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  1. Please someone make season 4 (or a spin off) based on @shapeshifter's plot!
  2. Got my Pizza Cupcake. I tried one and did not like it. 11 more to go. (they offered a free shipping coupon, and that made me decide to give it a try)
  3. Exactly how I feel. I have been hit the "Mark Read" button a lot lately.
  4. Me too. I saved it on Tivo, so I can re-watch it whenever I need a lift. 😁
  5. The ending wave of this episode made me smile. 😊 I liked the high five cat too. 😻
  6. I finally removed this show from my Tivo. It's been torture for me, not bad dancing, the cameramen work.
  7. Thank you shapeshifter and JenLily!! I found “The Neighbors,” on ABC. Just finished (2) episodes and I like it very much. Hopefully Call Your Mother will follow the same path.
  8. I watched the pilot last night, and I like it. To me, it's better than The Mayer and Call me Kate. Maybe because I'm familiar with two leads in the other two and expected too much? Or, maybe because of the hair😍 of the lead in this show?
  9. Re-watched Favreau's 2014 film "Chef" the other day. His emotion got me again when he called his son to come back work with him. Based on this scene was created(written. Directed) by Favreau , I believe Grogu will be back with his Dad.
  10. ElectricBoogaloo, Really appreciate you posted these Backstage to Main Stage and Front Row videos 😊
  11. Exactly!! and she said it with a put-down facial expression. She ruined this fun show for me.
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