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  1. I was really hoping for a voice over letting us know what happened to all the brothers. Something that could have been added when they knew the show was being cancelled. I would love to know about how the boys ended up in life.
  2. Yup still using them. I give online, but we still have to the envelope in to prove our attendance for parish member tuition rates.
  3. I love everything about this show! It is nutty me because I grew up in North East Dallas which is very close to Mesquite. I am happy to see all my favorite gay clubs are still going in Oak Lawn!
  4. Oh man that was terrible. I remember crying at that one. The episode where Jenny almost drowns and she is helped by the doctor going blind. Mind you, a doctor we have never seen before.
  5. I want this show to go away, but can't stop watching. Even the upcoming previews do not seem that exciting. Hopefully there will be some great shots of Savannah during the holiday season.
  6. My wagon of all the Little House episodes does not contain that movie! I was devastated.
  7. I just finished another re-read ( I purchased it when it first came out and I have read it so many times that pages have fallen out) and Joseph actually shows up when John goes to the brothel and he is attacked-pretty early in the story. He does show up through out the book. I didn't realize until someone in the episode 3 thread that they do not say why Mary killed her father or that she is mute-may have missed the mute explanation.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble on the Post in the episodes to not write, "Hold out! You will get your answer!'
  9. I agree- I watched it twice and due to the darkness I had trouble seeing what was going on. I did meet a woman a few years ago who was 100 years old and when I asked her what was the biggest change in 100 years and she said "the world was so bright now", so maybe the darkness is appropriate.
  10. Sharpie66 you should read up about Carr's father. That is quite a family.
  11. If Andy doesn't use the phrase 2 and 2 them he should be ashamed of himself.
  12. Well that's going to make things interesting. Nooooo!!!
  13. My mother was one of the early users of the first birth control pills in 1960/1961. She was THRILLED to have a reliable way to prevent pregnancy after five children and four miscarriages over the course of 16 years. She, like Wilma, developed blood clots in her legs and had to stop using them. Fortunately, the blood clots were discovered and treated before anything catastrophic happened. P.S. I was born in 1962! I got a pulmonary embolism in 1993 at 18. I had to say goodbye to Marlboro Lights.
  14. I may have given him a burst of applause when he appeared at the door all disheveled and hungover and looking very well indeed! ;-) Super hot! I couldn't believe how hot he looked.
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