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  1. Eh, they were already talking about their future together, so my only reaction was "you mean you're not already engaged?" Also, it was the same as with the hero music James got after jumping off the bridge. It would have been a lot more effective if I liked them at all.
  2. Yep, that made me hate Will and James even more than I already do. "Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype, Gary & DeAngelo will feel so emasculated HEEHEEHEEE." Gary and DeAngelo: High heels? Okay. Don't give a crap, let's get on with the task. And speaking of G & D, I thought taking the penalty was the strategy that made the most sense. At that point they had no idea how much longer this thing was going to take, all they knew was that the other three were sticking together. It was plausible it could have taken the other teams more than two hours to finish since there was no way of knowing if anyone was actually making any progress. It had to have seemed more likely at that point than the two of them just happening upon the right combination. Although I really like the "stick like glue" idea someone upthread proposed.
  3. Yeah <shrug>, I'm just not hating on Hung. As for the whole 90 seconds thing... yeah, it's abrupt, but it's also brutally pragmatic. Fighting between yourselves is not going to get the race won. I'm saving all of my hate for Will & James. They are so in love with themselves with absolutely no sense of self-awareness. I thought it made sense for the Blondes, for their own race, to use the Yield. They didn't know how far behind Leo & Alanna were. I'd written them off since the beginning, but now I am rooting for them and hoping their luck holds.
  4. I would absolutely pick the brownies you described as my first choice! Same. Box brownies are great, so I go with it. But don't mind me. My go-to brownie decoration is putting M&M minis on in them for a little texture, so I am clearly very fancy. Yum.
  5. Thank you, Amazing Race Gods, for the goats. GOATS GOATS GOATS!!! I feel like Hung is all of us with her answer whether she was all right. "I'M ON THE MAT!" That's right, you're more than all right! Disliked Michelle pretty much from the first words out of her mouth, don't like the Beard Boy vibe and they lost me with "hillbillies". I liked Eswar and Aparna on paper before the race, but so far he's disappointing me. Hustle is important and he seems like he's got a superior attitude. Someone mentioned that they liked Kellie but didn't see enough of LaVonne to know. For me, LaVonne's lack of blame when Kellie was struggling on the drum was enough to put her on my good list. And good grief, Gary doesn't have a neck, he's got a head on a mountain.
  6. The macaroons brought up a question for me about the technicals. As several people were lamenting that they weren't getting golden brown, is there any reason they couldn't turn their ovens up? (That works for me... just keep watching it carefully so it just browns more, not burns. More sophisticated bakers may point out where I am wrong.) I was wondering that if a technical says something specific... like oven to 130, which doesn't seem to be something they often specify... do they have to go with that? And can only use their judgement where it is less specific? I have no idea of oven temp was part of their directions here. I'm just thinking aloud and wondering if anyone had any insight.
  7. To me it just seemed like conversation, they got on the topic of the noodles. It felt to me like "Confirmed Bachelor Noodles" is his own personal joke and like he makes it often, and it just came up naturally because they were talking noodles. Didn't seem pointed or deliberate at all.
  8. I disagree with the judges. I like a little darker caramelization! But I also think they prefer their cakes a little on the side of what I would consider overbaked.
  9. I'd imagine that it varies, that families who could came with them, but if you've got kids or pets, they probably need to stay where they are. Something about her personality rubbed me the wrong way, and I think it may be so much negative about everything. It's one of those "She seems to be a nice person, BUT...." situations.
  10. I appreciate your use of the word "brilliant", as your own user name tells me you are a person of exquisite taste in entertainment. 😁 Good call on noticing the symptoms with Five. I really hope we're on to something!
  11. I thought the headpiece alone really suited her, but agree about them together being much too much. I'd say it was too much together even if I loved the collar (nope, it's godawful) and I thought it complemented the dress (not at all). At least she realized the cape was awful. I'm not against them in general, but where the lace was set made it look like it had a pilgrim collar. Didn't go with her dress at all, and just wasn't a great cape. Oh, in front like a hoodie! Ath-bridal!
  12. That's only if you're talking straight football. But the Dallas Cowboys are really worried about being a *brand*, and the cheerleaders are pretty damn essential to that.
  13. Megan Flaherty and Malena used to be at the top of my "People who have been royally screwed by DCC" list (No, Kelli, we DON'T forget...). Looks like I've got to readjust the list. I've been watching for years and years and never had a real favorite until Brennan. I admired how hard she worked. It's been gratifying to see the outpouring of love for her, that she seems to be a genuinely lovely person IRL. As for who's pretty, a lot of times I think for DCC "pretty" just means "thin with good hair".
  14. I am not the least bit bothered by Luther and Allison. I think it's kind of sweet. They didn't have a normal brother/sister dynamic, no matter what RH called them, they were more like two kids at boarding school. And they didn't say technically "not incest"... it dropped off after "technically", which to Allison would have been "technically not brother and sister", no matter how Klaus wanted to interpret it.
  15. I'm guessing that somehow they're playing the long game and somehow Luther (at the very least) is going to end up back in 1963 to "fix" the future. They made a big deal twice about Luther showing two of the signs of the Paradox Psychosis. Talking about how "that boy stinks" when he gets on the bus, and then the flatulent elevator scene. Both times Luther was heading to see Daddy Hargreaves, and perhaps Future Luther was near both times, attempting to keep the kids away from Dad on the theory that all the information they gave dad at different times was what brought about the Sparrow Academy. Eh, that's all I've got.
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