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  1. Initially I just appreciated the flamboyant sense of style that breaks the boredom of the rest of the judges panel a bit. But I really started to admire Marshall a while back when I saw his obvious passion to be the best dad for a kid who hasn’t had a great start to life. No matter what, from me - he can’t do anything wrong in my book lol.
  2. I have read every single post with my jaw on the floor. I HAVE NO WORDS
  3. Yes me too but that’s probably because you are a nice person who cares about people around you. As opposed to selfish, entitled and obnoxious
  4. Hello Aussies and honorary Aussies - I’m in Sydney Australia, specifically the northern beaches. Angela’s old team Manly is located here
  5. Milkshakes were allegedly her “go to” after practice last year, so were thought to be the main culprit behind her rapid weight gain...
  6. Well, ummmm, low key but I probs would too? Maybe his besties are, for a laugh, and sending those screenshots on to him to tease...
  7. Ahahaha I missed the highlight - good pick up! I saw the insta story just now, so raced in here for the lols
  8. WTH Kelli.... DCC is not a stepping stone? How can it be anything else, when the average tenure is like 3 years. Is this supposed to be the peak of someone’s entire life experience??? wow.
  9. I feel like the pic 12 showing stomach issues on VK reflects what I suspect about her posture from the “sucking in” look that many of us have observed. That is, VK has some posture problems. Specifically that her thoracic spine is out of control; she holds her shoulders back but then doesn’t balance this by using her core to lock her ribs down to her pelvis correctly, so her rib cage is tilted backwards and we see the bottom of her rib cage sticking out even though her body fat isn’t at a low enough level to see individual ribs. I used to have that same thoracic postural problem so the more I see of her, the more I recognise it!
  10. Again with the iTunes lag on putting up this episode grrrrrr or is it just me? (I’m in Australia. My US iTunes account is my only ” solid “ watching option unless someone has a current link)
  11. That moment was so awful. It seemed like Kelli went full “mean girl,” setting Alexandra up to humiliate her.
  12. I feel like Kelli literally does not care. Maybe she has a perverse enjoyment of showing how powerful she is? So an editor stuck it in there because they knew it would be a good hook for the infamy of the show. I mean look at us with pages and pages dissecting it all. Baby really should be hidden in a corner.
  13. I don’t think Kelli understands what “toxic” means.
  14. @Smplsimon, do you know how last week’s episode went down with the team? I imagine it would have been a painful watch for many of the girls, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t impact morale. Is Jalyn a popular teammate?
  15. I only just brought myself to watch the episode - it was nauseating 🤮 Jalyn was CLASSY and PROFESSIONAL AF. My heart broke for her to have to grovel to Kelli, and to make it worse, while Kelli was snivelling at her.
  16. TPTB? =/= The Powers That Be Is now “The People To Blame” (credit to a poster in the episode thread)
  17. Beautiful cameo. But I can’t understand why they don’t pick up on and correct the very different depth of tans on body/face/legs. Like seriously. How did that cameo get through?? It looks like a terrible jelly belly, and such an awkward pose that doesn’t flatter her...
  18. Gen X! I just can’t deal with her unkindness anymore, she’s mean for the sake of meanness. As we saw last season (eg. VK is amazing & deserves respect), it’s not connected to truth anymore, or woman is blind, or both - therefore she is of no use in the process. And I’m not a snowflake (I have had coaches who were even more blunt). It’s just not constructive. And it is game-playing, untruthful meddling. This! People in glass houses, amirite?? I find it amusing that she is having a sook about people expressing a direct opinion about her. #SheGivesItButSheCan’tTakeIt #GoodRiddance Perhaps she feels silly for being taken advantage of by the Kalinas last year, who put her up to running to tattle on other girls that VK didn’t like. Maybe so - but her byline is the “tEcHnIcAl CoAcH” who “HeLpS K&J mAkE obJeCtIVe DeCiSiOnS wITh FrEsH eYeS” .... ummmm, not. Each year she’s increasingly straying into snark about the girls hair and overall appearance instead of focusing on her supposed mandate, which simply isn’t even valid anymore. Maybe she could be brought back as the “resident washed up hot mess who screeches shrill mean stuff” that is sometimes based on a true story, but usually playing favourites to boost her own $$$ bottom line.
  19. So glad there was no Miss Katty segment. After last year I am done with her. She’s not “direct”; she’s just full out mean, spiteful and unfair.
  20. I don’t post much because everything has been talked out by the time morning comes for me, and invariably someone has already said exactly what I would have. So, sorry to be late on the hashing out of this but, from the Aussie contingent - @SmpIsimon thanks for all your posts, you da real MVP!
  21. For those that rely on iTunes, the first episode is FINALLY up! 😬😬😬
  22. For those that rely on iTunes, the first episode is FINALLY up!
  23. Yes. How does the girl have a chance to be a better person and grow up when the only adults surrounding her are treating her like she is so supposedly perfect, and reward her poor behaviour? girl literally does not have a chance in hell of correcting her flaws, and no real world exposure to figure it out. these boards might be the first dose of any kind of real feedback she’s ever had... how scary is that.
  24. For someone who is/was an aspiring actress, Amanda sure put on some bad acting and crocodile tears for her back story. No wonder she didn’t make it in LA. i don’t mind her otherwise, but that was so far from genuine, and had me cringing hard!!
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