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  1. "Mr. T starter kit"cracked me up, although I thought it looked like Jason was wearing scrubs except for the shoes.
  2. Either of the bottom two could have gone, but I was a little surprised it was Edet. The judges were more critical of Michael's work when they were rehashing things. Julie nearly melted down. I was glad that Scott "Tighty Whiteys" Conant convinced her not to give up. She and Eric seem to doubt themselves sometimes, but they generally do OK. How many ice cream makers and blast freezers do they have there? Getting use of one doesn't seem to be an issue, but Josh did comment about Edet opening the freezer to check on his stuff because his popsicles were in there too. Of course even I was yelling at Edet to close the damn door. If he had left it alone, it might have saved him.
  3. Ditto! They're all relatively pleasant and talented. I am sorry to see Riccardo go- I'm glad I didn't have to make that decision. I'm so shallow, but I miss his biceps too.
  4. I was a little surprised that they didn't question Tracey about using phyllo dough. I seem to remember others being taken to task for it in prior seasons. We always see baklava in the winter, but they didn't criticize her for that, so it must be a spring dessert elsewhere. The top four enchanted forest cakes were beautiful, even if Saber's didn't meet the criteria. I really liked that challenge. Corey's advantage for the honey/walnut challenge was so lame. That stuff is for amateurs like me, not real bakers, like most of these folks.
  5. I was happy to see Karina win, and she deserved it. Saber looked a little piqued during the first challenge when everyone gushed over her eggs, but they were beautiful. The fudge in the middle was genius. Saber essentially made Peeps, but I'd actually eat his. I think some of the front-runners fell from their pedestals though. Corey's been pretty solid so far, but his desserts confused me- what was that granola crunch egg? And the rice pudding in the cake? And dear God, Ricardo's primary-colored hat thing. I really thought he was going home with that mess. The inside looked good and must have tasted incredible, because the outside was hideous. I do think the judges looked back on his overall work so far, and that's what saved him. Marqessa fell apart right out of the gate and never got back up. I didn't think her hats were awful, but there wasn't anything outstanding enough to save them, either. Tracey seems to fall mostly in the lower tier, but she's still holding on.
  6. Maybe I'm an armchair quarterback, but I kept yelling out ideas for the animal donuts. What were most of those things? The only one that looked like the assigned animal was the bear. That was a dumb challenge from the get-go. The watercolor cakes challenge was better, but for professional bakers, some of them really struggled with a fairly simple concept. Old CJ mentioned this above, but it seems like there's always one or two people who get an unusual ingredient, while the rest get more common ones. Fennel would be hard to work with and I'm glad those two got through to the next round. Meat cake!
  7. Last night I noticed that the kids must be given clean aprons before they present their dishes. We were laughing because while they were baking they were all just COVERED in flour, food coloring, etc. Karthik even had something in his hair. Davis was spotless, which just made it even funnier. But Jenna dodged a bullet again. Oh my goodness, what was that? Misha's weren't baked, so I can't argue his departure, but yikes. I'm not sure why they put Paige in there. I don't she was quite at the same level of disaster that the other two were. I feel like it's unusual to have three people called on the carpet. And Valarie almost backed over a kid!!!!
  8. No, Ivar, that wasn't your baby because you didn't have sex with Freydis, not because the baby wasn't perfect, you idiot.
  9. Judith's very sudden decline aside (sloppy timeline), I felt better about this episode than I have about most this season. I liked Torvi being a badass, then vulnerable. She and Ubbe are good together. Bjorn and Hvitsirk reunited and are off to rid the world of Ivar, and we got an awesome end (?) to the Iceland story. The younger members of our household had a spirited discussion about whether certain scenes count as Tolkien references since the vikings pre-dated him, or if Michael Hirst really intended a nod to his work (and the movies) with King Frodo, Floki going underground and hoping to see dwarves, the shot of the lava flowing, etc. I don't understand Lagertha's position in Wessex, but I'm glad she's talking to Ragnar again and not pining for Bishop Heahmund.
  10. I didn't like this challenge. Carving a shape from blondies/brownies very rarely goes well because you don't have a good edge, especially with nuts, etc mixed in. Forcing someone out just because of the team they happen to be on doesn't seem right either. And finding a way to adhere sprinkles to something very sweet, like a blondie, might make it even sweeter. I think Paige had the right idea with her raspberry coulis. And making the kid with the almond allergy work with almonds for the second time is just wrong. I also wasn't sure that Gavin's brownie was any worse than Jenna's. It's hard to see kids eliminated.
  11. Maybe I missed this somewhere before, but I just found out that Raggna Ragnars is the actress who plays Gunnhild. She was born Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir, and must have changed it somewhere along the line. So does this mean that Ragnar's son just married Ragnar's daughter?
  12. Considering that Bjorn and Gunnhild need King Harald in the fight against Ivar, they really shouldn't be baiting him like that. Dummies. Watching Ivar give that speech, then leave the crying baby in the woods was just heartbreaking. When I realized that he wasn't going to turn around, I was hoping that Freydis would swoop in behind him, like Aslaug did, and save Baldur. No such luck apparently. And no glorious death for Judith- she will decline, then die of cancer. It's interesting that only she and Athelwulf are the ones to be done in by ordinary things. With a few exceptions, most of the main characters have died in battle or by execution. And speaking of execution, I nearly couldn't watch Hvitsirk's significant other and her family being burned alive. That was brutal. I think that Green was right in that Ivar wouldn't let Hvitsirk take her with him on this trip, but they should have left long ago.
  13. The filming this season has been very bleak. Everything is gray, from the dim light in Alfred's castle to wet, grim Iceland. Ivar's den is dark except for little punctuations of firelight, so when the grass was green just before the young woman threw herself into the waterfall, it was really striking. It's really adding to the tone of the episodes and I like it.
  14. "I've never really loved anyone...until now, but I'm not saying it unless you say it first." -Bjorn, the big hairy cliche. I'm not 100% certain that Gunhilde isn't playing Bjorn and Harald against each other. And it's awfully short-sighted to make a deal with someone that they can have your kingdom after you die, Bjorn. Especially if that other person is after your girlfriend too. We've already seen what Harald will do to what he perceives as a romantic rival when he killed the husband of the woman who said she'd only marry him if he was a king. I'm surprised that Ivar hasn't already killed off Hvitsirk, so maybe Thora will live to see him again. Looking forward to the clash of the brothers when he brings back that other king and Bjorn returns to Kattegat. I can't tell any of the people apart on Floki's Island of the Damned and I don't care. What happened to Floki the fighter? He just stood there and let those people be slaughtered. We debated on what Judith was doing too. Was she just inspecting her (non) aging body? Could she be pregnant? Breast cancer didn't even occur to me, but it could be that too. From the previews, next week looks interesting!
  15. Athelstan would definitely NOT approve.
  16. I forgot about this until I saw Bjorn's cuts healing, but when his face was slashed in battle, I thought for a moment he was going to lose an eye, like Odin. It would have been awesome to see him march into Kattegat saying, "Who's the god now, Ivar?" I did like that he acknowledged Torvi's grace in handling his rejection, but how is it possible that he hasn't died of syphilis yet? And Hvitsirk, in the future, the word for what Ivar is doing to you will be "gaslighting." Magnus, Lagertha, and Floki's Island of the Damned are signaling the demise of this show, as far as I'm concerned. The plotlines are racing along without the careful development of previous seasons. I'm sad about it.
  17. Resurrecting this because I have a cold and I'm stuck on the couch. Harald, Magnus, Judith. Anyone???
  18. Between the foil on the first heat ornaments and the hand-painted stripes, Doug made me question his skills this episode. "Atari Tree!" I think he could have made it all green if he'd used green buttercream in there too, but it was obvious what he was going for. I'm happy for him, though. I think Sarah's design was structurally tenuous. When she was assembling it, I wondered if she was going to have to turn the cake on its side to get the desired effect. I think that's why it fell apart. Although she inexplicably ran out of time on her ornament challenge, she was the only one who heard Jesse say that the ornaments should be attractively arranged, like the ones on the mantle. She used the greenery instead of a plate. Larome's actual cake was just a square cake with a hole for a non-edible snowman, but he tried one element too many with the burnt hazelnuts, and his decoration was disjointed. I was hoping for more (and by more I mean less) from him. It was like the multicolored rugelach where he tried to go out of the box but would have been better off keeping things a bit more simple. They're all obviously very talented, and with the right amount of time and minus the stupid challenges, I would be really excited to eat anything they served. BUT, I wasn't a fan of Sarah's commentary on Lorraine's figure. Yes, we get it, but why be petty towards someone who will be judging your work?
  19. Maybe a better way to handle the stupid twists is to use the odd ingredient without it ruining your dish. Instead of hearing "I'm not getting any olive oil," you'd hear "Nice job covering up the olive oil!"
  20. That's what I thought too. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, but I thought that Kwenthrith had Magnus when she met Aethelwulf. She was pregnant with Aethelwulf's child when she was killed by Judith, I believe. But I do agree that Aethelwulf sent Magnus out to protect him since Ecbert (and Magnus) had learned that the boy wasn't Ragnar's son. That was the only reason that Ecbert was interested in him. Magnus seems to have either forgotten that Ragnar told him that he'd never been with Kwenthrith or he didn't believe Ragnar.
  21. I was critical Destane's flowerpot sculpture too (didn't she say they were poinsettias?), but my mom reminded me of those paperwhite pots she always used to receive around the holidays as teacher gifts. They're just bulbs that are forced so they bloom at Christmas I am fast forwarding through the hosts. They really don't add anything to the show for me. It was funny to see Football Spice get literally pushed out of the kitchen though. How many other bakers have wanted to do that on the various shows? Get moving and let them cook!
  22. I never understood what Freydis hoped to gain, and now I'm going with her just being bat crap crazy. Yes she's queen, but the price of that is Ivar. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Herald's coup. I'm starting to like the character, so I hope Ivar doesn't find out and blood eagle him. Re Bjorn's cranky face- he really needs something to do and perhaps more fiber in his diet. I didn't expect him to buy into Magnus's story so easily. Where will they go with that? Magnus has no claim to anything, since whatever kingdom Kwenthrith was from was taken over by Wessex, wasn't it? He's pretty far down the line for Kattegat, even if he thinks he can prove that Ragnar was his father, and although Ecbert liked him, he didn't provide for him in any fashion. He's at a dead end. Hvitsirk is another dead end as well. He's disenchanted with Ivar, but has no where to go. I suspect he's going to be dangerous.
  23. Hvitserk must have gotten a taste of what Ubbe was dealing with from Margrete and ratted her out to Ivar, or maybe Ivar just didn't trust her and killed her despite Hvitsirk. I really didn't like her, but I felt sorry for her at the end, too. Also, it's cold out- you can't tell me that the vikings who build amazing ships can't build walls and doors without gaping holes between the slats. I'm sort of seeing parallels between Astrid and Harald and Ivar and Freydis with the pregnancy thing, but good lord, does Fredis really think she can keep Ivar convinced that he's a god and can father children with his blood? Sooner or later, someone will tell him the truth or her sperm donor will try to blackmail her and she's going to be in trouble.
  24. I knew exactly what that cookie cutter was the second Larome grabbed it, but that whole thing seemed contrived. Douglas dodged a bullet on this one, but I like him and am glad he's staying. This is the point where I always wish it wasn't an elimination game. We get it. Nancy likes bourbon. Good lord.
  25. Why on earth did they even take Margrethe with them when they left Kattegat? Was is because she knew where the hiding spot was and would rat them out if they left her? I'm not sure what, if anything, they're setting up with the idea of Rollo as Bjorn's father. Hivtserk mimics Rollo more- being an opportunist against his brother (Bjorn first, then Ubbe), pining for his brother's (Ubbe) wife, living in his brother's (Ivar) shadow. It sucks to be Hvitserk. Ubbe should have killed him when he had the chance, but either Ivar or Margrethe will probably finish him off.
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