and although that was a cover (or an alternate-universe version), it was kind of weird to have it be in the Golden Age, which was mostly the 1940's and '50s. There's an element of "it's the age it needs to be." The more low-key version of "MMMBop" (thanks, Google, for the spelling there) was a nice touch as well. And OK, I loved the giant robot suit. And the cast was really well played; Owen Wilson played the dad trying to protect his family to perfection. I didn't see well enough to know if it was John Wesley Shipps as Jay Garrick...did anyone notice? They might have been keeping that vague. I hope we see more of the Justice Society of America. Maybe someone could rediscover HourMan's formula? (Possibly with a reference to what people try to get drugs to do--stay away from drugs, people.)
  8. I hope so. I'm also open with someone having a bad day, and being thought of as an imposter, but just having an off day and a "this isn't the season for that" meta reference (possibly followed up by "It's the season of giving" or "it's SPORTS season" or something). Or go the other way and Also, CP & Siri really showed that there's a subtle but important line between "EVIL!!!!' and "motivated by something else." Siri was a long way from good, but she was very "end justifies the means" rather than evil for evil's sake. That's true of many of this iteration of Flash antagonists, come to think of it.
  9. They've now had enough time that they could get the contestants some stereo equipment and a backing track of their song (or the options for a song.) If the producers are smart (heh), they'd do each segment pre-taped that day, and give each contestant a few passes to try to get the syncing and technical issues correct. That's not the same as a live performance, but it's closer. They could also make sure the contestants' Internet connections are good enough, and if not, spring for a few months of Sponsored Opportunity High Speed Internet Access.
  10. I enjoyed the singing, and...fast forwarded through most of the judging, but I do that for most shows where I can judge for myself.* I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the astronaut: he was in 500 Days of Summer (so the 500 Days reference fits), he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun (so the astronaut fits), and he's done some singing before. I liked Bella Thorne/the Swan's performance. * Judge For Yourself would be a great reality game show--though I think they tried that with 30 Seconds To Fame.
  11. I loved it! It's like they said "instead of a clip show..." and went with a great end to that sentence. Thomas Lennon is a delight and a national treasure. I noticed, and appreciated, that they owned that the bangs were a subject of discussion. (The challenge for MB is that when you're really good-looking, lots of hairstyles work. I do NOT know this from direct experience.)
  12. If they're allergic to the protein, yes. It's very rare, though. It's also possible Debbie is using allergies as an excuse to carry/have more epi-pens, which might connect to the drugs.
  13. Dionne Warwick as the Mouse also fits the clues about "gold" and 1979 (she hosted a show called "Solid Gold" around then.) Those clues could also fit other people, though, and IIRC, Dionne Warwick is a little taller...but it sounded like her.
  14. I briefly wondered if Sue was actually a mirror-world Sue, and there's a "real Sue" who's similar but really nice. Probably not. I liked how the actress did what she could with a character with a lot of comic back-story. That said, I get the Anne Hathaway-Catwoman comparisons. I liked that, both from the way CP played it, and the way it made the whole "dating an imposter" less icky--and also, Barry might be MORE suspicious than he's letting on, because he knows his world has shapeshifters, clones, etc., and usually it's better to play along until you find their agenda. That would explain why he was immediately against Siri having the mirror gun, beyond the danger of creating another Snart. It might also explain that it's what gave Siri away to Barry: he suspected, so he gave her a story about how they're waiting to have a kid or something, and she went with it instead of remembering Iris was on the pill or really wanted kids or had forgotten their, you know, daughter from last season, or something.
  15. I want to make a TV show based on this post. Wait, Johnny Knoxville already did. Still, thank you. I liked the showmanship of being blindfolded, even when, for some acts, the blindfold really just removes a distraction. And I loved their act anyway. Overall, it's an entertaining show, but I hope they take a few years off from the "Champions" and let some more acts get some time. Or just do an occasional hour of Lindsey Sterling, Terry Fator, and Piff the Magic Dragon. Either way.
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