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  1. Bad Example

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    I take it as they're important to Al for a lot of reasons she states, and we're just supposed to buy into her reasoning. And sure everyone was recording when things started, but I imagine they all pretty much curled up into a fetal position and gave up when they couldn't charge their iPhone batteries, and that was that. Anyway... I just wish something had HAPPENED in this episode. Just getting some actual information about the helicopter people would have made the episode feel worthwhile. And major eyeroll over the kiss. I wasn't getting that between them at all. Between that and Al's sacred tape mission this show needs some lessons in how to create some actual feelings in the audience instead of just telling us what we're supposed to feel about things.
  2. Bad Example

    Queer Eye

    I loved the episode, but that was my big concern! If someone stole their sign... those umbrellas are going to have to get locked up somewhere every night, I wish they hadn't done the camera close-up on the fancy register. Mostly I'm just pissed that anyone messed with those lovely ladies in the first place.
  3. Bad Example

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I felt like the woman with the 7s actually picked the dress that looked the best and was absolutely right for her. That rarely happens!
  4. Bad Example

    S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    I just thought, "Hey, I think I've still got one of those in my jewelry box...." That they MADE her the one to tell the Doctor which TARDIS to take just added to my dislike. Yes, I get it, Clara was portrayed as more amazing than anyone ever, even the Doctor.... I found that really unnecessary.
  5. Bad Example

    S13.E2 Field of Dreams

    When I saw Paris walking in to the building wearing a navy bodysuit with big roses... I just wanted to give her a hug. That's just so obviously not how they want the DCC to present themselves. And I understand why she got cut, but it's just too bad because I find her so watchable even when her technique isn't great. It's a shame that she wants this but doesn't have the resources to get it. I feel like with a year of intense technical dance training that, combined with her natural charisma and better hair, she would be a stand-out. I can't help it-- I love Brennan. I rooted for her last year, and I'm rooting just as hard this year. I think her eyes are a little weird, but I call bullshit on MR calling out her dancing as not being as good as last year. I thought she looked strong. Victoria's look doesn't appeal to me at all. As for Kelli not wanting to dance in her group? Well, no one wants to get kicked in the head.
  6. Bad Example

    S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I learned last season that I absolutely can't watch this before I go to bed. And good point about Nick. Then again... he's all June's POV, so we really don't know what's going on with him, or if we really can trust him. Right now that trust is wrapped up in having no other options.
  7. Bad Example

    S16.E12: Top 24 Celebrity Duets (2)

    THIS THIS THIS. He chose a schtick that people are afraid to criticize. Yes, he can sing, but he doesn't blow me away. He's not a super-talent. Singing with Lea Michelle only emphasized that he's not a star, and that became even more obvious when Jurnee matched LM note for note. They did a terrible job splitting up the groups- I'm sure the top 14 was pre-selected and the groups split up accordingly... but I really do hope they were kicking themselves when the second group was so much stronger than the first. It's just hard to remember so much of this is about marketing. I think Alyssa sparkles a lot more than Michelle with a similar look and age, but Michelle's got the Spanish-speaking demographic they probably want to tap. I wish Effie had been stronger this week, because I really do love her voice. I do find her large tattoos off-putting, but I wouldn't not vote for her because of them. (I only get super-judgey about stupidly-shaped facial hair on guys.) But again... their performances probably didn't matter. Garrett isn't strong and such a waste of a spot. And to be shallow-- I don't think it's his eyebrows that bug, I find something weird about the way his teeth are set in his jaw.
  8. Bad Example

    S08.E16: Wrath

    Is that what that was? We couldn't figure out what we were looking at and just assumed it was a herd. On to other things... I don't know why I expect the writers to understand what made the show good. I don't want to see Rick v. Daryl, I want to see their bond. Plot was never what kept me in this show. It was always relationships.
  9. Bad Example

    S16.E10: Top 24 Celebrity Duets

    The day she said "I dress like a Grandpa" I thought that was a definite slip indicating some self-awareness and deliberation/calculation in presenting herself.
  10. Bad Example

    S15.E09: Bronco Brouhaha

    I agree. I am 100% Team Carrie, I like her a lot and I think I'd like her food. But in this world, she's putting herself out there on TV, exhibiting talent and winning without being model-pretty... and that's frequently the sort of crazy behavior that gets a woman called "shovelface".
  11. Bad Example

    S15.E09: Bronco Brouhaha

    I have an unreasonable bias against Stupid Facial Hair, and then came the crystals, and the "look how hip I am because I forage".... I just want to smack him. It's always time to bring up a good Christine Lavin song. Carrie isn't what is considered conventionally pretty. HOW DARE SHE.
  12. Bad Example

    S06.E02: Second Chances

    I want Will, Gunnar, and Avery to become the the most famous country children's band in the world and Cadence can just sit and giggle and the whole thing will be adorable.
  13. Bad Example

    S08.E03: Monsters

    This. Jesus, honey... a guy taunting you has not "surrendered". It's bad enough you don't have the resources to deal with people who may be giving a real surrender-- that guy needed to go. Like others have said, I don't think she believed him. I think she decided he's just too pathetic to give a moment's thought to. This, of course, will later bite her in the ass. As for her acting, she's never really bothered me the way she bothers a lot of other people. But last night? I agree with you. That was so, SO BAD. And finally, as for the rolling walkers: To me they didn't just fall down the hill but seemed to be gleefully throwing themselves down the hill. It both took me out of the scene and cracked me up.
  14. Bad Example

    S12.E09: Hit the Field

    I'm totally unspoiled and I hope I don't get disappointed... I'm rooting so hard for Brennan when I normally just relate to them all as hamsters in the wheel for my entertainment.
  15. Bad Example

    S35.E01: I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

    Cole is pretty. Yeah, had to get that out there. I'm still deciding about Alan. He's probably going to turn out to be nothing but a bucket of crazy, but at the same time...just because he's crazy doesn't mean he was wrong. And I kind of hope he was secretly laughing his ass off that JP actually stripped. I'm glad the hustlers didn't go to Tribal. Because if they'd lost, why even bother? "Yeah, Jeff, you know our team has been stacked so there is one less-pretty, non-waiflike older woman on it. Do we really need to vote, since we all know how this is going to go?" I'd like Lauren to at least get a chance. Add me to the "I hate Joe" list.