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  1. That's interesting about Cassie. Given the nature of the other series, I don't think she's necessarily wrong reasons, though it does shed some light on her weird virginity conversation with Colton. I've liked Cassie since her intro package and mentally made her my frontrunner at that point. I think she's probably a good match for Colton.
  2. Teddy went to Grey-Sloane because at that point, she was looking for Owen and going to tell him about the pregnancy, but he wasn't there because he was at Alex and Jo's wedding. This was also why she initially accepted the position as interim chief. Then she went to Owen's house, Betty answered the door and said something about Owen and Amelia and "the baby"; Teddy leapt to conclusions and booked it back to Germany after telling Bailey never mind about the interim chief position. At 15, Betty is not too old for the system, and it's probably where she should be, since Amelia has no wardshi
  3. It's Dragon House without Cyrus and some of the other guys that auditioned for SYTYCD, other than BluPrint, so... Dragon House minus some of the best dancers, imo. It was weird to only see three of them.
  4. Oh, also? I liked the callback to Dr. K telling Rebecca to give Randall his own name, and Rebecca repeating that advice to Randall when Tess was born. I bet she was thinking of exactly that decision to let Randall be Randall instead of Kyle.
  5. I'm a parent. I dress up for Halloween. I also went trick-or-treating last night with my 11 year old, a group of his friends, and assorted parents. We hung back at a respectable distance, though. I'm a couple of years older than the Pearson kids (39 to their 37); I do remember trick or treating without my parents after about age 12 or so, but parents accompanying 10 years olds seems reasonable to me. I grew up in the suburbs on the east coast, fwiw. My parents both joined Facebook around the time my son was a toddler. He was born in 2006, so grandparents on Facebook in 2008 seems about ri
  6. Well, I wasn't too broken up over Viserion, but now I am! I was sad for the loss, of course, but this analysis is both spot on and heartbreaking. I hope Rhaegal gets the love and attention he deserves from Jon.
  7. Again, Google exists. Maybe he should have used it before comparing an organization to the KKK, if he wasn't quite sure what they did. Here is a link to some of the other tweets Lee posted before coming on the show. You can draw your own conclusions, I guess. https://www.bustle.com/p/what-did-lee-tweet-before-the-bachelorette-his-alleged-comments-were-insensitive-to-so-many-people-73452
  8. They were not overly harsh. The evening ended with handshakes and hugs- which was more than Lee deserved, to be honest. If he is not racist, his behavior says otherwise. If he really "hates racism" as he said tonight, then why leave that tweet on his account once it "got out there"? Why behave as he did toward Eric and Kenny in the house? He said what he said and did not express regret for it until tonight on the show. That tweet was over a year old. It was also not the only problematic tweet he's made. You said upthread that you did not not watch the entire season; you might not be seeing wha
  9. I'm not sure why anyone would be so invested in defending Lee. Even if you somehow can't see that he engaged in racist behavior, both on the show and on Twitter, surely it's obvious that he made statements that were harmful and hurtful. I can't imagine wasting time feeling sorry for a fully grown man who can't use a search engine or visit a library for some reason.
  10. Dude. If Lee doesn't want to be seen as racist then he probably shouldn't be making incredibly racist statements via Twitter, and he shouldn't have been targeting black men in the house, making up false stories about them being aggressive toward him. He deserved everything he got, and all he did in response was give lip service about wanting to "learn" and "be educated." It takes 30 seconds of googling to figure out what the NAACP does. It's not Kenny's, Josiah's, Anthony's, Will's, or Rachel's job to educate him. If he wants to learn so badly, there are resources out there. For me, it was ver
  11. Sounds like they're taking the Next Gen format and using it with the older dancers. If so, that's a bit of a bummer because I enjoy seeing people pair up with dancers from opposite genres and the magic that happens for a few couples each season, and we'll lose that (especially if, as with the kids, they dance mostly in their style, which is also their All Star's style). Those are the same All Stars that were on the Next Gen season. Also, interesting that Fikshun is an All Star since he is competing on World of Dance as well.
  12. Hrm. It depends what brand she used. The one I used when I was pregnant with my son had the straight line as a negative, and it turned into a plus when it was positive. There were two windows, one with the straight line as the control. The second window had the result. A second straight line, not pregnant; if it became a plus sign, pregnant. I'm trying to remember what Lorna's looked like now.
  13. Ouija et al were part of the Dominican group that came in last season when MCC decided that adding more inmates to an already overcrowded prison was a great idea. I liked that in this episode instead of a flashback, we got a little glimpse of the people these women have on the outside. I wonder how Lorna will react to the negative pregnancy test. I'm irritated with her "pills are bad" speechifying. Some of those women are severely mentally ill, and need the medication to prevent them from harming themselves or others. We're already seeing how bad Suzanne can get. They need to
  14. It's funny you say it's not a realistic show, because with the exception of hearing someone get raped, I went through pretty much everything Hannah did (or the mid-90s equivalent) when I was a teenager. I was suicidal, and the only reason I wasn't successful was because my boyfriend interrupted me and took me to the hospital. Some people have very different experiences of high school than others. I really liked the series. Parts were tough to watch and a lot of old trauma was dredged up, but it was worthwhile. Kids need to know that they are not alone, that shitty things happen to so man
  15. Rebecca was not 46. Rebecca would have been 39 or 40 at that point. Jack is 46. It might be a risky pregnancy, but not outside of the norm completely. My grandmother was 40 when she had my dad in 1952. As for their hair, well... hair dye is a thing. I don't know if Miguel is wealthy, but he had a very nice house when Randall stopped by to talk to Rebecca after their falling out. He's comfortable, at the very least.
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