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  1. I could only think of OG Miss Alli, "This isn't The Amazing Top Montessori School".
  2. I feel like it could work if everybody was honestly on the same page and no one is a self-involved, narcissistic douchey ass. Instead we see Sidian, Garrick, and Dimitri, poster boys for the Tool set.
  3. Eh... I didn't think either of the final collections were all that original. Mark's table and couch screamed "You'll love it at Levitz!" circa 1982. I have seen those shapes a million times. And like was said, someone's going to kill themselves on Arielle's raw-edge table. Overall... I felt like Mark was somehow the Chosen One long before the end. Something fell apart nearly every week, his piece that was supposed to transition didn't even move, and some kid was going to get a concussion when the hammock on the swing-set collapsed. What was with that swing set, anyway? Yeah
  4. I'm with Padma. Most celebrity guests remember that it's about food, not them. These two were all "Shtick! Shtick! Look at MEEEEE!"
  5. For what it's worth, I have very, very low tolerance for anything spicy, and there is plenty of Thai food that is totally accessible! If you avoid spicy, seek out some Pad Thai to start with. And most places even do some curries that are flavorful without that killer heat. If you cook, look for a recipe for Tom Ka Gai soup, and go light on the curry paste. SO good!
  6. Well, to throw my two cents in... I thought Garrick was wearing a long-line sports bra that would have to be Dannielle's. She doesn't get to keep her dignity, why would she get to keep her clothes? Every time Sidian (that Tool) says AlexOHNdra after the woman herself said AlexANdra made him seem even more pretentious and a bigger tool. I don't know how this is possible. Well, I guess it's possible in the same way that Jarod got dumber every time he opened his mouth. How low does this bar go, people? Isn't there a point where they can't get stupider, and they can't be more of a tool
  7. There would have been good value in what was surely deeply intellectual conversation between Obsidian and Alexandra about his idea of "physics". And was she in front of a fake background when they all talked? Everything about her says "I'm here for the exposure". I feel like in his head Dmitri follows every sentence with "(and/but/because) I'm so awesome". Jarrod: "You saw pictures..." New Woman Emily: "Oh, crap, I thought that was your daughter."
  8. First- envious! Second, does Discovery+ have all of this season available?
  9. @candall said on another section... And I just wanted to 100% co-sign. Definitely not Roberta's idea, and DAMN Dannielle, do you think that everything Ick does is because of you, and therefore Roberta also controls him, absolving him of all responsibility? Maybe I should take that back. I bet Dannielle does think that Ick came to all of this because of something lacking in her. I've said it before, everyone else on this show is on a spectrum that goes from "roll-my-eyes" to "total hate", but Dannielle kind of breaks my heart.
  10. And it's nice that God only wants this new woman as a third wife if it turns out Colton is actually attracted to her. God speaks through Colton's penis.
  11. Glad Kaleh cut ties and didn't look back. Plus... that her soft-focus, somber-music picture retrospective was styled like she had died? GOLD.
  12. Me (not having paid all that much attention): "Why didn't Alicia leave with everyone else?" Mr Bad Example: "Because this show does stupid things." ...aaaaand I think that about sums it up.
  13. I've got a lot of "huh". As for the party, I found it strange and it fed into the thought that kept occurring to me throughout the episode: Is this for real, or is this June's fever dream? A lot of this was just so, well, "huh, um, okay?" and off that I never fully bought into it as reality. And seriously.... June staggers up to the farm, a stranger says nothing more than something along the lines of "I thought there were more of you" and that's enough to make June decide that yes, obviously everything is fine and dandy, I'll let everyone know it's safe!
  14. Such a pretty young girl! The cheese just oozes off him and I want to tell her to go take a shower and STAY AWAY.
  15. Oh, I do love me some Lucifer. As for Jonestown... I did enjoy the pandemic being presented as significant ONLY because it got in the way of them finding new women to date.
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