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  1. I've watched this show from the start and still enjoy it very much. Agree that they should incorporate Doris & Angela into the main stories more as they're great characters.
  2. Absolutely loved this series. I hope they make another season.
  3. Cracking show this one. Look forward each week to watching it. I like the characters.
  4. I like this show very much and look forward to each new episode.
  5. Liking this series very much.
  6. Love this show and the narrator is top class.
  7. Only just discovered this show last night (17/10/15) and binge watched it all. Very good. Well written and funny. Liked both the actors and the cast. Looking forward to season 2.
  8. I've watched all season one and now the first 3 of season two. I'm wondering why I still watch it but I guess simply because It's become habitual. Phil's character and antics have become worse with each episode and the rest of the cast leave me pretty cold. I'll continue to watch it to see how awful it gets.
  9. Can't say I really warmed to Louis on first glance. We'll have to wait and see how he develops. Two and a Half Men was originally about that, 2 men and a boy. The boy now grown up and left the nest made the show more like 'Two Men' without the 'half'. I've been watching this show since it began and am still a big fan although I think it's become shorter of laughs in recent times.
  10. Only seen this first episode so far and cracked up at the end scene. "Hello Girls" - Ahahahaa!! Thought it was a little obscure but amusing and watchable. Will have to catch up with the rest at some point
  11. Enjoying this series. I love how they speak to the Grandmother in English and she answers in Spanish (with subtitles). Also like how they do the text messages as this looks just like on a phone.
  12. Never really figured out exactly what Tom was all about.
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