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  1. To be fair: who would Pops call? There apparently isn't any other law enforcement officers in Riverdale other than FP, and the Lodges appear to have a deal with a governor to keep state authorities from poking around their turf.
  2. Is it just me or does Cole Sprouse look comically lame any time Jughead has to look like a tough guy, gang leader? I just cannot take him seriously when he pulls out a switchblade. He doesn't look like a gangster, he looks like he's part of a middle school production of West Side Story. He's completely nonthreatening. I know the whole Southside Serpents storyline is ill conceived to begin with, but I keep wondering if I would have an easier time buying into it if someone else was playing Jughead. Probably not, as the writing would still be terrible, but Good God is Sprouse ever a bad fit for the type of character Jughead has become. Well cast for season one Jughead, but terrible for everything since. I also don't understand what a Serpent Queen is and why Toni couldn't have the job. Up until now it just seemed like a consort position since Betty had it by virtue of being Jug's girlfriend, but if it actually comes with leadership authority why wouldn't it go to someone who is someone who belongs to the gang for her own sake and not just to be with her boyfriend? How has Jughead not been overthrown yet? He is a terrible leader and does not look like he could hold his own in a fight against any of the other Serpents.
  3. How are they basically dead? The iZombie zombies aren't like the zombies of most of the zombie genre. They're basically people with a very serious and very contagious longterm illness, albeit one where violent behavior is a symptom if the illness isn't properly managed. Sure, the zombies like Liv who eat unprocessed brains have their personalities constantly overwritten which might make them hard to maintain a relationship with, but the people who are living off the brain tubes aren't like that. I can understand wanting to flee an area where the plague has essentially set in, but treating infected loved ones as if they're now dead-to-me because they're zombies is too cold. Now, that doesn't mean I'd have stayed in Seattle if a parent, sibling or friend had been infected. People move away from friends and family all the time for all sorts of reasons, and presumably I could still call, email and FaceTime with my zombie loved ones while we all hope and pray for a cure to make reunification possible. The calculus might be a little different though if the zombie in question was my child. I can't imagine any circumstances under which I would leave a kid to become homeless and destitute to save my own skin.
  4. Maybe, but I'm not prepared to exonerate the humans who are targeting non-FG affiliated zombies. These are people who were (mostly) infected against their will, and many are literally starving. Any human who goes out of their way to terrorize a zombie civilian is also a terrorist.
  5. Sure, but it's Fillmore Graves, not the government who is enforcing this mandate. That was the crime their guillotine was built for. First and foremost, they could be turned into zombies themselves and the purpose of this quarantine is to contain the zombie plague. Using US forces would increase the possibility of the zombie virus spreading. Secondly, thanks to zombism and their exclusive access to the Super Max serum, the Fillmore Graves mercenaries are faster, stronger, have better stamina and are all around more durable than a human soldier. Is it though? They infected thousands of people against their will by purposefully contaminating a flu vaccine (for a deadly flu that they intentionally brought to Seattle!). If that's not bioterrorism, what is? I can hand wave the US government being willing to work with them for now until they come up with a better plan, but calling Fillmore Graves a terrorist force that has essentially taken control of Seattle is an entirely fair assessment.
  6. It's not the same as blood flow, but if there wasn't blood flow zombies would develop livor mortis, which is a condition in corpses where the blood starts pooling in particular areas of the body because it's stopped circulating. Livor mortis basically looks like huge bruises along the side of the body that is facing down. Plus, it's been established that zombies have both a pulse and blood pressure, which also prove blood flow. I think Ravi said Liv's pulse was 10 beats per minute in the pilot, and then last season Harley Johns told Fillmore Graves that his brother (who had worked for Max Rager) told him that zombies had a specific blood pressure range though I can't remember the number just now. Another way we know that zombies have blood flow is that it was established in the first season that "full zombie mode" is triggered by adrenaline. Adrenaline couldn't flow through the body without blood circulation. Also, while traditional zombies are considered dead, I think it's pretty clear that iZombie zombies are not. Since the very beginning the show has treated zombism as a potentially curable disease. Death can't be cured or driven into remission, but it appears that zombism can.
  7. Nope. It was super rushed. I mean I wasn't surprised to see them sleeping together since they clearly love one another, but it was ridiculous to introduce that and then break them up in the span of a single episode. I'm really rooting for these two, but I'm resigned to the fact that the show is either going to keep them apart until the very end or make them just stay friends. I don't have answers to your other questions, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fillmore Graves has decided to stop all humans from leaving the city for any reason. As they said last week, the remaining human population in Seattle is the only reason to the US government hasn't bombed the city. They're probably reluctant to let anyone go for any reason lest it opens the flood gates and humans start finding reasons to leave. I don't think they're turning anyone into zombies anymore. I thought Chase said last week that it's now illegal to change anyone else because they can hardly support the existing zombie population with the current brain supply.
  8. I liked this week's episode better than last week, but a second weak case in a row really makes me wish the show had the courage to grow past the weekly procedural format. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Clive and Liv solving crimes but there's just too much going on in this "New Seattle" to give either the CotW or the ongoing story arcs the attention they deserve. They either need to find a way to tie the human murders into a bigger plot line (like maybe something connected to Angus's new cult?) or stop making the day-to-day homicide investigations such a significant part of the show.
  9. Yes, there is. We saw Ravi get a blood sample from Liv in the pilot, and we've seen zombies bleed when they get shot. That said, it has been established that they have slower pulses/lower blood pressure than humans so I can accept poor circulation as the reason for some (though likely not all, as their hair losing color at the same time implies something else is going on) of their skin color loss.
  10. I don't think they're rationed, but I would imagine they do still cost money. I don't have a problem with employed zombies and zombies supported by people with money keeping up with their dye jobs and spray tans, but perfectly tanned and dyed homeless zombies makes no sense.
  11. So happy to see iZombie back, though I wasn't wild about this episode. I wish they had put off returning to a COTW format until after they had gotten us more up to speed with what's changed since last season's finale. I thought football brain was an annoying dud, though I might just be the wrong audience for it as I don't know or care enough about football for any of the jokes to land.
  12. Does Cami Mendes have it in her contract that she gets to sing X number of times per season or something? The show treats her like some sort of amazing talent, but I don’t think she’s that great. It’s painful for me to continually watch Veronica upstage Josey, who both in-show and in-real-life is a much, much better singer. Re: age of confirmation, this can vary a lot even from parish to parish. There is no set age dictated by the Vatican (other than that a person must at least be older than 7), so it all depends on what the individual bishops decide and even they can decide to leave the decision up the individual parishes. I was confirmed in the eighth grade, but I was a part of the very last class that would be confirmed that young at my parish. Every other parish but one in my city had moved it up to age 16, and it was my understanding that a lot (but not all!) of Catholic parishes were moving away from doing Confirmation in the early teens. That said even though Veronica was getting confirmed at an age that was considered “normal” for most folks, if her parish was still in the practice of confirming middle schoolers I could see how she and her family would still see it as Veronica getting confirmed “late” since she wouldn’t be going to classes with kids in her own age group.
  13. Bobbi isn’t a yet-to-be-seen Colby sibling. Bobbi is the cousin Jeff got promoted to become the new police chief after he pushed Stansfield out of that job.
  14. That would be really weird given the ages of the actors. Nathalie Kelley is only a year older than Rafael de la Fuente. I mean I’m sure Cristal is meant to be older than Kelley is in real life, and Sammy Jo younger than de la Fuente, but I think there’s limit to how far they can believably stretch the age gap between them on the show and no way does Cristal look old enough to be Sammy Jo’s Mom. They’d have to say she gave birth as a sixth grader.
  15. I just finished this episode and I agree. Setting the story up with Ruthie at the beginning dulled the impact of PC's miscarriage for most of the episode, because just as PC said, if she existed then everything must have turned out fine in the end. But when PC revealed the lie, I immediately teared up. I think it felt more devastating than it would have if the episode had played without Ruthie framing the episode.
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