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  1. I took the dog out to potty and was chit chatting with a neighbor. When I came back inside the show was on and hubby sound asleep in the recliner. The scene cut to Rinna and there she was with her mullet. Yes, I said mullet! good Lord that is the most hideous style on her. Some of these women dress and look like they are on some really potent drugs and have no idea of "fashion" other than what they see twenty somethings wearing while they strut down a runway. I turned the TV off and left the room. No point in watching that crap. BTW, whether guilty or innocent Erika is stil
  2. Quinn's behavior was creepy with Carter. He deserves more respect. The scene was everything women have been battling for years except in reverse. Sexual harassment at it's worst. Liam is experiencing a nervous breakdown. Even if he confesses he will continue to behave this way. They have played this too far. If he was truly sane he would have told his dad to STFU and would have called 911 immediately. He freaks out about everything though. He needs a good swig of some "grow a set" and do the right thing. What a loser. He will never amount to anything. The character is pat
  3. The first thing I noticed was all the gals wearing black and white, except for Kenya who of course had to try and be center of attention and stand out wearing red. Then I saw Marlo. Good for her. Kenya probably picked out some horrible costume and instructed Kandi to give it to Marlo, who then saw it for what it was and decided to wear her sexy swimsuit from earlier. Good for you Marlo. When the trashy, spread legged Kenya, (once again trying to grab all the attention), and the stripper came on the show it lost me. Watching these women act like fools was just too much. As dumb as
  4. I can remember the scenes we saw with Mark, Kenya and Brooklyn. Every time Mark was playing with or making a playful fuss about Brooklyn Kenya would insert herself and make it about herself insinuating "what about me". I got the feeling she was jealous of his attention to the baby and she was competing for his attention with poor Brooklyn. She is so transparent. When the ladies are having fun and it isn't about her she is offended. She is only happy when she is the center of attention. She wants everyone to be there for her yet she is there for no one but herself. She continued to fli
  5. Angelina is too much, and not in a good way. She flirts too much, teases too hard, is abrasive and abusive. Then she acts like she is the one being abused. If this is an act for TV she's good at playing the villain. If this is how she really is she never learned manners as a child. I want to feel sorry for her but just can't. It's easier to just not acknowledge people like that.
  6. Seriously, what is wrong with Angelena? She is verbally abusive to her husband, and so combative towards everyone else. I honestly feel she needs some type of therapy . I would want nothing to do with her. Even if this is all an act for the cameras I still wouldn't want to be around her.
  7. Having 4 degrees and a PHD does NOT make you a good person. Only your character can do that. To sit and gossip about things an individual said while inebriated shows that you only wish to make fun of them when they are at a disadvantage. Hold your head up and be a lady. You don't have to drag someone through the dirt. Show your intelligence not your backside
  8. NOT defending Monique's violent behavior in any way! Candiace (makes me think of Candi ass) bugs me in every way possible. She thinks she is so cutesy cutesy. Definitely not Miss Congeniality. She has a mean mouth on her. Even her husband has to tell her to shut up. I still remember the rage on her face while wielding the knife at her table towards on of the other ladies. She has no problem with nasty comments towards the other girls. It's as if she is jealous of everything they have. Her blatant disrespect towards her husband by always spending more than the budget allows is hor
  9. If they get rid of Rinna (pathetic loser), Kyle (boring as shit) Erika (no talent hack and personality of a brick) and Duddie (need I say more?) I would consider watching again. I just find those 4 to be disgusting two faced jerks.
  10. As long as Mauricio and Kyle can make money off Teddi by selling her home and being the agent to find her a new one she will remain besties with Kyle. Once it ends so will the friendship.
  11. Idle speculation, Malia is besties with Bugsy. Bugsy was a chief stew (who this time finds herself available until Captain Sandy finds her for this job. If she's such a great chief stew why is she available during the peak yachting season?). Malia is pissed because Hannah doesn't want to bunk with Bugsy giving Malia and Tom their privacy in Hannah and Malia's shared cabin. Malia kills 2 birds with one stone, gets the cabin to herself by forcing Hannah out, then gets her bestie the job and pay grade of chief stew by ratting out Hannah to Captain Sandy. It just worked out perfectly for h
  12. Oh, and did I mention: Brandi is a nasty has been. Nobody cares. Rinna is a thirsty trashy witch. She'll do anything for a buck including throwing her friends under the nearest bus, and exploiting her daughters. Kyle is so jealous of anyone getting the spotlight besides her. Another washed up child actress with no discernible skills. She holds a grudge like no other. Teddi is dumb as a box of rocks latching on to any popular girl cause she has no personality Dorit is a poser Erika is a cold, soulless shell of a woman with an inflated ego and no talent who has to play dress up t
  13. I love reading all the comments. I don't bother to watch the show anymore. Can't stand Kyle, Rinna, Teddy, Erika, Dorit, or Brandi and not a big fan of Denise. Hypocrites all. When it comes to the LGBTQ community they are all show. But when it comes to a rumor creepy Brandi starts (and I say rumor cause I wouldn't trust anything she says if her tongue came notarized) about Denise they are all over it. Who cares!!! It's her life. What a shitty friend Brandi is that she can spread any stories. She will say and do anything to stay relevant. Why are they all so shocked and want to kno
  14. Heaven help us all. If Brittany and Jax get pregnant she will spend the whole time screeching "I'M HAVING A BABY" in her southern drawl and Jax will flip and flop between "I don't know how I am going to pay for this, she's so demanding, I don't know how I can handle this, she's driving me crazy" and "I can't believe we are having a baby, I'm going to be a dad,I want to make my dad proud" and on and on................................................ just a side note about the photo shoot and Jax's lack of a SUR shirt. You really mean to tell me he has been working there for who know
  15. I thought Pumpkin worked at a Walmart? June is messing up her life and that of her children but for Sugar Bear to be airing his ED and how he's "fixing" the problem is probably very embarrassing for Alana to deal with in high school. Too much sharing. If Jennifer really cared about Alana she would be trying to help Pumpkin instead of competing with her and putting her down. I don't care what their differences are, the children should always come first. I find her repulsive.
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