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  1. I can't even explain how much I love this movie. To this day i still waiver about which sister was really behind the wheel of that car! I wish someone would mow down Shaunna and Ridge on their road trip to Vegas or whatever they're going to do with these two. I am sick to death of the IDEA of them, let alone the real life manifestation. Does anyone know when we stop getting new episodes? I can't imagine they're still taping.
  2. Gotta love how "It meant nothing!" is a legitimate excuse used over and over on Soap Operas. I was telling my Soap Mate that Brooke is NEVER allowed to defend herself or even be proactive about her relationships. She's never allowed to say "Ok, so what? Either lets move on, or not" I get that Ridge hates Bill with the burning of a thousand cases of the clap... but a simple...Hey, it was a moment of weakness. Lets break up the stupid ass "party" and go pout about it for a day then get on with our lives would be an appropriate reaction from this room FULL TO THE RAFTERS with cheaters! Why is Quinn's make up gun set at Dr. Frank-N-Furter?
  3. After reading recaps/comments here, I watched Friday's episode and it was all that you said it was!! That was a satisfying crying, whining, whipped dog exit from Tommy Choo Choo. But I hope SOMEONE in that room realizes there is a sad, humiliated psychopath with nothing to lose just outside that door. Otherwise Monday opens with him lobbing grenades into the floral arrangements and driving through the front door in the limo/tank he rented. Wyatt can purse his lips all the way closed forever. I am NOT forgiving him for his bullshit. And Dayum, Vinnie! I see you, Boo. I hope Steffyy sees you too. Girl needs something to do all day. . I haven't swooned like that over a haircut since Jim interviewed for the job in NY, right before he came back and asked Pam out on a real date. (The Office reference. My other favorite Soap Opera)
  4. Its sweet that you'd think that. Is anything happening on this "show" anymore? Brooke's drinking moonshine out of jelly jars. The fiery and gorgeous Sally Spectra being reduced to the shakes and spells of 'weakness' is given some nebulous diagnosis that will keep her in perpetual limbo. (by the way, Wyatt can FOAD any time now for how he is treating Our Sally. ) Liam and Steffy and Hope are having the same conversation they've been having for 12 years, this time with toddlers thrown in but still no resolution. No surprise guest appearances? jail break by Dr Windsor Castle? Caroline washing up on shore to get her poor baby away from his fool of at father? Does Bill even exist anymore? Is the site where "Skye" was supposed to go (the old Spectra building) still a pile of rubble in the middle of L.A.? Can Quinn either kill someone or get killed so we can stop watching her "Suspicious/Revenge face"? I still haven't come back to show, and it seems like there isn't anything to come back to.
  5. I looked back a few days and didn't see this one referenced...for car batteries of all things. A whole office wins a huge lottery, except the guy who had to take the day off because his car died the day they collected money for the tickets. What a bunch of A-holes. If your office has a lottery pool all the time and the one day you're off they couldn't cover you? Bull crap. And just mean and petty. But the way they're all dancing around his sad/angry slumped body maybe no one likes him? And Peleton ...we get it...not every one of your customers is a "spin goblin" hostage.... But I don't need to see the off key singing Dad Every. Single. Commericial. Break
  6. I've been home sick for a couple of days, so I figured I would check back in to Hotel Horrible. I had to take my temperature to be sure I wasn't in a fever dream. Just a few days ago, Steffy agreed to re hire Chompers to get her to prove Lurch was lurching(or now, Lurk, I guess. He has been at three open doors, in bushes behind a chain link fence, and following Hope in her car). But now Lurk calls her with Nefarious Plan # 56437 and she's like "Sure, it can't fail! Let's do it!" She is now taking directions from Crazy Pants? One last question...where is Beth? Hope has been to Steffy's and back after another fun breakup speech, packed Liam's four shirts, rehashed at all with her Mom.... Where has Miracle baby been that whole time?
  7. just happened to be walking through the room when someone else had this mess on and Liam and Hope were talking about her going back to work and about her having Thomas as the lead designer "I didn't say yes....but I didn't tell him no". Dammit Hope, this is exactly how all of Thomas' attacks on you begin! Wouldn't the better story be that she is having trouble bonding with Beth (due to MISSING MOST OF THE FIRST YEAR OF HER LIFE) so in her guilt she is trying to latch on to Beth's "savior". It would explain her working so hard to minimize Lurch's villainy just so she could lavish attention on Douglas, instead of paying attention to her daughter (who in her mind and heart she has already mourned). A few scenes of her looking at a sleeping Beth and wondering aloud why she was having such a hard time being her Mommy or telling Douglas that it was so much easier to be his bonus Mommy ...would go a long way in explaining her Bananas behavior. But nope, we get this madness. And Sludge schlumping over to Brooke's to demand she forgive Lurch so they can continue their "Shittiest Love of All Time" made me just leave the room. I can only hope she told him where to go and how to get there. But that was just infuriating. I think I'm at the point where I have to treat this show like my peanut allergy and just...stay away. No contact, no exposure.
  8. I've been keeping up with the "storyline" here because I can't bear to watch it played out on TV. But yesterday my SO (who still watches for some unknown reason) had it on so I watched the last 10 minutes or so. The scene of poor messed up Douglas just being so happy for some kind of stability in his life was just heartbreaking. And Hope...dear sweet deluded dumb as toast Hope.... Get up off that little boy's bed, call his grandmothers in NYC to come get him and provide him the life he craves and deserves, shower him with love and attention. Go visit on school holidays if you must but to sit there and tell that child "We are a real family now" is just cruel and will backfire all over your life. PS...don't you HAVE a "real family"? As in the daughter you just a month or so ago found out was alive no thanks to the psycho sitting on the other side of the bed? Can she and her "real family" move into a more secure and bigger home than the treehouse or whatever it is in Brooke's back yard? Its made of windows, but it still seems so dark in there all the time. And Heaven forbid Brooke be allowed to "end" her relationship by taking off her ring. Of course not...only the All Mighty Rumpled One is allowed to say when "We're done". Because Brooke has to be left in tears, begging. No, she can't say..."you know, you're right, this ain't working. Where can I send the rest of your stuff?" Fuck This. Fuck THAT Bullshit. Fuck them ALL 10 minutes of any show shouldn't make me this irrationally angry, should it?
  9. I just saw this winner today, I apologize if it has been mentioned before. Some business types walk into a hole in the wall dive bar...see the bartender and one customer then walk out to the hotel bar across the street. The tag line says something to the effect of "find where you fit in" First, Dive bars are the best and it doesn't take 40 minutes to catch the bartenders attention. Tip reasonably well and you'll get treated like long lost family. Second, way to be such classist and exclusionary douchebags. If you want to stay in your homogenous comfort zone with watered down drinks and "Apeteezers", then don't venture out of the hotel lobby at all. And if you were coming from somewhere else, you deserve your watered down drinks for having happy hour in a hotel bar
  10. In the last "vision" Deet had, we see her or someone who looks like her carrying and concealing what looks like a wrapped up baby. So either a small pocket of Gelfling survive in hiding, or Jen is a direct descendant of Deet and Rian (maybe). I hope so because the idea of Thra without Gelfling for hundreds of trine is too sad to bear
  11. I will preface my remarks by saying...I'm not watching anymore. The aftermath of Hope and Liam finding out the truth about Beth, yes I was all ABOUT that. But once Brooke do si do'd Tommy Choo-Choo over the cliff (put up a damn FENCE Steffy, you've got an almost toddler in the house!) I was out again. I have no interest in the Undeserved Redemption Tour. I can't understand why Dr Lipps isn't there squawking at and about the evil Logans tryna kill her sweet BABY! Plus, she needs to provide some explanation for her damn actions in this fiasco. What if someone mentions that they've been trying to get ahold of Doc, but no one has seen or heard from her in weeks. Through some investigating, the last place her phone was pinging was !!! Dr Windsor Castle's flat!!!! (cue ominous music) she went to visit him just before the Beth secret came to light. Once Dr Shady realized the heat was on, he kidnapped and is holding the Doc to keep her from telling her very thirsty side of the story. Because she is the one he did the deal with, she is the one who handed over the cash he asked for. She is the one who heard and "believed" his lie about the baby's parentage. So now Ridge and ...someone...need to go to Londontown and find that pecking hen. And Brad Carlton can kill Nazi art thieves with his thighs in the catacombs...or whatever...you get my drift. In all seriousness though, are the writers zapped with cattle prods if they give us good story for a while? And then forced to turn out nonsensical dreck until the Overlords aren't paying attention...then we get something poignant and interesting for a few days until the cycle starts again?
  12. I tuned in today to see what all the fuckery was about....and, looks like I will be taking a nice long break again. Thanks for the 4 or 5 days of great acting and SOME comeuppance for SOME guilty parties. But I guess that was all the show could muster. We havent even gotten to see Dr WinsorCastle perp walked into jail/court and we are already on the Thomas redemption tour. So are Amelia, the WORST nanny on the West Coast, and Douglas still sitting in Vinnie's apartment? Will Vinnie at least come through to explain how crazed and obssessive Tom had been a mere HALF HOUR before he ran to Hope with his Rage Apology? And that Tommy was on some mysterious "stash" ? I was already pissed at Hope for UNPACKING and sniffing every piece of Phoebe/Beth's clothing that Steffy had painfully and probably tearfully packed. Nothing good ever happens for Hope at that Cliff House. So does Shauna not know that Baby Gorl Flo got 50 large for helping to sell a newborn? That she apparently never spent because she felt sooooooo bad about it? Now would be the time to tap into that blood money. I will be checking in here ti see when it might be safe to get back in the water. It was a greak...week...wasnt it? (Sigh)
  13. Why arent they staying at a Spencer property, imstead of staying exactly where Thomas expects them to be ...like sitting ducks in a three sided box? I finally watched Monday's episode and it was GLORIOUS. So whats a satisfied viewer to do after watching the righteous wrath of our severly wronged heroine? Come right here to find an equally gorgeous recap from CountryGirl, of course. Although Vinnie and Thomas looked like they had just had a Greco Roman wrestling match....I am pretty sure Vinnie is gonna give up his "friend" soon. I have very good friends and I care about them a lot. But if I KNEW they had committed a terrible crime and seriously hurt people, innocent people...children....you best believe i would turn them in as soon as I could. It would hurt my heart... But some things are non negotiable. Where the hell is Dr Lipenstein? Taylor is the only person who could make me feel sorry for Steffy. Because if she ever needed her mother...or ANYONE... its now. With her world crashing down. And not to come up with schemes to get Liam back...but to hold her suffering daughter and let her know everything is going to be okay.
  14. And aint this a sticy wicket? Watching Douglas give Liam the straight facts (then call his Father to tell him to have conjugal relations with himself). Flo FINALLY spitting it out (minus a few key details). And then finally FINALLY Hope getting the unvarnished truth... Made me feel like the scene at the end of The Wiz where all the sweatshop workers shed their heavy dark rags and emerge im white bikinis and start dancing around to "Brand New Day"
  15. Ive been on haitus since March or so, my BF still records and watches almost daily. Every time id take a peek there would be some new interns or something standing in a trust circle arguing about NOT telling this "big" secret. So id leave the room and wait a couple of weeks to test the waters. So finally there is some huge payoff, and all i could think was... What is Liam gonna hit his head on this time so he forgets all of this? Or Thomas will succeed in drugging and raping Hope, so she finally fully breaks from reality and is catatonic when the reveal finally gets around to her. All of these talkative nitwits who know the truth but kept it ro themselves are complicit in whatever happens next. ( Flo has known Phoebeths parentage since just a couple of weeks after Beth was born right?) There is no way Xander isnt dead. sorry about the rambling...
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