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    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    Sansa and Elizabeth both had parents who were beheaded as traitors. A sad club to belong to!
  2. Heathrowe

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    Well...in your opinion! But I agree with the parallel. I think George RR Martin is inspired by bits of history and is not slavish to the facts or recreating a life scene by scene. I think the part of Sansa's story that most hews to Elizabeth is Elizabeth's story before she came queen-that she lived in disgrace, that adults made her (sometimes unwillingly or unknowingly) part of their intrigues and hurt her in the process. And that when she was able to take control, she went from being a pawn to having much more agency.
  3. Heathrowe

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Yes-but I think it means that the focus will be on how the clothes photograph and they don't necessarily need to move or be practical. They need to make an impact in a photograph. I thought Hester won this one because her use of color was great - I was surprised that so many of the designers were so color-shy. I actually liked the kooky pink and gray stripes. I'm shocked (and heartened) that they eliminated Nadine since I'm sure she would have just gotten more frustrated and sour and miserable and brought some serious drama in the coming weeks. I don't like that part of the show, I'd rather watch them create and be cool. So I was fine with her being cut. As far as her model-she wasn't stick thin, but she seemed very proportionate, I don't see what would make her so difficult to design for?
  4. Heathrowe

    S16.E15: Finale

    Padma was really, disconcertingly nice this season. She was so nice to the family members who came to Macao-when she is both WARM and beautiful, it's kind of overwhelming. The shot when she walked onto the stage through the smoke was really gorgeous. Anyway, not to be a weirdo, but she's still pretty. And when she's not a sourpuss, she's even more attractive. Basically, I am just agreeing with what's been said upthread that she and Tom seemed to really like this bunch of chef's and were much less condescending this season. Eric is a super-appealing chef. I would have liked to have seen his entire menu-I think it might have been more to my taste than his last few meals on the show. His tartare did not look good to me. And neither did the spinach stew in the last episode. I know there was a discussion saying that to dumb the food down for the average palate is being colonial....but....both without being able to taste-neither dish looked visually appealing to me. I live in NJ-I'm pretty open to new flavors and foods. So I guess I wish he'd somehow taken the essence of Ghana and opened it up a bit. Michelle did tell him that her dish needed to be cut differently not to burn but he wanted the thicker slices. This is from the Washington Post and talks about what Eric would have cooked-which sounds really good! I would like to have seen all three of them cook their meals. Guests would be “starting off in one port in Africa and veering off” to other destinations of the diaspora caused by the slave trade. The menu would serve West African food, as well as South American, Latin American and American dishes influenced by West African traditions. There would be dishes like his scallop yassa, a fine-dining take on a classic Senegalese dish, with black rice, squash and a palm wine-butter sauce, plated to look like a piece of jewelry. It would be elegant but not stuffy, and educational and political without being preachy.
  5. Heathrowe

    S16.E15: Finale

    I was sad Eric didn't get to cook his entire meal, but this was one of my favorite finales-I thought both meals seemed great, but that Kelsey's oysters seemed like the most intriguing dish of the night. So I'm glad she won. She looked stunned after she won, like maybe they were playing a trick on her. I also thought her work ethic was interesting. She was like, "Okay, I want to win, so I just have to be perfect." I was worried she was going to crack under the pressure. I was relieved when she took her crab dish in stride. Sara really cooked some amazing looking food and again, in the smaller group, I think all of her good qualities really shone-I thought she was kind and funny and generous, and she did seem genuinely happy for Kelsey. When Justin made that crack about the waffle mix in the store, it kind of made me hope Sara would win. I wonder if he will realize how petty and not funny it came off when he sees the show.
  6. Heathrowe

    S16.E14: The Tao of Macau

    Gosh, Eric's sister seemed beautiful inside and out. He also has a great vibe. I was not loving the description of his dish...spinach plus gritty but...then they said it was delicious. I'm in NYC area so maybe I can seek it out. I thought they guest judge was familiar with the dish and said it was spot on? Michelle-I think she needed to "roll with" her dish and somehow even with the extra hour, she couldn't make the changes that were necessary. It looked very pale and unappetizing to me. I love seafood. But it all looked kind of quivery and plain. She did not meld her food with Macao, so yes, as soon as they said that I knew she was out. I thought her quickfire food looked better than the elimination challenge food. Unfortunate. Kelsey's cooking seems very smart, am not sure, but I wonder if her cooking will be too regional to win in the end? Yes, Southern Food is your thing. But I groaned when she said she was doing a boil. I guess the broth and the spicy was the twist that made it great but.....that's always my complaint when we get to this point-I really want to see the chef's wow me with something I can't make myself! (I'm sure I couldn't make what Kelsey made, but I do make low country boil every summer and it's pretty basic-I like when the chef's whip out their training and impress me.) Sarah, maybe it's editing, or maybe it's that she is more comfortable in the small group. I wonder if in the larger group, she felt like she had to be louder to be heard, and around all of the guys her "swagger" came out a bit more. Now that it's a smaller group of lovely people, she is more relaxed and appealing. I noticed Michelle went to her to hug when she was eliminated. Her matzo ball soup sounded delish. Yes, the competition did seem to turn into Top Broth in this episode. I guess that was what they all got out of Macao. Same quibble as with Kelsey-I'd like to see something more exciting than soup at this point? But at least her soup looked and sounded delicate, delicious, and unexpected. Her mom was lovely, their relationship seemed lovely. Goals. Any of the three left can win and I'll be happy.
  7. Heathrowe

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    I don't have a problem with Adrienne mentioning that Sarah used boxed mix, but the guy leading the crowd in the chant was over the top rude. If I had been Sarah I'd have cried right there. And I would take it pretty personally. That said, it was a mistake to use the mix, I doubt it even saved much time or money. I was sad to see Michelle go then, at the end, after an episode that wasn't really much about her.
  8. Heathrowe

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    I think all of the quotes of Sansa being shallow from the earlier books actually serve to make me think she's destined for something better in the end, like Lady of Winterfell or more. That is called growth/character arc-and that is what writers love to write, and shows love to depict. It's awfully boring when you start out perfect and end perfect.
  9. Heathrowe

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    I didn't think Adrienne seemed that sick, so I was not particularly grossed out. I had read the comments here, so maybe I was expecting her to a lot worse than what I saw. That said, I also thought this was a weirdly boring episode? So maybe I was not paying enough attention. Michelle seems lovely but she is really, really muted so maybe that was part of it. Anyway, this was kind of a zzz.
  10. Heathrowe

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Oh, also-it was pretty lucky the way the teams broke out. Imagine if Sarah had been trying to push jiggle juice on the Blue team? Or if Brian was all bent on making porchetta on the other boat? The team sensibilities were very well-matched.
  11. Heathrowe

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    I think Kelsey's oyster was elevated because the sauce she made was a "nage" with elements of mignonette, hot sauce, and pickled watermelon rind. I also think her dish did a good job of setting the tone for the party, light and refreshing party food. The other dishes-little shrimp roll was my least favorite, I don't like mayo in the sun. But it did look like a nice sized bite. The fried fish looked light and flaky, maybe because it was not sitting? And then the watermelon salad-tied it all together. A nice mix of lighter and heavier dishes. And even if the jiggle juice was not to Padma's liking-it definitely loosened up the partygoers. In contrast,the blue team did not seem like a cohesive menu. Boring shrimp pop. I don't want any kind of mayo on my taco on the boat in the sun and it was a big taco. I don't want a dumpling in soup in a boat in the sun. The fried fish looked kind of heavy and compact. And the porchetta...blergh. I love pork, love porchetta...but not on a boat in the sun. I'm not sure how to fix the porcetta-I know sometimes people take porcetta and then turn it into a delicious messy sandwich? Maybe if he'd done that (mini-sized) it would have a been a rich and delicious treat? Or I'd rather have my pork on a stick and my shrimp loose! Just seemed like a hot, heavy menu to me. Also, it seemed like the blue team saw the fun element of the green team, and then choked and couldn't figure out their own way. Their food didn't really go with a tiki theme. If they wanted to do elevated dining, why not go with a white theme and serve a champagne cocktail? Again, be yourselves, be true to your food. I don't personally think a houseboat party lends itself to elegance, but if they didn't want to cook casual food....then you gotta go all the way with it.
  12. Heathrowe

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    That video gets brought up a lot, but whenever I have clicked the link, I can't really see anything or understand anything? That might be why it didn't get much attention in the media-it's not really something that can be substantiated other than message board gossip. And divorce/custody proceedings aren't generally as horrific as an arrest for rape/assault so I can see why Thomas's legal situation is getting more attention now.
  13. Heathrowe

    S37: Angelina Keeley

    I think she is ridiculous but-I do enjoy watching her! She could home, I would enjoy that. She could win, and I might enjoy that, too! If she is going to win I have enough faith in the producers that they'd turn her edit around to make her more appealing in the last few episodes. I think her biggest flaw is that she seems to crave recognition for everything. But she certainly seems to have taken the target off her back, and that's a big accomplishment.
  14. Heathrowe

    S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Has anyone EVER voted for Mike in a Tribal Council? I can't recall him ever being on the block?
  15. Heathrowe

    S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Oh....so much this episode. I'm not as sad to see Christian go out as I thought I would be. I would have loved for him to make final 3, but people have been gunning for him for episodes and the Carl thing with Gabby was a debacle/big mistake. So that is that. I will say-what beautiful blue eyes on that guy! It's also amazing to me, that he talks a lot but apparently it's not annoying and people seemed to enjoy whatever he had to say. Nick-I hope he wins. I think I kind of like that his game is a bit more emotional, but it's still smart. I don't understand why he told everyone that the idol he "found" under the raft was fake? Why not just keep it to yourself-that's a bit of trickery that now everyone knows you have in you. Or was that "resume-building" in action? I think resume-building is the most annoying part of the game, but I guess they feel it's necessary for finale. Angelina-for Pete's sake-I wish they had voted her out after she got them the rice and sat out the immunity challenge. That would have been AWESOMELY MEAN. It is ridiculous to me that she is still trying to get leverage on that. One-it's just rice. TV production is not really going to let anyone starve to death out there. She acts like she singlehandedly brought home a brontosaurus for them all to eat. Also-there's a weird, thin line between begging and bullying. She really expects to get her way. Davy-I am not sure I could have been as strong and gracious as he was when facd with Angelina's begging/bullying for the reward. Also-his distrust of Nick's 2nd idol and his continuing to look for the idol was really great. He is no slacker. I mentioned a few episodes that I thought Survivor really agreed with Nick's looks-that a tan and the Survivor diet was making him more handsome. Well-same for Davy last night! His skin was positively glowing. He looks good! Also, he's so engaging and enjoying of the game, he's fun to watch. People who are not fun to watch- Mike. Alison. Kara. Kara-maybe she is not getting enough credit but there's flying low to the radar and then there is flying completely invisibly. Who are you, girlfriend? Alison - has no original thoughts, no agency of her own. A bold move is blabbing to Mike. I hope she or Angelina goes home next week, but I doubt my wish will be granted. She and Mike will probably slither into F3. Mike - not as smart as he thinks, but smart enough to glom onto Nick. I wonder if they will tell us next week if he and Nick had a plan, and that's why they split their votes? Or was everyone just going rogue and doing whatever? Interesting episode. At the end of the day-this is harsh-but Gabby really blew it for the David's. Or maybe Carl blew it by not including Gabby. But that was the end of most of their hopes.
  16. Heathrowe

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    I don't think Alison actually is a big threat-I think it's that she always seems like easy pickings. It's easy to throw her name out and people say - sure. But then she always eludes the axe-and it chops someone who actually IS a bigger threat, so far! I think maybe Nick and Davy are not seen as big threats because they are very good at keeping relatively quiet and playing the game. I'm trying to think if either of them has had the "big moves/resume" talking head? I don't think so? They're not trying to be flashy about it, but they are getting it done.
  17. Heathrowe

    S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I cannot get behind this Gabby move. I understand wanting Carl out last week, especially after being excluded from the alliance's decision. But voting out Carl and losing the number advantage, combined with trying to vote out Christian, the only one who really has her back-was just a double whammy of dumb. And then on top of it-did she learn nothing from the TC's that were blind sides? Don't run your mouth about it. She knew Christian had an immunity idol, but she was acting like she had the votes sewn up and that was enough? Zip it, lady! I get that the big moves are flashy but this was no credit to her and if I were on the jury I wouldn't think it was brilliant, I'd think it was low. I know these alliances can't last forever, but I'm feeling much more understanding of Nick turning on Christian-after being betrayed-than Gabby. Anyway, goodbye Gabby, I don't think you ever could have won this game, anyway. Leaving people out of strategy makes them feel vulnerable. That's why Gabby went after Carl. And that's why Nick was so angry with Christian. I would think his logic leap would be why wouldn't Gabby/Christian come after him next? Also, Survivor is good for his looks. HIs eyes look so blue with that tan! And the Survivor diet is making his cheekbones really...pretty. Despite Nick's transformation to gorgeous guy, my favorite player is Davy. Flying under the radar but still playing a big part in all of these machinations. Does he need a "big move" when all the people on the jury know that he did xyz behind the scenes? Not sure how Christian digs himself out of this but I suppose anything could happen. He wins immunity. Someone eats all the rice in the middle of the night. There should be a "Christian Lives" t-shirt at this point-but I'm not sure how much longer he can avoid the axe. I think he was saying Sorry...sorry to his girlfriend because he was crying all over her and emotional. I think his GF seemed lovely and the nasty comments here are...nasty. He is clearly a guy who is able to comfort others-I wonder what his birth order is? He seems like a nurturer!
  18. Heathrowe

    S37:E09 Breadth-First Search

    I guess it depends who she approaches and how she frames it. Angelina seems to know now that she's the target for the Goliaths. She could try to swing the target to one of the others, but despite how smart she thinks she is-as she pointed out, no one is really following her direction. Does she go right up to Christian, who people seem to think is the alpha, and offer to swing the vote in return for being carried to Final 3? Is she smart enough to recognize the low-key brilliance of Davy, Nick, and Carl's game playing and approach one of them? I don't think Gabby will be her way in. The David's need someone to flip and stick to it. At this point she knows the Goliaths really don't have her back, so what does she have to lose. I do think I would trust her. If I were Angelina I'd be very clear about what I wanted in return for flipping. No mumbo jumbo about proving my loyalty-I would be more transactional.
  19. Heathrowe

    S37:E09 Breadth-First Search

    I think the only thing that might have been different if Dan knew about the nullifier is that maybe he wouldn't have assumed he could take the day off to sulk. He thought he was safe from being voted off because he had an idol-if he knew there was a chance it was void maybe he'd have worked harder on his alliances instead of coasting? Davy, Nck, and Christian are basically my favorites-I will be happy if any of those three take it to the end. The former Goliaths - including Mike - all want to make bold moves and "build their resumes" but then they don't seem to have an instinct for what needs to be done/be able to run different scenarios? Davy, Nick and Carl must really be playing good games to still be flying so low to the radar after last week, I wonder if they are happy to let everyone think Christian masterminding-since it makes him the target? I thought Angelina looked pretty scared after the TC. I wonder if she will be the one who really flips to David next week?
  20. Heathrowe

    S37:E09 Breadth-First Search

    As a mom, I'm going to say that I think Dan really needed some more protein and that is why he melted down so much before the TC. He thought he was safe with the idol and he could just go sulk somewhere, but Kara was right, you need to be always moving, like a shark! Formulating the rest of my thoughts but I do think it was a good time for him to go. I wonder if by Day 20, people are secretly relieved to get voted out and go get a shower and hot meals and a bed. I think I'd be okay with it.
  21. Heathrowe

    S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Great episode. I hope they give us more backstory in the next episode as to who came up with the idea to split the votes. Because that was masterful. As someone upthread said-wizardry! Curious if the plan was hatched by Christian, Davey, or Nick. It was A GREAT PLAN. Why is Christian a target. He is smart and likable-remains to be seen whether he's a genius mastermind, but that's the perception. He also (to me) seems to be playing the game with some integrity. He's not a flipper or a gossiper like Angelina or Alec or Mike. Maybe that's because the David's haven't been in a situation where there has been a reason to turn. But really-I don't know why Alec and Angelina keep blabbing to the Davids. (I suspect because they are both actually pretty dumb?) Another thing with Christian-someone voluntarily - without being called out and begged in plain sight - gave up their immunity idol for him. So he has some kind of charisma to make that happen. Pretty sure if I were the target, the whole tribe would just be like "Ohhh, we love you, byeeee!" as my torch was snuffed. Davey. I love him. I hope he and Christian are final two and it would be hard for me to pick the winner. But honestly-I think the person who devised the split vote should take it all in the end. Mike would be my target next week. Angelina...I'm a woman. I totally agreed with what she said about how a woman will put forth an idea, it's dismissed and then five minutes later a man says the same thing and it's a deal! Totally been there. But I think what she doesn't realize is that on Survivor-that could be used to her benefit. She wants credit for being a game playing strategy mastermind-but she shouldn't be looking for it from her fellow players. Save it for the audience. Relish that these guys are doing your bidding without you getting the target on your back as a big player. Which brings me to Kara. Strong in the challenges, Apparently never moves or speaks otherwise other than to make doe eyes at the idiot guy. Is Survivor super-sexist in that this is the smartest way for women to play this game? (Answer-probably.) The idiot-guy who gave up his immunity idol for Angelina. I keep forgetting his name. But, oy. It's lucky he has more idols than he knows what to do with... Nick-I am liking more and more, he seems to have lost his early game jitters and now he's really getting it.
  22. Heathrowe

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    It is a quasi-legal/administrative job. I believe he works for the power company. A Right of Way specialist partial job description: Determine right-of-way concerns affecting the County; determine location of right-of-way. Prepare and maintain a complete set of records in regard to right-of-way legal descriptions, transactions, deeds, agreements, and other related documents; review documents prepared for County acceptance.
  23. Heathrowe

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Oh! Was she? I missed that. I thought they had a nice connection-guess I misread it!
  24. Heathrowe

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I love Fillion. I was disappointed that his love interest was not the age appropriate bank manager. I thought they had nice chemistry! It was honestly hard for me to keep watching this when he was not on the screen. Ensemble is good in theory, but I didn't think the rest of the cast was that interesting.
  25. Heathrowe

    S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    Well, I don't think Alec will go the distance but he had a good episode. Natalia....I was happy to see her go. Christian, I love. I am rooting for him to win. Gabbie-I do not enjoy the crying but I am pretty sure the production people who do the talking heads really know how to push players buttons and get them to wig out. Who knows what they said to her to prompt that breakdown? But I'm happy she redeemed herself later in the episode. WrestlerGuy-not getting a lot of screentime? I think Ned Schneebly/Mike just watches everything and goes with the flow, hence the Rock Star alliance. I feel like he could walk 5 feet down the beach and then be all "Yeah, sure..." to the next person who makes an overture. Elizabeth IS good at this game. I was not sure if she and Davie were working together, and he was just appearing to throw her under the bus? Why bother to say all of that if it's basically in the bag that he, Alec, and Elizabeth will vote off Natalia? Which brings me to NATALIE...That is a weird dynamic, and I would not have the patience to listen to her. I love the thought of my boss on Survivor. He is a brilliant guy, but so, so odd. He would walk off mid-task and then probably just come back out of nowhere with a lit torch and a big smile, no explanation. He's kind of magical. We all love him.