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  1. I agree. I just don't think he saw it that way. I agree. Shaun would be an excellent candidate for therapy. I wonder if he's refused it because he thinks talking to Dr. Glassman is enough for him. But now we've seen he needs more than that in order to be equipped to handle. It will be interesting to see what the writers do with this going forward. Same here! I could see them having a great time together! And now that Shaun has discovered he's an ardent fan of sex, I would enjoy seeing him restore her faith in the activity (maybe she can be his science project!). I laugh out loud with those two - they are both bluntly honest -loved it when Shaun was seeking advice and when he got to Morgan, he started with a very matter-of-factly "You're the most selfish person I know...", and she displayed no adverse reaction to it. And at least we know that girl wouldn't sugar coat anything!
  2. I'm going to forgive Shaun. He is not equipped to cope with the intense emotions associated with unrequited love. When something is very important to him, he is used to working at it until the desired result is achieved*. So when he was willing and eager to take on Lea's faults and eccentricities and was still rejected, it was all too frustrating and disappointing for him. * I think that's why it couldn't work with Carly. He wanted to want that, he tried to want that but, in the end, he just didn't. I think that woman is Morgan.
  3. THIS. Also, I really think Carly was surprised and bugged to hear Lea was going to be working at the hospital. She probably thought she effectively got rid of her by having her booted out of Shaun's house. Kind of like the Grinch thinking he successfully stopped Christmas from happening and was surprised when Christmas was still there. Shaun and Lea are close friends and she can hardly be expected to go away just because Carly has a problem with their friendship. I sincerely hope Carly wants to work through this and is not the type of person who manipulates their bf into cutting people out of his life for her. I hope Shaun's first (?) romantic relationship does not prove to be an unhealthy one. And about her knowing Shaun. Seriously. Given the time and effort it took for the two of them to even hold hands, in what world is she thinking he's going around boinking other people? And she will have to learn to appreciate and trust the emotional connection that she and Shaun have, rather than concern herself with the emotional connection that Shaun and Lea have. She should already as she does know him. The little girl was super adorable, and she could really act. I can't say the same about the actress who played her mother, though. That was cringe-y to watch. That small child was acting rings around her "mother" lol.
  4. Carly is such a downer. What a drip she is. I liked her at first and tried to keep liking her but now I just... don't. She wasn't interesting to me even with all the "parade" talk. I know the "parade" talk wasn't showcasing her, it was about his colleagues giving advice and having some fun with it, but at that point I couldn't have cared less if that sour, dour woman had a "parade" or not. It's like the whole story has simply run its course, and she can leave any time now. When she smiled at the end (looking to me like she waited to smile), all I could think was: "Yep, that's right, Carly - make sure Shaun never sees you smile. You can't have him thinking you're happy for once".
  5. This. When we first heard Kevin say that he wanted to be married within the year and also have a kid, they did that classic soap opera move - the one where a (usually major) character says something profound, and they quickly cut to the next scene, which is very telling in exactly to whom they cut*. Kevin said that, and then they cut immediately to Cassidy, walking or something. And, she does have a kid already, one who Kevin would treat as his own for sure. I know it was said that Kevin's wife was pregnant, but I don't recall if that was within the year or more into the future. I hope I'm wrong. Cassidy has grown on me a little since she was introduced but I'm not completely warmed up to her being the one for Kevin. I really like her, too, but I didn't feel any chemistry between them. * Perhaps a call back to Justin's soap opera days?
  6. I am not a sap. In fact, I make it a point to tell people that I am not a sap. Dog of the Week stories? No, thank you. Classic Christmas movies others bawl at like It's A Wonderful Life? Nothing. Nada. Can't stand it. Hallmark movies? Hate 'em. But when baby Jack reached for the lights?... Oh yeah, I'm a sap. But I like to think I am not a sap. So I will keep telling myself I am not a sap...I am NOT a sap.
  7. Hi all - first time poster on this show. The show, while not totally depressing to me, seems darker, a little sad, and not as much fun as it's been at times. At first I liked the way Carly put Shaun's friends "in their place" (if that's the correct term) when they were, what she thought, sticking their noses where they didn't belong. But then I wondered why she wouldn't be at least a tad glad that Shaun has friends who genuinely care about him, and have legitimate concern (after all he does have special needs), and not only that - if they care this much perhaps they can help? Maybe she doesn't want that, but I don't see why every exchange has to result in what seems like a put down by her. In this episode, I got the feeling that "incomplete" meant that Shaun just doesn't trust Carly. When Shaun and Lea kissed (no, I don't want Shaun and Lea together, I feel that ship has sailed and I enjoy their friendship), I certainly got the impression that he wanted more, including the physical relationship. Shaun trusts Lea. I actually liked Morgan in this episode*. Couldn't stand her when she first showed up but ever since last year's mid-season finale, I have gotten to like her more. I find her to be mean with some people, but not to Shaun, rather I see her as understanding, kind, patient and helpful to Shaun. Could it be? Could it? Given Morgan's complete disdain for sex and Shaun's discomfort with sex... . That, combined with their blunt honesty, they could really enjoy each other's company while not having sex together. Then, after a time, there could be, um, maybe... trust? Well, at least it could inject some much needed fun back into this show.** * Ducking under my computer chair. ** Now ducking under my computer table, and shielding myself with my chair.
  8. I almost expected the Rocky theme to play right then! I think that may be a good thing - for now. Last season, and all the others (to me anyway) were very Randall-centric and often not in a good way. Having it start out slow (rather lame?) for them might be the right thing to do. I would appreciate a decent build-up for better stories for Randall and Beth and their children this season. I missed who Deja was texting at the end - it wasn't the loser on the bus, was it?
  9. I got the impression that's what they were going for.
  10. This show does that. Rebecca's condition as shown can't be a surprise at that point. Everyone else seemed to be taking it in stride, no shaking, tears or protests about not being ready to see "HER" yet. I really don't think Tess would be any different (it's possible, but doubtful - haven't we seen an older Tess who seems like a very together person?). They did it with Zoe, too. Beth had a pretty strong warning for Kevin about him dating Zoe and, seriously, was it just that she didn't want kids? This show does that. Hopefully off somewhere living their lives - seeing the world!
  11. So.. Randall and Beth. They don't even know how cute they are. Scratch that.. they do. I can't even imagine the make up sex. Kevin and Zoe. Kids. You're on the same page with that - or it's a deal breaker. Who didn't see that one coming? Kate and Toby. So glad baby Jack is okay. So glad to see Kate show some compassion toward Rebecca after she saw Rebecca's notes. For us, I don't think it was supposed to be only about Rebecca needing to make notes due to forgetfulness, it was about Kate seeing how much Rebecca cared. Corn sandwiches. Yes, why didn't they order pizza? They never seem to tire of it. For some reason, I want a coffee. I'm craving a coffee right now. Really hot, steaming, delicious coffee.
  12. I don't believe that for one second. Perhaps a middle name if that or even a third name at best. But not a name that would matter. I don't believe they would see her as a saint the way they see Jack as one. Yes, of course it is. Rented from the same company that supplies all the medical shows with those types of things. They have everything. And if they don't, they make it. Not in a million years would someone give their frail preemie for a cheesy opportunity such as this. Okay, maybe some have tried, but I think it just might be illegal to do so. There are checks and balances thank goodness. If someone offers up their preemie for example, then why not their grandfather's lung transplant? Why not their one year old's heart transplant? Why not show their daughter's/son's bone marrows for leukemia treatment? It's a plastic doll.
  13. I never said it was strange. I said it was very predictable (as many, many others here have as well) that Kate would name her son Jack, because Jack is so idolised. If Kate had had a baby girl instead, I wonder if she would have named her Rebecca? Somehow I doubt it. Randall didn't. And I don't remember but I don't think Beth's mother's name was Tess or Annie. But I didn't realize it was as common as it evidently is. Assuming not every parent is an only child there must be lots of first cousins with the same name. I think if Beth and Randall have a son they should name him Jack, and ditto Kevin, lol. Then Jack, Jack and Jack could all play together at family gatherings. Rebecca's grandchildren would be Deja, Tess, Annie, Jack, Jack and Jack. I guess first cousins all sharing a name wouldn't be a big deal if the families live a five hour flight apart as they probably wouldn't see each other all that much. But the Pearsons seem to fly clear across the country at the drop of a hat. This name discussion reminded me of a quote from one of my favourite movies: "Paulie and his brothers had lots of sons and nephews. And almost all of them were named Peter or Paul. It was unbelievable. There must have been two dozen Peters and Pauls at the wedding. Plus, they were all married to girls named Marie. And they named all their daughters Marie. By the time I finished meeting everybody, I thought I was drunk." - Karen Hill, Goodfellas
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