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  1. Shan is the sort of person that gives herself a nickname. She can take her dumb villain music anytime and get off my screen. I really hope that Genie takes out both Rickard, and Shan. That'll knock the smug right out of them. Blonde visor lady has a name, it's Heather, and balls and ropes are her nemeses. What a painfully awkward way to finally be introduced to the audience. I would bury myself in the sand and die of shame. What can you say about JD? Moron, idiot, dumb ass, stupid pirate hair? I like him but how can you say that you don't want to be the guy that's voted off S
  2. Word. I don't remember the last time I had such a visceral reaction to a character. The rage that Bev caused me every time she was onscreen was a lot. So I'm with you. I can't imagine a bunch of bloodthirsty vampires who have had to deal with Bev's hateful, holier than thou passive aggressive b.s. for most of their lives wouldn't JUMP at the chance to tear her head off. What's the good in being undead if you can't use it to take out your small town enemies? Her speech to the sheriff was so hateful I wanted to reach through the screen and punch her repeatedly. Even though I didn't get the blood
  3. I need one of those TV murder boards with red string to keep track of all of these new game rules and (dis)advantages that the show keep throwing at us. What focus group (no, Jeff not the reflection looking back at you in the mirror) was like, you know what Survivor needs? An insane new rules and rewards structure that no one understands. Cause that's what the people want. SMDH. Was I the only one that started laughing when Liana was crying about "playing the game." Dude, it's Survivor, it's a game show on CBS try some perspective on for size. Jeez... You should be crying that you voted o
  4. So, I probably shouldn't try to bring logic to a vampire show -- excuse me....angels -- but I find it very difficult to believe that Ali would have been allowed to take communion at all. Obviously, Unholy Bev knew what was up, but as someone who was raised Catholic you can't just take communion if you haven't been confirmed. There is NO WAY a priest -- who wasn't totally batshit...yes, I went there -- would have give Ali communion, and the whispers in the pews....SCANDAL over donuts and blood at the midnight church social if he had dared. Also, it's pretty sad if your teenage rebellion in
  5. Dammit, Zach Gilford! He broke my heart a million times over as Matt Saracen, and now he does it again as Riley Flynn. Sigh...I will miss his soulful, tortured character. Can someone please. Anyone (Sheriff?) Shove a bible up Bev's zealot wannabe bride of Nosferatu ass and rip her throat out so I don't have to listen to her religious nutbaggery for another two episodes? Riley, you had a chance and you missed it. I'm a Mike Flanagan fan but seriously calm the f*** down with the monologues already. I can take one well-acted monologue but not every episode. Stop holding us hostage with
  6. I would love nothing more than a smart, strategic all-female alliance but this was a an epic clown car fail. First off, I suffered an eye roll sprain when Tiffany couldn't admit that she was the reason her team belly-flopped so badly. Delusional, much? Second the woman is as dumb as Probst's horrible haircut this season. The minute that Tiffany started babbling nonsense about keeping Xander and disbelieving Evvie (although that may have been the only smart thing she did because Evvie is a snake in rainbow boy shorts) when she said she saw with her own eyes that Perfect Perm didn't have a vote.
  7. I've always enjoyed James Wolk who is one of those really likable actors that just hasn't found that right project. I know that a show like this requires a suspension of disbelief but in this network multiverse is no one capable of multitasking?!?! I guess I'm no ordinary Joe because at my college graduation I managed to go to dinner with my family AND party with my friends. On the same day. I saw Sliding Doors so I get the "what ifs" but not sure that all of these life paths really are going to work in the long run. Also, I want to echo some of the other posters who pointed out how
  8. I liked JD. His manic energy could definitely get old fast but he's like 20 years old (seriously who allowed people born in the 2000s to become adults. I call b.s.!). He's gotta learn to play it cool, stop being such a fan boy, and maybe learn how to tell a story because his recap to the tribe was a whole lot of YIKES. I'm going to wait and see when it comes to Shan. If you have to tell us you're a villain with a Looney Tunes soundtrack, you're less villain and more lame than anything else. Okay, evil youth pastor way to be edgy (all of the eye rolls). Did no one ever tell Nassir, sn
  9. Awkward and Uncool Vibes: The Anastasia Ashley Story. Malia is a total brat. "People ate without us." Boo hoo. Maybe quit it with the stank attitude, stop pouting on the inner tubes and show up when the food arrives. I felt bad that Juli had to sit at the kids table with them. I love Koa so much. Just a good energy dude that's fun to hang with. I'd have been happy to have either Luke or Kai back. They both killed it. At least, Luke went out getting caught in a barrel not in manufactured girl drama. Kayla is not going to win this but I'm stoked she took out Anastasia. I
  10. 100%. These aren't wannabe surfers. They are legit within the surf world, and just trying to make it to the next level. Malia's dad is the real deal, so not only does she have an "in" that some of these other surfers don't have, but she has the natural talent. If you want to be on Big Brother Wave Ranch then go for it, but if you want to surf then start paddling! In the first episode the announcers talked about Anastasia being a true natural surfer, but I didn't see her take any chances. Maybe she's amazing but it felt like she was coasting a bit this episode whereas Tia just went out and atta
  11. I'm enjoying this so far. The show was really speaks to my O.C. raised beach kid heart. I was a fan of Zeke's before the show, and he does not disappoint. There is some major junior high level wave drama with a lot of the girls. Malia and Anastasia are definitely in the running for biggest B's of the beach. Way too much "everyone is jealous of me" from those two. Just get in the barrel already! Appreciated the slams on the Bachelor from the contestants. It took me a minute to recognize the host from back in the day Bachelor. I guess ABC likes to keep it in the family, but it wou
  12. Was it just me or did it bother anyone else that Casey was able to pull a Prison Break from Limbro, and there wasn't ever any drama about whether the show's producers -- who were totally scripting this -- would take Casey back to douchebag prison to lift prop island weights? If nothing else, I would have thought Nikki would have showed up at the girls villa to make some jokes at Casey's expense (and not waited till elimination). "Boyfriend dick!" I love this show so much....
  13. Dawn - "I did not leave anything on the table." No, you just left it off the plate (for... what number is this now? I've lost count of how many times she's forgotten to plate all her components). Same. I don't think I would have chosen Gabe as my favorite cheftestant, but he seems so mild mannered that learning about whatever the hell it was that he did absolutely influenced how I viewed him. As @Lassus mentioned it could be over tip harassment but the restaurant industry has a pretty toxic reputation for misogyny and drugs among other things so it takes a LOT to get fired. But who kno
  14. Gil. Freaking. Bobbsey! Really? We already have to put up with Scylla and now we've got Nancy's Drew's terrible Wraith-Approved ex on this show? Ugh.
  15. I'm not here for the Scylla/Spree redemption tour. No patience for the star-crossed Freeform lurve of Scylla and Raelle. Barf. Don't sell me on that true love conquers all b.s. I'm actually wondering if the Vice President's daughter could be a new love interest for Raelle? But it's early in the season so I could be reading too much into it. Yikes! Flashback bumps. No bueno for poor, Tally.
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