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  1. hokeypokeyFOIA

    Derry Girls

    This is right up there with Red Oaks in terms of a series that made me laugh and feel good the whole time. I've already run through both seasons twice because there's so much you can miss due to the accents and different vernacular if you're not paying close attention. Love Sister Michael & the Father with his own soundtrack clip. All the clothes, the songs, the hair, it's all terribly genuine. Series 3 here we go.
  2. hokeypokeyFOIA

    Years and Years

    I might need to watch this episode again. I know my blood ran cold at the first Emergency Alert. There's something visceral about how your body is trained to react when that sound comes on over your media. If it ever comes over the internet like it did when they tested the ability of the White House to reach every working phone, I'm just going to declare it over. That said, I like how this series takes time to make you realize how much we as the audience automatically perceive characters vs. who they actually turn into. Trying not to spoil, but for me it's the mom with alternative access issues plus her youngest child. I have children who are not my same race and it's been great over recent years just not to have to explain everything to everyone because now they automatically assume, or just don't even bother to assume anything because who cares? Families are made in different ways, wake up and get used to it.
  3. hokeypokeyFOIA


    This was a nice binge for a day, I did both S1 and S2. I thought this was so well done. So many moments where they make a pivot away at the very last second from where you think a joke is going. Two moments made me burst out laughing: Kristin Scott Thomas getting the 'award' and the stepson playing another bassoon song titled "where's Claire." I was dead.
  4. hokeypokeyFOIA


    I actually didn't mind this show, it has some good talent and the story is sort of interesting if you just buy into it. The Sasha actress is not the greatest, but visually she's very watchable, which I guess works for this part. I liked the twist at the end. I'll watch a 2nd season.
  5. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Matt is a career criminal. I shudder for the woman who marries him and has his kids, that's going to be a hard life alone with very little to show for it. I hope it's not Caitlin who sticks around for him, though I can't say I expect her to have much better judgment with the next man. She's so vulnerable it hurts. What can I say, Lizzie terrified me. She is a pathological liar, world class manipulator, and a sociopath. I say pathological because it seems her default is to put out the lie of convenience first, and then figure out how to fit it into the narrative, which for her is constantly changing depending on where she sees the money coming from next. I see her as someone who comes into any job like gangbusters, bringing in cookies and taking younger ones under her wing, moving into positions of trust only to get handed the keys to things. I hope that woman who "interviewed" her figured out right then and there to keep an eye over her shoulder. Lizzie is someone who deeply scares me because she is like a hawk, constantly looking for new marks. We haven't heard the last of her, legally. My take on her not being happy Scott has a new girlfriend? I suspect it's because she thought, "hot damn, there must have been some money I missed."
  6. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S02.E10: All Alone

    The baby drawer thing freaked me out! I know they had it when my mom had me - she told me about it. But the way they were slamming the drawer back and forth I got the shivers. The moms were in bed turned away from the nursery window. I got flashes of a nurse reaching in for an infant only to have the door yanked shut on the baby's head or the nurse's hands ...
  7. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S02.E10: All Alone

    I wouldn't mind the series ending much like Mr. Saturday Night did - that would also be a natural next step. When you're hot you're too busy to realize it, you choose the audience over your family, and sometimes once the audience has left, the family isn't there anymore, either.
  8. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    I'm having the weird sense that this might be one of the first shows where the actors playing father and daughter start dating behind the scenes. From my perspective, the actress playing Brianna has a lot more chemistry with Sam Heughan than Caitriona Balfe does.
  9. hokeypokeyFOIA


    A shot before 10am every day or 10 more shots before 1pm seems like a really bad idea when you're out on open water, on a boat. I'm surprised these people aren't falling all over themselves, and into each other, just trying to keep their sea legs. Agree with everyone else that it's boring, these people aren't interesting.
  10. hokeypokeyFOIA


    Huh. Just watched the first 3 episodes, taking a comment break. So at first I thought that Julia Montague was being played by the same actress as the lead in Dr. Foster, but it turns out it's not only a different actress, Keeley Hawes, but I realized I recognized her from The Durrells of Corfu. So I had seen her before. Other than that, and thinking for a few moments early on that David's wife looked like Emma Watson, I really like it so far. I just have no idea where they're going with it, since clearly the romance isn't going to work in any facile manner.
  11. hokeypokeyFOIA


    Note to self and others: do NOT watch this show while high or stoned
  12. hokeypokeyFOIA

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I actually thought beard guy went from trying to distract from his skin issues to wanting to show his skin off. He needed a break that I completely understand. I think he wanted to make sure he was going to have a completely different mirror reflection that wouldn't make his eyes always go to that spot, you know?
  13. hokeypokeyFOIA

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I used to have a "5lbs of fat" visual aid in my gym ... what I learned is that fat is fluffy and not too dense. A 5lb weight loss looks great because it's a lot by volume. I could see how that was 3lbs, although like you for that much effort I would have been more satisfied if it had been 10lbs. I'm so excited to learn there's more of this on YouTube. It's addicting!
  14. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S07.E10: Fertile Myrtle

    1. If Matt 1.0 is the father of Amber's baby, this show will have officially blown my mind. That's going to be one interesting situation. Will he do it* to try to find a way back onto the show? Or will it occur to him that this would also put him on the hook for even more child support that he won't/can't pay? I've been so happy to see him exit stage left with such humiliation, but it looks now like we'll have some more months to count. That whole thing he sent Amber about "when you're done with your man your husband is ready to come home" was so creepy and stalker-ish. 2. NuCate also gives me pause. They both need to be really careful around her. PS by "it" I mean demand a paternity test
  15. hokeypokeyFOIA

    S07.E06: WHAT A RIDE

    The problem with that is they don't have a crystal ball to know how Carly will feel about that later. If they completely break it off, it could come back to haunt them later. Carly's only 8 or 9 right now, but she's just a few years away from turning into a teen who will have a LOT of questions. All these teen mom kids are going to have a ton of questions for their parents. Most parents at least get a pass on their kids having questionable memories of the younger years. Not these kids.