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  1. And not only all that, Monique is walking around the kitchen with a damn bird on her shoulder. Yuck!!! Bird feathers and a sprinkling of bird poop are not any condiments that I'd like to eat.
  2. I have been married for 42 years and dearly love my husband. I can barely stand to touch his dirty underwear much less sniff them. 😬 Geebuzz Ashley!!! 🤢🤢😝 There's gotta be a better way to find out if the man is cheating.
  3. You could tell that it took everything inside of Dorinda not to go postal during that reunion. Her face told it all. I'm so glad Tinsley finally unloaded.
  4. Oh Ramoaner! She looks so desperate the way she dresses. With all the dates she has been on, why can't she snag a man and have a long term, meaningful relationship? She needs to cut that hair and cover up her breasteses. Dress more age appropriate. That would make her look more like the youthful 25 year old that she tries so hard to achieve. *Snicker* not happening but..............
  5. Say it loud and proud! I like her too, always have! She's a straight shooter, and I like that about her.
  6. Finally someone that I can relate to. I feel like I'm watching a completely different show than most of the general viewing public. Of course maybe because I'm just not as emotionally invested in these howives shows makes a difference in one's perspective. I take all these shows at face value. Many posts are so impassioned. Twitter fans are absolutely rabid in their hatred of some of these women. It's kinda scary. For me, Garcelle is boring and Denise was trying to change her narrative from the past. I also like that Rinna stirs the pot. It would be such a bland show if everyone was like Denis
  7. Love reading your posts! You certainly have a way with words. Very clever!
  8. This is interesting. https://pagesix.com/2020/09/01/dorinda-medleys-turkey-baster-trash-talk-ticked-off-andy-cohen/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  9. And even way back then at the end of season 3 reunion, she's talking about that blasted toaster oven. 😅🤣😂 It cracks me up. That never did come to fruition. Poor Sonja. She's so delusional. She needs to sell that townhouse and quit living in the past.
  10. Isn't it great being able to watch all these seasons with no commercials? I'm binging all the seasons too, and started over with season 1 yesterday. I was shocked when I saw ole Tom at a bar where Ramona was hanging out with a couple of her "closest" gal pals. After 10 years, he's still a douche bag. I've been reading on Twitter that it's a possibility that Dorinda may be back next season. Producers have said the door is open. That should prove interesting.
  11. No way in hell would I ever want Bethenny back. She ruined season 7 for me when she came back. I loved Heather, Kristen and Carole's friendships. I'm rewatching season 10. She is a screeching, harping know it all. She screams so loud and talks so fast that it is almost unintelligible. She shit talks everyone all the while thinking that her own shit doesn't stink. As much as I hated Dorinda's behavior this season, Bethenny takes the cake for overall worst housewife for me. I know that is a very unpopular opinion. 🤷‍♀️ Most of the time I take these shows at face value, mindless entertainment and
  12. I know right?!? My husband and I are the same age...62, same birth month. We are so low key with our birthdays. We no longer buy each other gifts, nor do we do cake. Anymore, it's just another day to us. We try to take a trip, although coronavirus has put a damper on that. All these big ass parties with their 50 "closest" friends are ridiculous. I don't even like that many people. 🤣
  13. I'm probably the odd man out but I have always liked Dorinda, that is until this season. There was a gradual progression of drunken meanness, but this season was over the top. I don't understand her poor treatment of Tinsley. I've been rewatching RHONY starting from season 5. Dorinda was very nice to Tinsley. Sometimes alcohol brings out the worst. Well, I'm sad to see her go and also sad to see the change in her behavior. I will miss Blue Stone Manor and the adventures of the Bezerkshires. Oh and someone had made mention of what will Dorinda do for money. She sold Richard's company after h
  14. I have been married for 42 years to a man with ADHD/bipolar. It is extremely difficult. It's been a fucking roller coaster, if I may be so blunt. I can't fix him, but I have vowed to hold his hand, stay by his side and help him to the best of my ability. Unless you have been through it, don't judge. I have done a shit ton of research. I have urged, begged and pleaded with my husband to read books or get therapy. The person with the mental issues will not get help just because someone tells them to. They have to want to do it. You cannot reason with them. Their thoughts and perceptions are twi
  15. Just finished rewatching season 6. It went by quickly because there are so many scenes that I fast forwarded through. Don't care for Paul Anka. TJ and Liz drive me up a wall and the band stinks. The April story line is complete and utter crap. We've been watching 6 seasons waiting for Luke and Lorelei to get together and then bam! It all falls apart because Luke won't let Lorelei be part of April's life, and then she has to go run to Christopher and jump in his bed. Ugh! Why does it seem that the more seasons a show has, the worse the writing gets?
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