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  1. feedee

    S04.E17: Beach, Please

    If you're a cute girl, not a beauty but a cute girl, from Kentucky, do you have to laugh at every single thing that your misogynistic feller says? Must you? Do you truly find him that hysterical? Get him a sketch comedy bit or something, but stop making him think he's Jerry Lewis. Your adoration of his every word was too much for me to handle on "Watch What Happens" last night. He really isn't that funny. He really isn't funny at all. And he's TEN years older than you and steals. Screaming inside my head.
  2. feedee


    Looking forward to the final two hours. Held my interest and I know nothing about finances, which means I probably would have invested with Bernie. My only problem is that I find him rather adorable and hope that after tonight's final viewing I'll hate him.
  3. feedee


    I forgot how much I loved him. Does this mean I have to watch that Colony show?
  4. She was the best crazy Target lady in the red track suit. I miss her every November.
  5. feedee

    S07.E14: Episode 14

    V8 was nice to let the Village Scholarship siblings use their logo.
  6. How can you overlook my favorite of all time, and superb in at least 3 episodes, Bruce MacVittie? Seriously.
  7. Try to find "The World According to Garp". He was supreme.
  8. feedee

    S14.E14: Finale, Part 2

    Swapnil next week. That's all that matters. Drops mic.
  9. feedee

    The Grinder

    Loved it and really liked "Grandfathered" also. Thought Stamos was perfect in his role. My friends and I have had competitive "Who would you do, Rob Lowe or John Stamos" for the past 5 years. Now there's something for each side. I have always been Team Lowe.
  10. feedee

    S02.E01: THE Word

    The team who cast this show deserve an Emmy. Do they give out Emmys for casting decisions? If not, they should.
  11. feedee

    S17.E32: Episode 32

    Not a single hamster left who is enjoyable. Not even my JohnnyMac anymore. They all have the manipulations and scheming replacing any fun. It's turned into a very depressing show. Looking forward to AR and Survivor. Whoever did the casting for this season needs to be fired or stuck in a cubicle with Vanessa and Austin for a month.
  12. feedee

    Watch A Preview Clip From Gotham's Season 2 Premiere

    I'm excited to see Todd Stashwick as Richard Sionis. I thought he was a one shot character from Season I. Between him and James Frain, this is going to be such a sweet season of billionaire villians.
  13. feedee

    S17.E29: Episode 29

    CBS needs to invest in 3 doors for the evicted hamster to leave through. I hate the way this group thinks they've scooped the show on listening to the applause and cheers an evictee receives. Last night, however, I loved it because they were simply STUNNED at the amount of welcome the audience gave John. Are they under some sort of delusion that the Austwins and the Mad Hatter are the most popular???
  14. feedee

    S07.E01: The B Is Back

    Why did I read a few weeks ago that Bethenny's PR peeps had made it their mission to "soften" her and have her come across as less brittle and more humble? She needs a new team. Did. Not. Work.
  15. feedee

    S01.E01: Episode One

    I liked it. Sue me.