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  1. That's the only outfit I remotely liked. For me this episode was a whole lot of ugly - both clothes and behavior.
  2. It could be changed to "Come on in teams" or "come on in players."
  3. Category was "The First Name Their Mom Chose" and the clue was "Frontiersman Kit Carson & actor Kit Harington" Thanks.
  4. I can't believe I missed a Kit Carson reference! Would someone fill me in on it please, and thank you.
  5. I couldn't stand Buzzy when he was a contestant, but I think he did a great job as host of the tournament and think he would be the best replacement. I thought David Faber was great, too, but I doubt he'd give up his current job or have the time to do both. Hopefully Mayim will tone it down with all the giggling. Maybe it was just more of a nervous laughter thing and once she's more comfortable with hosting it'll stop.
  6. That's crazy. But since you'll be alone most of the time, no one will know if you're wearing your mask or not.
  7. To me it's indicative of how rarely they get to indulge in junk food and were using the opportunity to enjoy it for a change.
  8. Completely agree. I also feel that way about figure skating - I hate seeing the skaters get higher scores for crappy quads than for beautiful triples. In both instances it takes away from the overall artistry of the programs.
  9. Now I'm picturing red and black Twizzlers twisted together. I would love to see Simone be able to compete in an individual event final(s) but her health, both mental and physical, come first.
  10. Oh my gosh, I know. I cringe every time I hear that phrase. "Twisties" somehow sounds like a 3 year old running around throwing a temper tantrum.
  11. SweetSable


    I was thinking maybe she lost a bet - otherwise there's no excuse.
  12. I work with an attorney who handles product litigation defense but he also does a lot of pro bono work on immigration cases. So it does happen.
  13. I love Allison Janney but Bonnie is my least favorite character. I really miss Christy. I'm enjoying the reruns I've been recording from past seasons much more than the current season. And instead of giving us a not very good episode with this Rod character, why can't we get a good episode focusing on Wendy?!
  14. Oh, fuck no to Buzzy. That would put me off of the show forever.
  15. Gilligan was champ for the last game with Alex, broadcast Friday, Jan. 8 2021, originally scheduled to run Dec. 25 2020. He appeared in the next game broadcast Monday Jan. 11 2021. He came in second in that game. I think the "champ when they shut down" is referencing the champ from earlier in 2020 when production shut down due to Covid. I don't think that person has been back.
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