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  1. If Carter was ever going to quit, it should've been looooong before things got to this point. And you are correct, we don't really know what is going to happen in the continuation of this scene...but even if Eric says "Go, be happy. I'm gonna just waste away into dust and old man beard"...its still icky. It was Icky when Stuffy did it to Liam, When Hope did it to Liam, when Katie did it to Bill and Brooke...This would be just another in a long line of "These people are gross. you can't GIVE someone to someone else". The only thing I am going to give the writers credit for here
  2. The problem here is that two of the adults have NOT consented. Carter is Eric's EMPLOYEE...The Damn COO (as we have been reminded ad nauseum), so for Eric to treat him like stud service is gross at BEST. He is treating Carter like a walking talking dildo, and he is treating his beautiful, radiant, passionate wife like a cat in heat..."I can't scratch her itch, so YOU do it. Even though I told you a week ago to stay away from her." If all he wanted to do was find someone to slip her the pipe every once in a while, I'm sure he could either spring Deacon from jail, or convince Brooke to
  3. The Stupid... it burnsssss. Stuffy has seen multiple times now that Finn has been huffing paint and killing brain cells, she needs to cut bait and run. Tell Liam that she needs to protect herself and the kids...pack up and get to a safe house. Tell Dimm and his Mommy Dearest to enjoy their reunion and if Dimm needs to contact her about visitation... here is her lawyer's number. Why doesn't Eric just put a tracker on Quinn? Then he can listen to her conversations all day from the comfort of his own sad couch. If Sheila could do ONE thing while she is here...And kill Pari
  4. Oh, Sheila is definitely walking out of that Malibu house with that baby. She probably has some tranq darts up one sleeve . Money is on Liam to save the day and the baby.
  5. I haven't even watched yet, but didn't they plan this wedding in like 4 days? It makes sense he couldn't get the day off. The real question is, isn't he still on paternity leave? Also makes sense that they only had champagne and cake or whatever leftovers were in the fridge, and that Hope's dress was make from the sheer curtains from a guest room. Sheila again? Is she still waitressing at Il Giardino? Isn't that where we last left her?
  6. By show's standards...Flo and Wyatt should've been married three times, annulled and divorced twice. Had two or three kids of questionable parentage (I'm sure Flo could steal one from somewhere) and one of them presumed dead, but living two towns over with amnesia working on a farm or in a bar. Just kill off one or both of them already! Maybe Flo and her co-conspirator's sister could get thrown in the giant washing vat at FC... Or shot accidentally by a recast Taylor...or just go on a road trip and never return.
  7. When Baby Hayes started crying/fussing after being all sweet gooey and frankly ovary activating cute- why did ominous music and Ridge side eye happen? What are they supposed to be insinuating? Is Hayes possessed? Why is Finn so hell bent on locking down Steffy before anyone meets his family?? Are his parents dead set against this marriage because they can see all the red flags that Finn keeps folding in to roses for "perfect Steffy"? Seriously the amount of unearned praise for both Steffy and Paris yesterday was cringe-y. I can only hope one of them is about to meet a grisly e
  8. Maybe that was the selling point...he really wanted to try those little doors! Dunkin Donuts has a commercial about getting everything (and everyone ) running again with iced coffee...but the whole crowd of people "running" though the city all have giant iced coffees with NO TOP on them!!! It stresses me out so bad. How is that even possible? How is iced coffee not sloshed all over everything and everyone? Have you ever gotten a drink without a lid and straw from a fast food place? Ever??
  9. I had to watch today because I think I am all in for Quarter...at least until they ruin it. But Zoe straight up walking into Carter's apartment, then right into his bedroom? No, sis. That's how people get SHOT! I'm glad that insufferable Zoe isn't the one to finally bust the Quarter goodness, but what the heck was she talking about "you moved on so sooooon"???? These two have been "broken up" for longer than their actual relationship lasted. Did this trick seriously start SEARCHING his bedroom? If I was Carter I'd have jumped up...business swinging... and escorted her forlorn a
  10. From that still shot, those are slip on shoes. HAHAHAHAHAA!! I'm not even watching this dreck and just everyone's description is pissing me off. Maybe SCBWF's battered brain will completely short out with the strain of holding in this (poop) secret. Then we can all get a break from his histrionics about...EVERYthing.
  11. No. Prepare to lose IQ points as well as your temper. It's just. So. Dumb.
  12. It occurs to me that Birdman Wyatt and that human trafficker, Flo have been (back) together long enough for a proposal, an interrupted wedding ceremony. Another Proposal, an affair, a WTD storyline, a living room ceremony with a dress designed by someone who shouldn't even be bothered to spit on the bride. A tearful annulment and then another proposal with a giant diamond ring. Yet they just wander in and out of $Bill's office together like Raggedy Flo and her pet Wyatt. Are we supposed to believe... from $Bill's speech that someone is supposed to be worried about Liam's mental health if
  13. Just reading this possibilities of Y and R crossovers...and does anyone know where Daniel Romalotti is? Phyllis' original "snatch a man" baby? I remember when he was written off because his mother strong-armed him into raising his child conceived by some psycho drugging and raping him...but he was always a nice guy character. He would be older than Hop[e and he brings his own baggage...but I think Hope needs an older guy who is into her (even if his Spazz Hands mother would no doubt be problematic, just because that's what she likes to do) But i can't imagine ever Brooke having strong
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