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  1. escapetoreality

    S05.E09: Hilton Head-Ache 2018.05.31

    All the nut jobs who were fawning over Ashley on Instagram must feel stupid now.
  2. Knowing what we know about Bethenny's fetish for organization and purging Bryn's things, I'll bet that fugly nutcracker was out on the curb on January 2nd.
  3. escapetoreality

    S03.E03: Bad Vibrations

    So is this "shorter" cruise a one-nighter? Down from two nighters? This to me is the biggest pretense of the show -- there is just a revolving door of people who want to be on TV as opposed to any realistic take on people who would actually charter a yacht for a vacation. It's not a hotel.
  4. When was this filmed? So many of the stories are way out of date. They need to close the gap between production and airing as spoilers abound on the net. Starcasm anyone?
  5. escapetoreality

    S10.E07: On an Island

    How about when Sonja claimed to have decluttered???
  6. escapetoreality

    S03.E01: Ciao, Napoli!

    That has to be staged...? If I were them I would be sad if I was anchored off Capri and a huge storm was rolling in -- true cause for concern...but the service, no.
  7. escapetoreality

    S10.E06: Grief and Relief

    Don't you think the fundamental quandry in the Adam/Carole situation is the age difference? I think she tried to play it way cooler than she felt based on the biological fact that he will want a family she can't provide. To me she shows a lot of bravado because she knows the split is inevitable. But it still hurts...
  8. escapetoreality

    S10.E06: Grief and Relief

    Luann needs a boyfriend already??? Really???
  9. escapetoreality

    S10.E06: Grief and Relief

    I am waiting for a resolution of Sonja’s bereavement over the loss of her lover when Tom married LuAnn. Remember Ramona had to console her? So is she all happy now?
  10. escapetoreality

    S10.E05: Tea for Tat

    Don't you suppose Ramona got some big perk from HB for hosting the party? Kind of like a high-end Tupperware party? And I like how she said "it doesn't ALWAYS have to be about charity" when pretty clearly it was a benefit for her.
  11. escapetoreality

    S10.E01: Gouls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Can I get a reminder of who was invited to LuAnn's nuptials? I know Dorinda was the maid of therefore making the lunch scene ridiculously fake and superficial, but which other ladies were on the guest list? If Carole was not, as I suspect, then I think she is relieved of consoling duties. In fact I agree LuAnn owes all of them an apology for her disdainful treatment of them when concerns were expressed.
  12. escapetoreality

    S10.E01: Gouls Just Wanna Have Fun

    I'm annoyed with LuAnn for exclaiming: "And I didn't even change my name!" or words to that effect. It was all LuAnn d'Agostino all the time till the D. It is bogus to try to resurrect her Countess status after a subsequent marriage with her "soulmate."
  13. escapetoreality

    S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    Ditto for Meri "I have to be honest" or "honestly?" -- a tell for deception ...
  14. escapetoreality

    S08.E14: Heaven Knows

    The moment when the psychic intimated a heavenly call from Pink Dog was callous, exploitive and must be a violation of psychic principles! To have then confessed the Twitter prep does not excuse what had to be an excruciating moment for Lisa who was clearly distraught. Also I am sure the producers made her confront Erika about the lack-o-text as I can't imagine Lisa caring at all. These obviously inauthentic moments seem to increase every season. I would love to know how many takes it took for Erika's suggestion that the group join her in Berlin sound remotely sincere.
  15. escapetoreality

    S08.E10: The Big Apple Bites

    I was looking forward to seeing all the places they went in NYC but those identifying shots were cut short in order to have all the senseless and ridiculous squabbling. So -- what is the hotel where they stayed? Did they go anywhere of interest that we casual visitors to NYC might want to check out? Thanks!