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  1. Dawn - "I did not leave anything on the table." No, you just left it off the plate (for... what number is this now? I've lost count of how many times she's forgotten to plate all her components). Same. I don't think I would have chosen Gabe as my favorite cheftestant, but he seems so mild mannered that learning about whatever the hell it was that he did absolutely influenced how I viewed him. As @Lassus mentioned it could be over tip harassment but the restaurant industry has a pretty toxic reputation for misogyny and drugs among other things so it takes a LOT to get fired. But who kno
  2. Gil. Freaking. Bobbsey! Really? We already have to put up with Scylla and now we've got Nancy's Drew's terrible Wraith-Approved ex on this show? Ugh.
  3. I'm not here for the Scylla/Spree redemption tour. No patience for the star-crossed Freeform lurve of Scylla and Raelle. Barf. Don't sell me on that true love conquers all b.s. I'm actually wondering if the Vice President's daughter could be a new love interest for Raelle? But it's early in the season so I could be reading too much into it. Yikes! Flashback bumps. No bueno for poor, Tally.
  4. I have a dairy allergy (not lactose intolerant) that causes chest congestion. I avoid dairy for the most part (because I don't want to spend a whole day clearing my throat and sounding like I ate all of the frogs) but if there is something I really want to try with cheese, I just pop 2 Mucinex and I'm good to go. But that's me. I didn't watch this challenge and then write a strongly worded letter to the producers because I felt marginalized by Big Tillamook.
  5. ZeeEnnui

    S01.E14: Trips

    And on tonight's episode of Walker: Alpaca Wrangler.... Shut up, Stella. Shut up, Augie. Wow, renegade ranger Walker has really rubbed off on Micki. She picks up the slack by going all underground street fighter (but for good!) while the captain just mildly protests. I like Geri and Walker as friends -- do you hear that, writers? -- they have a strong connection and history. Forcing them together would be such a cliche, but that's never stopped a show from going there before. Hoyt, you will live on as an adorable Alpaca! It's no flashback to his stint as a male stripper b
  6. Agreed. Growing up my grandma made fresh red snapper that was baked in the oven with salsa and cheese, and I loved it. But I feel like that dish, and maybe a really good lobster mac and cheese or a Yeastie Boys Lox Deluxe are the exceptions to the fish and cheese rule. I'm glad to see Jamie go. My ears will be happy to never hear those dumb sound effects on my screen again. (Pew Pew - Shut up!) That and after her bullshit at elimination last week, it was time for her to PYKAG. Also, people that describe themselves as "wacky" are annoying AF in real life. Stop. It. Yeah, and hone
  7. THIS. I said it on one of my earlier posts that if Mallory were played by a better actress that I think we as viewers would have responded differently to her. What a better actress would have brought to Mallory was the ability to bring nuance to a character that isn't necessarily likable but we could maybe find ways to like her better because she was complicated. THAT said, I did like her friendship with Kate. Ring Pops and Roller Rinks 4EVA! At first, I couldn't believe how quickly Kate forgave Mallory (I'm Irish and we hold a helluva a grudge) but then the more I thought about it, I rea
  8. Oh Addison, I had such high hopes for you. But, of course, everyone on this show has to drink Jane's sucky Kool-Aid. Christ! Who styled Jacqueline?!? That last outfit made her look like an escapee from a 1970's sitcom with hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in days after a flapper costume party. ALL of the yikes. I thought that this episode was actually pretty boring. The 'ole drug trip gone wrong is such a tired plot line. (I hope Jane replaced that ridiculously overpriced pastry that she frisbeed). We don't have many episodes left, and this one just felt like filler to m
  9. Agreed. Jeanette had to copy a victim on a legal show to act like a sympathetic witness. She has to create a fiction -- calling in a tip -- to make her story believable. Hell, Dexter would do that - what would a normal person do and say? I've said it all along, Jeanette Turner is not right, and the show delivered that. Jeanette wanted to the spotlight, to be Kate Wallis, and calling in the tip and being the big hero would have done that for her. She would have not only saved the day but Kate would have been grateful -- we saw in 1993 how desperately Jeanette wanted to be her friend #RedScrunch
  10. Everything I've read is pretty vague. I saw on a couple of different Reddit threads that it was sexual misconduct, but who knows. All the big stories about it don't go into a lot of detail. I guess it could be something else, but whatever it was it had to have been pretty bad. It seems that he is a big deal chef in Austin, and was a big draw for the restaurant, you don't fire your star chef for violating a few HR rules.
  11. If you Google Gabe Erales you'll find that he was fired from his last job for sexual misconduct. I guess Top Chef was filmed before he was fired, which happened earlier this year, otherwise you can bet they wouldn't have chosen him as a contestant.
  12. I'd like to remember Hoyt in all of his special guest starring glory. I loved what he brought to the show (hotness and charm). It blows that his death is what will ultimately pave the way for guilt-free Walker/Geri pairing (TV writers do love a cliched romance subplot).
  13. WORD x infinity Neither Jamie nor Maria are my favorite contestants (#TeamShota all the way!) but I'm with the poster above who said send them both packing. This is a competition people, not a sorority weekend. Get off the cross, you'll need the wood for your next challenge. I'm hoping Jamie is eliminated next week, I can't stand the sound effects she makes (ease up, you're not that guy from the Police Academy movies). I'm glad Maria left and took her inferiority complex with her. I don't have a lot of patience for her woe is me act. You made it this far into the competition - that
  14. Is "want to go to HR?" the new "want to go back to my place?" [Massive EYE ROLL] Jane Rating - Negative 0. I think Addison was pretty freaking generous with a 3! The character of Jane is like a weekly trolling by the writing staff. I think what Kat is doing to help Zuri is great. It's a very worthy cause, but as per usual Kat has tunnel vision. The Bell doesn't want to get involved (for many reasons that are entirely valid. Thanks for the backup, Adena!) The videos projected on the side of a building is actually a really great idea, but why not do it right? Rather than burn a
  15. I'm with you on this. The writing has been too smart, and much too nuanced in its character portrayals to end the show this way. Whatever truth we land on with this show. It's going to be complicated, much like life. The things that don't change. 1. Kate is a victim. Full stop. The grooming and the manipulation were not her fault (thanks, and PREACH!, Kate's therapist). Why did she blame Jeanette? We'll find out next week, I guess. I don't think it came from a place of malice. Even Jeanette said early on that she thought the accusation came from a place of trauma. 2. Jeanette may -- and
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